My inventions and discoveries

  1. My Inventions and Discoveries
  2. Two Kinds of Effects in sound mixing
  3. The solution to the 1964 Socorro NM UFO case
  4. Phlazex Surround Sound Encoder (details)
  5. Methods for encoding surround sound using ordinary mixers
  6. Multi-ball pinball device
  7. Autospeed modification for Collaro Conquest record changer
  8. Velocity trip method for detecting motion onset time
  9. Recombination counting measure for cases where objects are replaced, but the order does not matter.
  10. Second Gear Start with Gear Indicator for winter driving. Build it for your GM car.
  11. Record Changer Easter Eggs

Books under construction

  1. Relativity: As Easy As Pi (details)
  2. Mixing: Do it yourself
  3. UFOs: You've Been Hoodwinked

Audio CDs

  1. MidiMagic: "It's Automagic" (details)
  2. MidiMagic: "A Musical Christmas Card" (details)
  3. MidiMagic: "Easterfest" (details)
  4. MidiMagic: "Hymnstacular" (details)


  1. Hymns for God
  2. Raetta
  3. Ondine

Other Projects

  1. Sound
  2. Technology
  3. Scientific
  4. Educational Services
    - Tutoring:
            Math, Probability, Statistics,
            Physics, Astronomy, Computer,
            Sound Techniques