Updated 08/19/21

Some of the things government does are so STOOOPID that there are no words to describe them - Or at least there weren't any. Here are a few words to fill in the gap.

  1. @ack (N - Pronounced "at ack") - Deluge of email complaining about high taxes
  2. Abortuary (N) - Place where unborn babies are sentenced to death for merely existing *
  3. Academia Nut (N) - Anyone at a college or university who believes in the impossible desires of liberals
  4. Academicrackpot (N) - Anyone who has an address at a college or university, and uses it to seemingly authenticate the drivel he publishes
  5. Acrocracy (N) - Overly high and mighty government
  6. Acronymesis (N) - A government that makes too many acronyms
  7. ACLU (N) - 1. Acronym for the Anti-Christian Lawyers Union - But they don't have a-clue, unlike what their acronym says
    2. American Civility Libbers Union
  8. Ad-hocracy (N) - A government hastily thrown together
  9. Ad-hominer (N) - Someone who makes nothing but ad-hominem attacks
  10. Adminitraitor (N) - A government official who commits treason
  11. Adminkistrator (N) - A government official who makes enough money to buy mink furs
  12. Adhocracy (N) - A government hastily thrown together
  13. Aesthetocracy (N) - A government that wastes public money on aesthetics, or creates rules to control aesthetics - Those items should be paid for and controlled by private interests
  14. Airmark (N) - A government earmark spent into thin air
  15. Al Cryda (N) - Crybabies who demand their way, or else they will destroy things
  16. ALCU (N) - Acronym for Anti-Liberal Christians United
  17. Anachronym (N) - A Non-current Acronym, currently Held Reserved for Obsolete Nomenclatures from Years Memorial
  18. ANBAstasia (N) - The fact that there are very few Asians in the NBA (National Basketball Association)
  19. Andage (N) - Multiple repetitions of "Oh! One more thing!" (CF. the "Columbo" TV series.)
  20. Animal Right, The (PH) - The animal has the right to appear in court and express its opinions **
  21. Anonymice (N) - Anonymous sources
  22. Anticlivity (N) - The tendency to not do something wrong (Antonym of proclivity)
  23. Anticrat (N) - A politician who is against letting anyone do anything against the politician's beliefs
  24. Antifessional (N) - Amateur on the job
  25. Antisocial Distancing (N) - A better term for social distancing (required to prevent disease spread)
  26. Antitheism (N) - The belief that all religions must be eradicated
  27. Antitheist (N) - A person who believes that all religions must be eradicated
  28. Antitrust (V) - To sue a company in order to break up its monopoly (old word, but not a verb)
  29. Apathy (N) - A conflict of disinterest *
  30. Apostatocracy (N) - An apostate government
  31. Arachnochronism (N) - Any government policy that works for no longer than the lifetime of a spider
  32. Arachnoleptic Fit (N) - The frantic dance performed just after walking through a spider web ****
  33. Aristotenvironmentalist (N) - A person who refuses to believe that an automobile uses more energy getting up to speed than it uses maintaining that speed, as though Aristotelian Physics were true
  34. Arsday (N) - Thursday (from the practice of using R for Thursday in college schedules of classes)
  35. Artache (N) - The pain you get from seeing the taxes taken from you being wasted on art
  36. Artchitect (N) - An architect who places the beauty he can create above the functionality of the building
  37. Artchitecture (N) - The design of a building that has beauty, but no functionality
  38. Artfirstics (N) - Attempts to get government to pay for worthless art, instead of necessities
  39. Artistocrat (N) - A government official who think the arts are necessities
  40. Artsocracy (N) - A government that wastes public money on the arts and entertainment - Those items should be paid for entirely by private interests
  41. Artsux (V) - What happens to tax dollars wasted on the arts
  42. Assinate (V) - To make a jackass out of a politician
  43. Associated Propaganda (N) - The liberally slanted Associated Press
  44. Athehism (N) - A belief made up by religion haters
  45. Atheisticism (N) - A religion that believes in banning all religions
  46. Atheisticist (N) - A member of ATHEISTICISM
  47. Attidude (N) - The laid-back overconfidence of a novice
  48. Autipsy (N) - An autopsy performed while the medical examiner was drunk
  49. Autocomputotastrophe (N) - An automobile crash caused by the failure of the on-board computer
  50. Autolescent (N) - A very bad driver, who is self-centered in nature
  51. Autolopithicus (N) - A driver with prehistoric roots, who believes that there is nothing wrong with drinking and driving, breaking traffic laws, and endangering other motorists (See AUTOLESCENT, SQUATWELLIAN)
  52. Aww (IJ) - What you are filled with when you see the awful (or is that AWW-ful) job government does (Antonym of "awe")
  53. Baby Bill (N) - One of the companies that would result from antitrusting MicroSoft **
  54. Badzoic Era (N) - The geologic age when everything in the world started to go wrong
  55. Balloot (N) - 1. Fraudulent ballots used to win an election
    2. The votes destroyed by cheats who stole the 2020 presidential election
    3. The votes stolen from a candidate when a similar candidate runs in an election using the Plurality Voting System
  56. Ballot Dancing (N) - A dance to keep politicians on their toes
  57. Bambooze (V) - What alcoholic beverages do to the brain
  58. Bamn (V) - To prohibit something for aesthetic reasons
  59. Bargoon (N) - 1. A bargain that turns out to not be such a bargain
    2. Any deal made with a DEMOC RAT
  60. Barrackudos (N) - Praise for Obama for his policies that don't work
  61. Barrakudos (N) - A Kudos storm
  62. Basebrawl (N) - A game, in which people combine playing baseball with having bench-clearing fights (See BASKETBRAWL, FOOTBRAWL, RACEBRAWL)
  63. Basketbrawl (N) - 1. A game, in which people combine playing basketball with having bench-clearing fights
    2. Indiana Pacers vs Detroit Pistons 11/20/2004 (See BASEBRAWL, BRAWL GAME, FOOTBRAWL, RACEBRAWL)
  64. Bawl Game (N) - How liberals get their way * (See BRAWL GAME)
  65. Be-Nicism (N) - Obama's Peacenik religion
  66. Beautocracy (N) - A government that wastes public money on beauty and beautification - Those items should be paid for by private interests
  67. Bendjectory (N) - The meandering path of the "magic bullet" postulated by Kennedy assassination conspiracy theorists, who can't believe a single bullet could make 7 wounds in two people, even though the feat was duplicated under laboratory conditions
  68. Bernienomics (N) - The insane belief that government can create enough wealth to pay for a living for everyone
  69. Bicker Bonnet (N) - The hat that is worn when the person is argumentative
  70. Bidenfog (N) - How Joe Biden's mind fails to work
  71. Bidydle (N) - A bicycle used to break traffic laws
  72. Big Band Theory (PH) - The origin of the universe, according to "The Picture Book of Relativity" ... Glenn Miller?
  73. Big Bother (N) - Intrusive government
  74. Bigotocensor (V) - Unfairly censoring some political beliefs while not censoring others for the same acts
  75. Bilk Linton (N) - The economic policies of Bill Clinton that caused Linton Indiana to lose two factories
  76. Bilkage (N) - 1. Taxation over 10 percent
    2. Money taken by a scam
    3. See BILK LINTON
  77. Billany (N) - The crime of overbilling
  78. Billionormilliarding (V) - Getting the US numbering system mixed up with the world numbering system (See SI standards for a chart showing the differences between the numbering systems)
  79. Biodegradable crumble (N) - What the container you wanted to save turns into, because ENVIRONMENTALISTICISM wants such packages to be biodegradable
  80. Bisackual (A) - Will take either paper or plastic sacks
  81. Bituperate (V) - To verbally abuse people for doing either of the only two available alternatives
  82. Blabentator (N) - A news commentator who does nothing but blab and blab
  83. Blabentraitor (N) - Hillary Clinton's illegal insecure email system
  84. Blabberhea (N) - The disease that causes non-stop talking
  85. Blabbertyjabbrer (S) - 1. Everyone talking at once
    2. The sound of a phone scrambler
    3. Receiving a single-sideband signal on an amplitude-modulated receiver
  86. Blabbery (N) - 1. The misdemeanor of talking too much
    2. Using drivel to mislead people
  87. Blatticide (N) - The act of killing roaches *
  88. Bleatership (N) - The practice of leading by constantly complaining
  89. Bleatum (N) - Rhetoric from the left (liberal) side of the aisle
  90. Bligs (N) - Obligations
  91. Blork (S) - The sound of government regulation being released
  92. Blorkia (N) - A country that releases lots of government regulation (See BLORK)
  93. Blubbernment (N) - Government that causes obesity by giving the people a lot of stress
  94. Blue Meanie (N) - A Democrat who uses abusive language and cheats to win
  95. Blue Trickle (N) - When Democrats cheer after winning a minimal number of seats
  96. Bluk (N, A) - Pertaining to advertisements received through email (Cf. Bulk)
  97. Bockbluster (N, A) - Fake news about conservatives or beer (Cf. bock beer)
  98. Boiped To Death (PH) - Inundated with telemarketing phone calls (from the 'boip' sound)
  99. Bomblastic (A) - Describing the noise of a terrorist bomb going off as "violating the noise ordinance"
  100. Booleny (N) - The crime of faulty use of Boolean algebra
  101. Boombastic (A) - Describing the sound of a passing BOOMCAR
  102. Boomcar (N) - An automobile with a booming THUMPER *
  103. Bosstastrophe (N) - An automobile accident caused by the boss yelling at the driver (his employee) over a cell phone
  104. Bothsider (N) - A driver who drives in the center lane of a one-way street, trying to get the first parking space found on either side - usually causes an accident trying to get the space
  105. Botto (N) - An image of an ordinary incandescent light bulb used to portray a fake UFO
  106. Bozone (N) - A substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating ****
  107. Bragium (N) - A chemical substance that makes people brag
  108. Bragsheet (N) - A legislator's free-postage legislative newsletter that says "Look what I did!"
  109. Brain Bucket (N) - Safety helmet*
  110. Brain Remover (N) - An alcoholic beverage that is 100 proof or higher - Science has now shown that excessive drinking causes the brain to shrink and lose function. Could be a cause of SLOUCHED BRAIN
  111. Brainscanolitics (N) - The science of predicting voting patterns based on brain scans - shows that liberals use the emotion sections of the brain, while conservatives use the problem solving parts
  112. Brimpet (N) - The little planter found at the end of each row of parking spaces in a shopping center parking lot, usually put there to please zoning officials - Usually takes up otherwise wasted space, but can cause sight distance problems if trees are planted there. (See CRIMPET and FRIMPET)
  113. Brobdinglegislation (N) - Any legislative bill over 200 words long
  114. Brobdingovernment (N) - Oversized, bloated government
  115. Broker (A) - What you become after you use the services of one
  116. Bureauc Rat (S) - Any public official opposed to letting anyone do anything without a permit
  117. Busidue (N) - 1. Detritus left behind by a defunct business
    2. Detritus left behind by a public transit vehicle
  118. Buypartisan (A) - Describing when both parties agree to take away more of your income and spend it themselves **
  119. Cacajillion (U) - The total number of things that can possibly go wrong **
  120. Californicate (V) - 1. To behave like HOLLYWODD actors and actresses do in TV shows
    2. To believe that the California government actually knows what it is doing
  121. Californitritus (N) - All of those labels on equipment saying that it contains something "known to the State of California" to be harmful in some obscure way or another - Treat them as the trash they are, because California doesn't really have any proof to back up what it "knows"
  122. Campagne (N) - A political run for office where all of the principles are habitually drunk
  123. Campaign Finance Control (N) - An attempt to bias elections toward Liberal candidates
  124. Cancer Cultule (N) - The reality in the Cancel Culture
  125. Candigape (N) - The open-mouthed look on the face of a candidate, found in a file photo repeatedly used by a newspaper that wants him to lose the election
  126. Candkidate (N) - A candidate who behaves like a little kid
  127. Car Challenger (N) - A HINDENCAR
  128. Carnedy (N) - A public official or candidate who has killed someone **
  129. Celebrocracy (N) - Government by entertainment celebrities
  130. Cellophase (N) - To phase into and out of paying attention to your driving, because you are on a cell phone
  131. Cesspoo (N) - The detritus that is found in a cesspool
  132. Cheapcare (N) - Health care that's for the birds
  133. Cheapshoot (V) - To utter a cheap shot (an innuendo - Contributed by "Old Dude")
  134. Cheaticap (N) - 1. A handicap that allows a player to cheat
    2. Parking in a handicap parking space when you are not handicapped
  135. Chopera (N) - An opera interrupted by a power failure
  136. Cigabutt (N) - The most often distributed litter, a cigarette butt
  137. Cisgender (A, N) - Describing anyone who is not GLBT - A person who gender identity matches his gender
  138. Citizen (N) - A prisoner of the laws of a country
  139. Clairbrainiant (A) - ODDIOTIC
  140. Clastocrat (N) - A person who mistakenly believes he can get his way by destroying property
  141. Climate believer (N) - The mindless person who is scared into believing climate change is real
  142. Climate changist (N) - The person who believes climate change is real because others say so
  143. Clinton Award (N) - The award given to the most womanizing politician **
  144. Clintoons (N) - The antics of Bill Clinton and/or Hillary Clinton
  145. Cliptomaniac (N) - A kleptomaniac who steals only paper clips (4th word I coined)
  146. Clockmare (N) - 1. How DAYLIGHT-SAVING TIME messes up things
    2. Being the janitor of a building with 157 public clocks on the day the time changes for DAYLIGHT-SAVING TIME
  147. Clocktonite (N) - The mysterious substance inside an office clock that slows down civil service workers after 2 pm
  148. Coblabberate (V) - To work together in BLABBERY
  149. Commit Truth (V) - To tell the truth, even though it is not within the guidelines of POLITICAL CORRECTION **
  150. Conphylactic (N) - A leaky condom
  151. Contact Bridge (N) - A card game where people get mad and chase each other around the room (See TACKLE PINOCHLE)
  152. Contriversy (N) - A contrived controversy
  153. Controlocracy (N) - A government that tries (and fails) to control the economy - Of course, controlling an economy is impossible
  154. Copygreed (N) - The belief that copyright should be forever
  155. Copyrat (N) - A copyright holder who will not place a discontinued product in the public domain, keeping those who need it from getting it (See COPYGREED)
  156. Corrodium (N) - What dead batteries are made of (See PRE-CORRODIUM)
  157. Corrodium Warning (N) - "Do not lose this radio in closet while installing dead batteries."
  158. COVIDeality (N) - The way the devastation from COVID-19 showed how unimportant such things as sports and the arts really are
  159. COVIDictator (V) - A politician who dictates draconian rules to fight the virus.
  160. Cramvernment (N) - A government that tries to do more than the tax base can afford
  161. Crastinator (N) - A person adept at delaying, who has not yet turned pro
  162. Cratbabble (N) - Democrats speaking to permit sin
  163. Criminal Democracy (N) - The act of any legislator voting his personal preference instead of what his constituency wants **
  164. Criminocracy (N) - A government run by criminals
  165. Crimpet (N) - The little planter found in the middle of each row of parking spaces in a shopping center parking lot, usually put there to please zoning officials - Usually takes up space that could have provided additional parking, but doesn't cause sight distance problems if trees are planted there (See BRIMPET, FRIMPET)
  166. Crysis Baby (N) - Anyone who cries and screams to keep his favorite nonessential government program from being cut
  167. Crystal Bawl (N) - What liberals use to foretell doom and disaster *
  168. Cureaubrat (N) - A government employee who imagines that he has the cure for every problem ***
  169. Cureaubratese (N) - A language made up by CUREAUBRATS, and used to hide what they are really doing
  170. Cycle Path Psychopath (N) - A criminal who attacks people on pedestrian and bicycle trails
  171. Danger Constancy, Laws of (PH) - 1. The amount of danger in the world at any time is a constant
    2. Danger is conserved. Danger can be neither created nor destroyed
  172. Daniels-Stupid Time (PH) - Forcing people in Indiana to change time to two hours ahead of the sun (c.f. Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels)
  173. Danielsarchy (N) - A government where the governor is allowed to put pressure on the legislators (c.f. Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels)
  174. Darwinisticism (N) - The fanatically religious belief that Darwin was right (See EVILUTION)
  175. Darwinisticist (N) - A member of DARWINISTICISM
  176. Darwinistics (N) - The unfair rules DARWINISTICISTS place on evaluating paleontological evidence that automatically discard any evidence of a miracle as being "spurious" - They then use the resulting "lack of any evidence of miracles" to demonstrate that Creationism is wrong
  177. Daylight-Saving Nerd (N) - A person who demands that all countries advance their clocks on the same day, forgetting that the seasons are reversed in the Southern Hemisphere
  178. Daylight-Saving Nut (N) - 1. A person who actually believes that advancing the clocks saves energy
    2. A person who actually believes that daylight can be saved
  179. Daylight-Saving Time (PH) - A scam that makes liberals think that changing the clocks saves energy - It actually wastes energy, now that most people have home air conditioners, and that people commute in cars. It also causes productivity losses, accidents, stress, and obesity, and it caused the end of the drive-in movie.
  180. Daylight-Scattered Time (PH) - 1. The shift in time between two countries because DAYLIGHT-SAVING TIME changes the relative time between them - They may change time on different dates, in different directions, or for different sized changes. Also, one may change time while the other does not.
    2. The DST BUG, when the legislated beginning and ending dates for DAYLIGHT-SAVING TIME change in 2007
  181. Daylight-Scrambled Time (PH) - The week after a time change for DAYLIGHT-SAVING TIME, when most airline, bus, railroad, factory, and shift working schedules are messed up, and when process control systems don't work right
  182. Daylight-Screwball Time (PH) - 1. The week after the time change for DAYLIGHT-SAVING TIME, when sadistic politicians gloat about the discomforts and expenses their time change just caused everyone to suffer
    2. The month after the time change for DAYLIGHT-SAVING TIME, when nuts go on killing sprees (Columbine, Oklahoma City, and Waco, to name a few)
  183. Daylight-Screwup Time (PH) - The week before and the two weeks after a time change for DAYLIGHT-SAVING TIME - During this period, none of the published TV schedules are correct, and most VCRs malfunction during timer recording
  184. Daylight-Skirmish Time (PH) - The extra period of light provided by DAYLIGHT-SAVING TIME that allows people to play sports longer after work - It also causes July-4 fireworks and drive-in movies to start too late for children to attend
  185. Daylight-Software Time (PH) - The week when Microsoft Windows computers had the time wrong, due to not having the correct date for the time change for DAYLIGHT-SAVING TIME
  186. Daylight-Spending Time (PH) - DAYLIGHT STUPID TIME, because it costs people money
  187. Daylight-Squandered Time (PH) - The period of actual financial loss that follows a time change for DAYLIGHT-SAVING TIME - The losses are usually due to lost productivity, wrecked schedules, auto accidents, and wasted energy
  188. Daylight-Stouter Time (PH) - The period of time following a time change for DAYLIGHT-SAVING TIME when stress causes weight gain
  189. Daylight-Stressful Time (PH) - The three-week period of time when people are stressed out from having to change their internal circadian clocks, due to the time change for DAYLIGHT-SAVING TIME - Causes productivity reductions, obesity, accidents, and shooting sprees
  190. Daylight-Stupid Time (PH) - DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME, now that the predominance of home and car air conditioners has made advancing the clocks in the summer use more energy - The fact that legislators still want it makes it even more stupid
  191. Daylight-Symptoms Time (PH) - The period of jet-lag-like symptoms following a time change for DAYLIGHT-SAVING TIME, which Can last up to three weeks
  192. Dead Wreckening (N) - Government that continues doing the same wrong thing, ignoring the disastrous consequences that result
  193. Deceptive Donald (PH) - Donald Trump, who lied about his opponents by calling them liars*
  194. Deep-state circular firing squad (PH) - Where bureaucrats fired each other to remove conservatives
  195. Deficiency Apartment (N) - 1. An apartment with two rooms, one of them being a bathroom
    2. Any apartment that has decayed because it has been under rent control for years
  196. Deja-Moo (PH) - "I've heard this bull before"
  197. Delay-Off (N) - When both sides counter each other with continuances
  198. Demibudget (N) - A budget proposed by Libertarians, half the size of a proper government budget, so there is room for emergencies
  199. Demo Crats (N) - People who demolish the economy because they believe in (and try to implement) faulty Keynesian economic theory
  200. Demoautocrat (N) - A politician who changes the rules if he can't win legitimately
  201. Democ Rat (A) - Any public official wanting to charge a fee for everything
  202. Democratty (A) - Democrats being catty or ratty
  203. Democreant (N, A) - A miscreant Democrat
  204. Demochristian (N, A) - Democrat-based religion pretending to be Christian
  205. Demodrat (A) - Any public official who upsets people with his actions
  206. Demoncrat (N) - Any public official who upsets people with his actions
  207. Demonrat (N) - Any public official who upsets people with his actions
  208. Demon-strator (N) - A person demonstrating for the right to obey satan
  209. Demstapo (N) - An autocratic democrat
  210. Denycrat (N) - A Democrat who denies everything
  211. Depodiated (A) - A speaker who, when told to come up to the podium, finds there isn't one to stand on, but just a lectern
  212. Derepresentation (N) - Fringe zoning imposed on people who cannot vote in the elections of the city imposing it - They can't vote, because they live outside the city limits. But the city unconstitutionally controls their land, because the judges who could stop it want the zoning controls.
  213. Dermocrat (N) - A politician who loves to get under your skin and cause discomfort
  214. Deskworm (N) - A CUREAUBRAT who does absolutely nothing worthwhile *
  215. Despotician (N) - A politician who is a despot
  216. Despotition (N) - A deposition made with criminal intent
  217. Despotocracy (N) - 1. Dictatorship
    2. Committee system in Congress and in state and local legislatures
    3. Government operated mainly on the principles of animosity
  218. Despotocrat (N) - 1. Dictator
    2. Committee chairman of any committee in Congress or a legislature
    3. Any politician who is an expert in animosity
    4. Anyone possessing political dynamite
  219. Destructatax (N) - A tax that causes businesses to fail and jobs to be lost
  220. Destructocracy (N) - Government operated mainly on the principles of animosity
  221. Destructocrat (N) - 1. Any politician who is an expert in animosity
    2. Anyone possessing political dynamite
  222. Diabetaxes (N) - A disease afflicting obese government, characterized by the fact that tax revenue spent on goods or services ends up paying more for business taxes than it does paying for the actual work needed to make the goods or services bought
  223. Diabetaxic (A) - Of the portion of tax revenue spent that ends up paying the taxes of the payee
  224. Diayoubetic (A) - Describing someone who should have diabetes due to obesity, according to government
  225. Dictrine (N) - 1. Dictatorial doctrine
    2. Hillary Clinton's idea of what all religions should be forced to believe
    3. Kamala Harris's idea of what all religions should be forced to believe
    4. Beto O'Rourke's idea of what all religions should be forced to believe
    5. Nancy Pelosi's idea of what all religions should be forced to believe
    6. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's idea of what all religions should be forced to believe
    7. Elizabeth Warren's idea of what all religions should be forced to believe
  226. Dimpled Chad (N) - A defect in a computer punch card that is caused by a dirty card reader *
  227. Discongenuous (A) - When a company discontinues needed products, or says "Your call is important to us" for two hours of keeping you on hold
  228. Disconnectady (N) - The birthplace of politicians and union leaders who are disconnected from reality
  229. Discrumbinate (V) - To remove crumbs
  230. Disfroginate (V) - To remove the frog from one's throat before speaking
  231. Dislaboration (N) - The state of politicians or labor unions working against each other
  232. Disomniscient (A) - An adjective describing a government that thinks it is a god
  233. Disputocracy (N) - Government operated mainly on the principles of animosity
  234. Disputocrat (N) - Any politician who is an expert in animosity
  235. Disquisition (N) - 1. Not investigating something that should be investigated
    2. A disquieting inquisition
  236. Dissquawlifier (N) - A law passed to placate liberals
  237. Diversity (N) - A useless mixture of different beliefs, including various religions - Disobeys all of the religions
  238. Divertity (N) - The use of "diversity" to divert the attention of the public away from an attack on a religion
  239. Doctorn (A) - Describing a malpractice victim
  240. Dogmacide (N) - When one person's karma runs over another person's dogma
  241. Dongle (N) - A device attached to a computer that proves to the software that the user has purchased the software, and thus has a right to use it - Violates the law once the copyright expires *
  242. Dopeler Effect (N) - The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly ****
  243. Double Drick (N) - A large-area power failure, such as the one on 11/9/1965 (See DRICK)
  244. Double Entawdry (N) - A phrase that has two meanings, with one of them being sexually suggestive
  245. Dracocratic (A) - Describing the actions of those who demand that government must be obeyed at all costs
  246. Drainocrat (N) - Any CUREAUBRAT who enacts rigid controls over storm water drainage from private property
  247. Dramite (N) - A very short stage play
  248. Dratify (V) - To affirm mistakes as part of the plan
  249. Dratoff (N) - A mistake contest
  250. Drayne (N) - Any person, government program, or process that destroys wealth
  251. Dreamlinercar (N) - Electric car fire
  252. Drick (S, N) - A power failure (From the TV series "Green Acres")
  253. Dricken (N) - Plural of DRICK - multiple power failures
  254. Dricker (N) - The cause of a power failure (See DRICK)
  255. Droit (N) - A French robot that takes away your rights and money, giving them to undeserving artists
  256. Droneswatter (N) - A very large flyswatter used to swat down drones (e.g. a leaf rake)
  257. DST Bug (N) - The computer and equipment errors that occur because the legislated beginning and ending dates for DAYLIGHT-SAVING TIME changed in 2007 - Most current software and devices make the change on the wrong date
  258. Ductapernment (N) - The government that believes it can fix anything
  259. Duckatorium (N) - Where politicians hide when the people are mad at them
  260. Ducktor (N) - 1. A quack doctor
    2. A politician who hides from the people
  261. Duel Citizenship (N) - 1. The state of disagreeing with the government
    2. Having multiple governments fighting over which one gets to collect taxes from an individual
  262. Dumbdownthropus (N) - A politician with prehistoric roots, who wants to dumb down education so no voters are smarter than he is
  263. Dumblecrat (N) - Any politician who is against using Phonics in the classroom
  264. Dumn (A) - Describing Obama's peacenik strategies
  265. DumpaTrump (PH) - The phrase calling for Donald Trump to get out of the race for president
  266. Duodemibudget (N) - A budget proposed by Democrats, two and one half times the proper size of a government budget
  267. Dupid (A) - Stupid enough to be duped
  268. Duplicitocrat (N) - 1. A politician who uses duplicity to bamboozle the opposition
    2. A duplicitous bureaucrat
  269. Duplicitomat (N) - A duplicitous diplomat
  270. Dyscourse (N) - A debate over COVID masks
  271. E Pluribus Spendum (PH - "Out of many, spend") - What the motto of the United States of America should be, given the current spending habits of Congress and the state legislatures
  272. Earthdaysaster (N) - All of the litter that has to be picked up after an Earth Day celebration
  273. Eblabberate (V) - Use blabber to elaborate
  274. Eboink (S) - The sound a computer makes when an email arrives
  275. Ecobink (S) - The alarm that goes off in an ENVIRONMENTALISTICIST's head when something appears to be polluting
  276. Ecomonics (N) - The false science used by ENVIRONMENTALISTICISTS to inadvertently destroy the economy
  277. Econoclast (N) - A politician whose policies destroy the economy
  278. Economommy (N) - What most high school graduates think government is - a benevolent mommy who will give them money when they don't have enough
  279. Ecopork (N) - Money wasted on pork-barrel projects for ecological reasons, or to stimulate the economy
  280. Edirtorialize (V) - To add bias or innuendo to an article
  281. Editorialismexplodes (V) - When editorialism explodes in the face of the reporter
  282. Edjuciator (N) - An educator accused of sexually molesting children
  283. Edjudicator (N) - An educator who decides that children must be taught the educator's political and religious beliefs
  284. Egalmaniac (N) - An egalitarian egomaniac who demands that he gets his own way
  285. Egolitarian (N) - A person with a superego for absolute equality
  286. Electortal Vote (N) - An electoral vote coerced by threats
  287. Electrickian (N) - A politician who takes advantage of the errors in the PLUROERROR by secretly funding a candidate intended to split the opposition vote (See PLURALITY VOTING SYSTEM, PLUROCRAT)
  288. Electrickity (N) - The ability to bias the election by running a third party candidate (See PLUROERROR)
  289. Ellwait (N) - The time someone loses or wastes by using mass transit
  290. Emocrib (N) - Where a CRYSIS BABY sleeps
  291. Emperor of NO (N) - COVID-19 expert Dr Anthony Fauci
  292. Energizer Dummy (N) - Joe Biden when in STUPID-SEEKING MODE
  293. Energy Crisis (N) - Fuel Shortage caused by price controls
  294. Energy Crysis (N) - A belief of ENVIRONMENTALISTICISM that energy must be saved at all costs
  295. Enocomic (A) - The comedy of economic errors
  296. Entertainocracy (N) - A government that wastes public money on entertainment and fun - Those items should be paid for by private interests
  297. Environblabber (N) - The religious pronouncements of environmentalists that sound like science
  298. Environmentalisticism (N) - The religious component of Environmentalism
  299. Environmentalisticist (N) - A member of ENVIRONMENTALISTICISM
  300. Epi Taxi (N) - A pseudo taxicab
  301. Epicracy (N) - An Epicurean government
  302. Epicrat (N) - An Epicurean politician
  303. Ersatz-Haddathought (N) - Joe Biden (the nation's stupor being) thinking he is lucid (Cf Dune: Kwisatz Haderach)
  304. Escalize (V) - To intensify your campaign for a spending program because your opponent has proved it can't possibly work
  305. Escheat (V) - The method government uses to cheat, so government gets any unclaimed or intestate property - The word "cheat" came from fraudulent government use of escheat. * (not recent coinage)
  306. Evain (A) - vanity in email
  307. Evilution (N) - The religion allowed into public schools that teaches that God did not create the universe, but that it "just happened" - A tenet of DARWINISTICISM
  308. Exaster (N) - 1. A former disaster
    2. An ex-wife
  309. Execublabber (N) - Drivel produced by a government or corporate executive (See LEGISBLABBER)
  310. Extortalism (N) - The act of pretending to be a neutral journalist while biasing the news in favor of one political party or belief
  311. Expert (N) - Unknown drip under pressure (cf. x = unknown + spurt = drip under pressure) *
  312. Exploit (N) - The pejorative the Democrats exploit most
  313. Exatort (N) - a tort with $1,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 in damages
  314. Factical (A) - Tactical use of facts
  315. Failacy (N) - Propensity to fail
  316. Failout (N) - The 2008-2009 government bailout, and its failure to make the economy recover (due to high taxes)
  317. Failroad (N) - A transportation system that is touted as being able to relieve traffic congestion, but cannot do so because it does not serve most of the locations where trips terminate
  318. Fairgle (V) - To yell "It's not fair" when you lose - This has become the chief activity of many liberals
  319. Fallic (A) - Full of fallacy
  320. Fanatasy (N) - Fanatic fantasy
  321. Fanatic Show (N) - 1. Liberal news program
    2. Democrat convention
  322. Faqirial (A) - A day short and a dollar late
  323. Faqiry (N, pronounced "fakery") - One of the fake fairies that liberals postulate must exist They provide the missing wealth needed to make the LIVING WAGE and other impossible plans FEASE
  324. Farcetecture (N) - Construction featuring odd angles, unusable spaces, huge foyers, and pedestrian catwalks - Usually pertains to government buildings built for art, rather than for function
  325. Fast Feud (N) - A fight between fast food restaurants and FOOD COPS
  326. Fatta Claus (N) - Santa Claus, as seen by government nutritionists (FOOD COPS)
  327. Faucicrat (N) - Authoritarian who obeys Dr. Fauci
  329. Faucio (N) - An evil droid who is a PREVARICATING AUTOCRATIC SMURF
  330. Faucist (N) - People who blindly do whatever Anthony Fauci says to do
  331. Fauxtography (N) - Making PHAKE photos
  332. Faxic Waste (N) - When political ads come through the fax, wasting your supplies
  333. FDR (N) - Acronym for Failed Democrat Redistribution
  334. Fease (V) - To be feasible *
  335. Feasily (AV) - Doably
  336. Feasy (A) - Easily feasible
  337. Fedidue (N) - Government waste and residue left over from federal programs
  338. Fednot (N) - A charm used to keep the federal government away
  339. Feeloader (N) - 1. A government agency that makes money from excessive fees
    2. Police departments and courts that can increase their budgets by increasing the number of tickets and fines
    3. Police, fire, and ambulance departments who charge the victims they help for the emergency services they get
    4. A state highway department paid for by tolls
  340. Feuditi (N) - Graffiti arising from a feud
  341. Fidgetbuster (N) - 1. A U.S. Senate debate that keeps legislators alert and concentrating
    2. A toy given to a child to keep him quiet at church
  342. Fink Tank (N) - An organization of whistleblowers
  343. Fishmerger (N) - Kurdistan insurgents (Peshmerga as misheard)
  344. Flawmaker (N) - A lawmaker who makes defective laws
  345. Flemsy (A) - The poor quality of Dutch law, due to its overpermissiveness
  346. FLIRage (N) - The use of Forward Looking InfraRed (FLIR)
  347. Flyswatter Interchange (N) - A traffic interchange so poorly designed that it looks like they just put a bunch of interchange parts over a clay model of the area, and then took a flyswatter and went SPLAT! An example of a flyswatter interchange can be found in New London, Connecticut at the intersection of I-95, US-1 and Connecticut 32
  348. Fogl (V) - 1. To fake a UFO photograph
    2. To bamboozle people with a fake UFO photograph
  349. Fogmare (N) - 1. A nightmarishly thick fog
    2. A huge multiple vehicle traffic accident caused by fog
  350. Food Cop (N) - A self-appointed NUTRITION CZAR
  351. Fook (V) - To blind a camera system or a person with a bright flash of light
  352. Foolower (N) - A person who does nothing but follow a lousy politician
  353. Footbrawl (N) - A football game disrupted by a fight (See BASEBRAWL, BASKETBRAWL, BRAWL GAME, RACEBRAWL)
  354. Foreploy (N) - Any misrepresentation made for the purpose of getting laid ****
  355. Frankencorn (N) - Genetically engineered grain *
  356. Frankenstorm (N) - The merging of a hurricane and a winter storm, as happened with Hurricane Sandy
  357. Fraudtopsy (N) - Fake alien autopsy*
  358. Freedomicide (N) - Destroying freedom in the name of security
  359. Frimpet (N) - A BRIMPET with a large tree planted in it that frustrates attempts to see cross traffic
  360. Frustralia (N) - A country with a government that frustrates everyone
  361. Futilism (N) - 1. Government by idiots
    2. Belief in Keynesian Economics
  362. Gabblerouser (N) - Something in the bill being considered that causes the audience to start talking
  363. Gaffernment (N) - A government that makes nothing but mistakes
  364. Gasp Mileage (N) - The shock at your low miles per dollar
  365. Geigers (N) - What a Geiger counter counts
  366. Geracy (N) - The crime of not providing geriatric discounts
  367. Ghost Handicapped (PH) - Being a non-handicapped person sharing a car with a handicapped person and parking in a handicap space so the handicapped person can use it next
  368. Giddiot (N) - Joe Biden thinking he is lucid (See ERSATZ HADDATHOUGHT)
  369. Gigaperson (N) - A unit of measure equal to 1,000,000,000 people used to describe the world population - The world population was approximately 6 gigapersons in 2005 AD. That is 6 billion people in US numbering, or 6 milliard people in world numbering. (See SI standards for a chart on the difference between US numbering and world numbering)
  370. Gigglepathic (N) - The portion of the testimony that causes the audience to giggle
  371. Gigli (A) - Very bad - Used to describe the film by the same name - describes the economy-destroying platforms of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, John Kerry, and Bernie Sanders
  372. Gimme-gimme-ism (N) - The belief that government should get most of the money from the economy
  373. Giraffiti (N) - Vandalism spray-painted very, very high ****
  374. Givernment (N) - A government that gives away money, and then overtaxes the people to pay for it
  375. Glibido (N) - All talk and no action ****
  376. Glommernment (N) - A government that grabs every bit of power and money it can get
  377. Gloomernment (N) - A government that predicts bad outcomes will occur, unless people sacrifice enough that government can have more money and power
  378. Go-Faster Windows (N) - Slanted windows on buses that make them look ten times faster than they are
  379. Golfernment (N) - Government controlled from a golf course
  380. Goonery (N) - Commission of violence for political gain **
  381. Goonite (N) - A person who votes for government to keep people from doing things that bother him
  382. Goonvernment (N) - A government that takes away freedoms, just to keep people from being annoyed
  383. Gorebasm (N) - The bad science used to "prove" that man causes global warming
  384. Goregantuan (A) - Describing the vast overspending of the US Federal Government **
  385. Goretrayal (N) - Al Gore's version of things (especially the 2000 election, which he still thinks he won)
  386. Gort Ricks (PH) - Tricks used to steal an election, including sending the military on maneuvers (so the servicemen couldn't vote), denying votes to all shipboard sailors (because ships don't postmark mail), and pretending that DIMPLED CHAD are votes
  387. Governbent (N) - A government that reacts with anger to those who do not agree with its policies
  388. Governgreed Market (N) - A market for farmers to sell crops, wrongly paid for with tax money
  389. Government First! Government First! (IJ) - The chant of the Statist and the POLICY PARROT
  390. Government Waist (N) - Obesity resulting from government-induced stress
  391. Govlastian (A) - A member of the belief that government should come last, not first
  392. Govlastianism (A) - The belief that government should come last, not first
  393. Govlastic (A) - Describing the belief that government should come last, not first
  394. Grabbage (N) - 1. The government's "take", in tax revenue and fees
    2. The takeover of a computer by pop-up ads
  395. Grabbernment (N) - A government that is extremely greedy for revenue
  396. Grabbus Firstus (N) - A government that puts tax collection ahead of creditors in a bankruptcy case
  397. Grateless (N) - The opposite of grateful **
  398. Greedatorium (N) - Congressional chamber, legislature hall, or council chamber
  399. Greedia (N) - The media and reporters wanting government health care for themselves
  400. Greedium (N) - Any government body that wants more of your money to waste on trifles
  401. Greedway (N) - A greenway paid for with tax revenue
  402. Greedy Needy, The (N) - Those who demand that government must pay them money, so they don't have to work
  403. Greenvernment (N) - A government that legislates the religious beliefs of ENVIRONMENTALISTICISM into law
  404. Griddy Kilobuck (PH) - A utility that charges wholesale prices that can fluctuate widely with $1000 electric bills in power shortages
  405. Gross Ignoramus (A) - 144 times ordinary ignoramus, which describes most government meetings, and anyone in favor of DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME *
  406. Grovernment (N) - Government with the mentality of the Muppets
  407. Grubbernment (N) - Government that nanomanages people's lives
  408. Grummies (N) - Little parts that get lost easily
  409. Gubbernment (N) - Government that cheats
  410. Gubble-gubble (S) - An instance of a politician forgetting what he was going to say
  411. Gubblement (N) - A government that forgets the promises it made, and then does the opposite
  412. Guffernment (N) - A government that uses double talk to confound citizens
  413. Haberdashanoid (N) - A politician more worried about how his clothes look than about the issue
  414. Hairanoid (N) - A politician more worried about how his hair looks than about the issue
  415. Half-Glass, The (N) - The half glass of water used by the HALFGLASSTERIAN
  416. Halfglassterian (N) - A person who uses how people would describe half a glass of water to compare groups (See LIGHTBULBIAN)
  417. Handmonster (N) - That scary-looking crescent with hands on the "Safe Place" signs
  418. Handsphreak (N) - A person who believes that it is safe to use a hands-free phone while driving
  419. Handsphwreck (N) - A HANDSPHREAK who got into a wreck due to being distracted while talking on a cell phone
  420. Hangtail (N) - That pesky odd-sized page in a newspaper advertising insert
  421. Happenable (A) - Possible to do **
  422. Happeneur (N) - A person who makes things happen **
  423. Harrisism (N) - The warped belief system of Kamala Harris
  424. Hatist (N) - A reporter or politician who propagates his hate
  425. Heedless Horseman (N) - A driver who does not think before doing - Probably has a case of SLOUCHED BRAIN *
  426. Hell-Care Plan (N) - Any government-run health insurance system - So named because taxes would have to be so high to fund it that nobody could afford to eat. It would also not provide good health care, as evidenced by Walter Reed Army Hospital. (See METACARE)
  427. Hempty (A) - Describing a confiscated marijuana stash
  428. Heterophobia (N) - The fear of a world where heterosexual activity will be the only allowed sexual activity
  429. Hillarynomics (N) - The liberal belief that government can fix anything, including the economy
  430. Hillaryworld (N) - The emotional world of Hillary Clinton where everything is all better because she is there
  431. Hindencar (N) - A hydrogen-powered car, after it exploded (See CAR CHALLENGER)
  432. Hippitarian (N) - The guy who steals the HALFGLASSTERIAN'S half glass of water to make a mosh pit
  433. Hitlerror (N) - The Third Reich
  434. Hocus Foggus (PH) - Rules a politician makes up when he wants to keep you from doing something, but has no real rules to use
  435. Hogwashington (N) - The capital of prevarication
  436. Hokeuponus (N) - Elizabeth Warren, who put her heredity hoke upon us
  437. Hollery Clinton (N) - The losing presidential candidate who keeps hollering that she should have won
  438. Hollywodd (N) - Any place where all morality is abandoned - Hollywood at its oddest (See CALIFORNICATE, HOOLYWODD, HOLLYWORLD)
  439. Hollyworld (N) - A world where movies can be made without having to raise money from business because government pays for it (See CALIFORNICATE, HOLLYWODD, HOOLYWODD)
  440. Homophobia (N) - A pejorative word created by homosexuals to imply that people who are really obeying their religious beliefs are afraid of homosexuals
  441. Homosimian (N) - 1. Anyone who believes that man descended from the apes
    2. Anyone who acts like a monkey when the theory that man descended from apes is challenged
  442. Homosinban (N) - Prohibiting the teaching of the Bible verses that define the homosexual act as a sin
  443. Hoolywodd (N) - Any place where all morality is abandoned - Hollywood at its oddest (See CALIFORNICATE, HOLLYWODD, HOLLYWORLD)
  444. Horse and Phony Show (N) - A sleazy political campaign employing diversion of attention
  445. Huffypoost (N) - The ultra-liberal Huffington Post newspaper
  446. Huffypost (N) - The ultra-liberal Huffington Post newspaper
  447. Humanist-Resources Department (N) - A hiring department that unconstitutionally requires all new employees to be POLITICALLY CORRECT
  448. Hunt-and-Park System (N) - A system for government employee parking where the number of PARKING STINKERS issued is greater than the number of parking spaces available
  449. Hurry-Wart (N) - A driver in too much of a hurry to be safe
  450. Hydrogen Power (N) - A scam masquerading as an energy source
  451. Hyperthetical (A) - Based on the beliefs of the "expert" opinion of the speaker
  452. Hypocrat (N) - A Democrat who fears a balanced budget when in power, but who demands one, when the Democrats are not in power
  453. Hystericalate (V) - To notice that the opposition has an argument against your program that you didn't think of
  454. Hysterescalate (V) - To get angry because the opposition has an argument against your program
  455. IDidiocracy (N) - A government that thinks it can make identification cards impossible to counterfeit
  456. Idiocracy (N) - Government by idiots (the usual case)
  457. Idiodyssey (N) - A fool's errand, including most of what government makes people do
  458. Idiotology (N) - An idiotic ideology
  459. Idiotorialist (N) - A reporter who propagates his beliefs, rather than the truth
  460. Ignoranus (N) - 1. A person who is both stupid and an ass ****
    2. A person who is stupid at both ends
  461. Ignorocrat (N) - A politician who sticks to his own ideas and totally ignores public opinion
  462. Iluvote (N) - 1. Voting for what you think you want, instead of what you really want
    2. The illusion that the Plurality Voting System is fair
  463. Imamhem (N) - The mayhem caused by an Islamic leader's edict
  464. IMPOTUS (N) - Acronym: IMpotent President Of The United States
  465. Independent Voting System (N) - The only fair voting system in existence
  466. Indiana Stupid Time (PH) - A system exactly like DAYLIGHT-SAVING TIME, except that the clocks are all an hour ahead of the times they should show for normal use of Daylight-Saving Time
  467. Indirect Taxation (N) - Taxes levied on businesses that the worker ends up paying, through increased prices, increased rents, service charges and fees, and lower wages
  468. Ineptocrat (N) - A public official who can't do anything right
  469. Infilthrator (N) - A person who thinks there is nothing wrong with pornography, and spreads it everywhere he can - Originator of unwanted pornographic email
  470. Infiltraitor (N) - A person working against his own government
  471. Inflension (N) - What's left of a pension after inflation reduces its value
  472. Infonoid (N) - A person who collects personal information on people without a justifiable reason to do so
  473. Insinuendo (N) - Any innuendo involving a sin **
  474. Intaxication (N) - Euphoria from a tax refund, which lasts only until you realize that it was your money to start with ****
  475. Interget (N) - The Internet, when used for buying or winning prizes
  476. Java Man (N) - A politician with prehistoric roots, who can't function without coffee
  477. Jeffordsite (N) - A politician who cheats when he doesn't win legitimately
  478. Jerknalism (N) - What a reporter produces when it is not journalism
  479. Jobivalent (A) - Describing an inconsistent liberal who hates business, but wants there to be more jobs
  480. Jobsuck (N) - 1. The excuse given for the failure of liberal job creation policies
    2. The reason given by welfare recipients for not staying on the job
    3. The destruction of jobs by high taxes
  481. Joornalist (N) - A newspaper or television reporter who slants news stories in favor of a political belief
  482. Journmalist (N) - A newspaper or television reporter who slants news stories in favor of a political belief
  483. Jurdge (V) - To cause to become law through litigation, rather than legislation
  484. Jurisimprudence (N) - A judge siding with sin instead of righteousness
  485. Kabulian Algebra (N) - The belief that it is possible to win a battle using only suicide missions
  486. Kabulian Algebra's Corollary (N) - But it works only once!
  487. Kahukucar (N) - Hybrid car on fire
  488. Karmacide (N) - When one person's dogma chases another person's karma
  489. Karmageddon (N) - When the earth explodes because everyone has bad vibes ****
  490. Katosis (N) - The ability to get free lodging for yourself (cf. Kato Kaelin)
  491. Katrineality (N) - The way the devastation from Hurricane Katrina showed how unimportant such things as sports and the arts really are
  492. Kennedinesse (N) - The art of hiding offensive legislation in a bill, and hoping nobody notices it until after it becomes law
  493. Kennedy Award (N) - The award given to the politician who has the most people die around him
  494. Kerrysthenics (N) - (See GORT RICKS)
  495. Keynesian Economics (PH) - An economic model based on the false assumption that government spending can create wealth - Named after economist (?) John Maynard Keynes. Fails because it does not take work into account in the production of wealth. Counterexamples exist to disprove it. (Antonym: KINESIAN ECONOMICS)
  496. Kiloglup (S) - An 18.5 minute gap in the tape (see GLUP in the musician's version of this list: NEW MIXING VOCABU-LARRY)
  497. Kinesian Economics (PH) - An economic model that is based on the idea that wealth is created mainly through work - Named after Kinesiology, the study of human motions. (Antonym: KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS)
  498. Kinesian Wealth (PH) - Wealth created by work - In KINESIAN ECONOMICS, work creates two flows of Kinesian Wealth. One flow is the money paid by consumers to buy the goods produced, which is then mostly paid to the workers who produced the goods. The other flow consists of the goods themselves. (See KINESIAN ECONOMICS)
  499. Kinesian Wealth Destruction (PH) - Any economic activity that destroys KINESIAN WEALTH - Examples: taxation, giving money or goods to people who won't work, theft, vandalism, arson, property destruction, robbery, overregulation, zoning, monopoly, and eminent domain (See KINESIAN ECONOMICS)
  500. Kleptocracy (N) - A government that steals from its people **
  501. Knarfle (V) - To mess up a computer file
  502. Lag-trap (N, A) - YELLOW-TRAP
  503. Laminy (N) - The crime of laminating your driver's license in plastic - This makes the tamperproof features fail
  504. Lamming (V, N) - The act of LAMINY
  505. Lampson (U) - The unit (abbr. Ls) of speed of human speech - Normal speech is 200 millilampsons. *
  506. Landscupper (V) - To remove all of the traffic signs restricting turns into or out of a place of business in the process of "landscaping"
  507. Laudiot (V) - A person, usually a politician, who wrongfully expects to be honored
  508. Lawdiot (V) - A person, usually a politician, who misunderstands the law
  509. Lawyer (V) - To sic a lawyer on someone
  510. Lawyer Up (V) - To get a lawyer, ending police questioning *
  511. Lawyurp (N) - A lawyer who makes people sick
  512. Leap Year (N) - Nature's revenge on politicians for imposing DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME
  513. Left-overs (N) - The paltry amount we get to keep when the Left takes over the government
  514. Legisblabber (N) - Drivel produced by a government legislature (See EXECUBLABBER)
  515. Legislater (N) - A legislator who delays votes on bills for political reasons
  516. Legistration (N) - A total impasse in passing laws
  517. Lemonicious (N) - Faulty (especially used cars)
  518. Lenosecute (V) - 1. To persecute criminal defendants in the news as though they are known to be guilty
    2. To persecute someone who has been found not guilty by a jury, as though he really did it
    3. To use a TV show to make such attacks
    (cf, Jay Leno, a prime offender at LENOSCUTION)
  519. Lenosecution (N) - 1. The persecution of criminal defendants in the news as though they are known to be guilty
    2. The persecution of people who have been found not guilty by juries, as though they really did the crimes
    3. The use of a TV show to make such attacks
    (cf, Jay Leno, a prime offender at LENOSCUTION)
  520. Libernate (V) - To out anyone who is GLBT
  521. Licentious License (N) - A nasty or offensive personalized license plate
  522. Lickproof Stamp (N) - A peel-and-stick postage stamp
  523. Liebrary (N) - Bill Clinton's collections of books full of handy excuses **
  524. Liewitness (N) - A perjurer
  525. Lightbulbian (N) - A person who uses the number of people needed to screw in a lightbulb to compare groups (See HALFGLASSTERIAN)
  526. Liquese (N) - Drunken speech
  527. Listenowboss (N) - A boss who creates a traffic hazard, by demanding that his employees must always be reachable by cell phone, even when they are driving - should be a crime
  528. Limbaughbulate (N) - To get mad at Rush Limbaugh, because you didn't get the joke, and took what he said seriously
  529. Liveral (N) - A person who believes the world should take care of him, just because he was born
  530. Living Wage (PH) - The ultimate scam, enticing each PROMISSORY GOAT into a false hope of YOUTOPIA
  531. Living Wage Fairy (PH) - The FAQIRY that liberals imagine to exist, who supplies the missing wealth to businesses in order that they can pay the wages mandated by a LIVING WAGE law
  532. Lobberals (N) - Liberals who make up accusations to lob at the opposition
  533. Long Billion (N) - The long scale billion = 1,000,000,000,000 = 10^12 (as opposed to SHORT BILLION = 10^9)
  534. Long Trillion (N) - The long scale trillion = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 = 10^18 (as opposed to SHORT BILLION = 10^12)
  535. Looney Eclipse (N) - When people go mad during an eclipse
  536. Lootcrative (A) - When crime pays
  537. Lootery (N) - 1. What most people perceive a state lottery to be: A source of loot
    2. The government revenue from a state lottery
  538. Lord of the Files (N) - The sysop
  539. Lousytana (N) - A state with laws that require zoning to exist
  540. Loyer (N) - A lawyer who loiters in hospitals
  541. Magastrated (A) - Describing the reliance on articles and polls in magazines for an opinion on the community
  542. Make-you-make-do-er (N) - A HALFGLASSTERIAN who thinks the glass is too big
  543. Malquacktice (V) - Medical malpractice
  544. Manextortment (N) - Management that uses extreme pressure to squeeze every last bit of extra performance from employees - Causes obesity
  545. Maskera (N) - The period of time that government requires COVID-19 masks.
  546. McJobs (N) - Part-time jobs being the only jobs created by the Obama administration (cf. McDonald's)
  547. Meanace (N) - A menace who is also mean
  548. Me-first-itis (N) - A disease that infects most incumbents in office
  549. Megabucksic (A) - Extremely expensive
  550. Megotist (N) - A person who always puts himself first
  551. Mesmire (N) - The trouble amateur hypnotists get themselves into, and the effects they have on others
  552. Mess Transit (PH) - A way to waste government funds by providing a system that doesn't take people where they need to go when they need to be there
  553. Messuppotamia (N) - A government that governs through the process of making mistakes
  554. Messachusetts (N) - The state that makes the biggest mess of its own economy with overtaxation and overregulation
  555. Messterpiece (N) - 1. Antonym of masterpiece
    2. The result of liberals trying to fix the economy
    3. The result of a giant food fight
    4. The result of a ruined recording studio session
  556. Metacare (N) - Medicare as it really is: Meta (pseudo) care (See HELL-CARE PLAN)
  557. Methadope (N) - An addictive substance given to people to cure a worse addiction
  558. Metrefutation (N) - Demonstration that English units work better in the real world
  559. Metrifriar (N) - A CUREAUBRAT who believes that forcing everyone to convert to metric would be beneficial
  560. Millennialoofs (N) - People with the insane belief that government can create enough wealth to pay for a living for everyone
  561. Mind Cop (N) - Any person who wants to require everyone to obey the tenets of POLITICAL CORRECTION
  562. Minimum Wage (PH) - 1. A system designed to cause inflation without any other useful benefits
    2. The reason US laborers can't compete in the world market
  563. Minoritocracy (N) - A government where a test is used to exclude over half of the people from public office
  564. Miskerryage (N) - The claim that something is "wrong," with the elections just because liberals didn't win the election
  565. Misteak (N) - A mistake within a mistake (5th word I coined)
  566. Mobnopoly (N) - A monopoly created through the use of intellectual property
  567. Monsterate (N) - To propose a program that oppresses the people
  568. Mousageddon (N) - World War III caused by one wrong mouse click
  569. Mouse Manure (N) - The results produced by bad science
  570. Mouse Potato (N) - Internet addict *
  571. Moused Up (V) - Having just made a mistake with a computer mouse
  572. Mousecar (N) - A Kia Soul (from the ad where mice are driving toasters and the Kia Soul)
  573. Mousemilk (V, N) - Make a big issue out of something inconsequential *
  574. Mousetied (A) - The state of having to stay within a certain distance of the computer or DAW to work the mouse
  575. Mousfunction (N) - A mouse misfunction
  576. Mousion (N) - The use of a computer mouse
  577. Mouso (N) - Mousographical error*
  578. Mousophile (N) - Anyone who prefers to use a mouse command over a keyboard command
  579. Mousophobe (N) - Anyone who prefers to use a keyboard command over a mouse command
  580. Moustered (N) - Flustered by a malfunctioning mouse
  581. Moustake (N) - A mistaken mouse click
  582. Moustified (A) - Can't use a computer mouse
  583. Moustrained (A) - Not enough room to use a computer mouse
  584. Moustrated (A) - Not enough room to use a computer mouse
  585. Muda (N - pronounced "myooda", N) - The strange-shaped white lamp globes covering ceiling light fixtures found in government buildings, made in the 1930s and 1940s - look like the ends of trumpet mutes
  586. Multiflusher (N) - Someone using a new 1.6 gallon/flush toilet, needing 3 flushes to clear the waste
  587. Mumbojumbologist (N) - Expert on the speech of politicians and lawyers
  588. Muppered (A) - Slapped with a stupid lawsuit to stop MUPPY THREE trading
  589. Muppy Three (N) - MP-3
  590. Muriad (N) - 10,000 mice
  591. Myballistas (N) - A Political group that, when not getting its own way, leave the legislature chamber to prevent any legislation (by denying the legislature a quorum) (Cf "If you won't play my way, I'll take my ball and go home.")
  592. Nabbage (N) - The arrest count from a police raid
  593. Nabulate (V) - A fancy word meaning 'nab'
  594. Naivecrat (N) - A politician who crafts an economic plan without considering the side-effects of the policies
  595. Nar (N) - The whole picture (instead of two seminars)
  596. Nasticulous (A) - Ridiculously nasty
  597. National Wealth-Pare Insurance (N) - What National Health Care Insurance would really become
  598. Naughty-Bits-Deleted-For-Tat (PH) - Overcensorship (by security software) of perfectly harmless phrases containing words that also have obscene definitions
  599. Neat Czar (N) - A public official who requires all properties to be clean, neat, and tidy
  600. Necessary Security (PH) - Term reserved for a kit consisting of a blanket and a pacifier
  601. Neinage (N) - 1. The output of an abominable "no" man
    2. A list of government permit denials
  602. Netpecking Order (N) - The hierarchy of which politicians can criticize each other by email
  603. Newmissipality (N) - A government with no real purpose other than to waste tax dollars (cf. municipality)
  604. Newsmare (N) - VERY bad news
  605. Nicism (N) - A Democrat belief that being nice stops war and violence
  606. Nijerkia (N) - A government that makes money scamming people in other countries
  607. Nimbate (N) - The victim of a NIMBY attack
  608. NIMBY (PH) - Acronym: Not In My Back Yard *
  609. NIMBYite (N) - Anyone who doesn't want to be disturbed by anything (such as a rock band or a pink house)
  610. Nimplat (V) - Drawing straws to see who wins, when in drawing plat maps
  611. Nitpecking Order (N) - The hierarchy of which politicians can criticize each other
  612. Nittiana (N) - A state with nitpicking laws about sound and/or concerts
  613. Nitwiss (N) - A nitwit appearing in court as a witness
  614. Nitwitness (N) - A nitwit appearing in court as a witness
  615. No-Farm-No-Howl (PH) - Demands made by people who just bought houses next to a 50-year-old hog farm
  616. NOIletter (N) - The annoying "notice of intent" letter builders sometimes have to submit to authorities
  617. Nontroversy (N) - A controversy that isn't
  618. Nopium (N) - Narcotics ban *
  619. Noyed (N) - A paranoid annoyed by a noise
  620. Nudget (N) - A way to cheat when passing a government budget
  621. Nullivated (N) - Canceled, in CUREAUBRATESE *
  622. Nurge (V) - To repeatedly move a car closer to the intersection, as if that could make the light turn green faster - Actually, it can do the opposite, if the car moves off of the detector (leaving it empty). *
  623. Nutpower (N, A) - The potency of government, determined by the number of nuts in charge
  624. Nutrition Czar (N) - Any nut who wants to control which foods people are allowed to eat **
  625. Nuttiocracy (N) - A government run by nuts
  626. Obama Sin Laden (PH) - The way President Obama disobeys his Christian heritage
  627. Obamacare (N) - Socialist health care that will destroy the country
  628. Obamacide (V, N) - Voting for Barack Obama for President to elect the first African American, regardless of the fact that he promised to use the disproved Keynesian Economics to "fix" the economy
  629. Obamanation (N) - The abomination of Obama's policies
  630. Obamanerous (A) - As onerous as Obama
  631. Obamanomics (N) - Socialism
  632. Obamapocalypse (N) - The end of the world caused by Obama's siding with sin
  633. OBammBamm (V) - Barack Obama hitting the economy with damaging policies the way Bamm-Bamm Rubble (the Flintstones) makes things work by hitting them with his club - makes the economy worse
  634. Obamelot (N) - The royalty of the Obama family, according to newsmen
  635. Obamunism (N) - The Obama Plan
  636. O'Bannonmander (N) - Indiana's meandering 4th Congressional District, as created in 2001 by a committee of 3 Democrats and 2 Republicans, which was designed to put two sitting Republican congressmen into the same district
  637. Obesistress (N) - Undue stress that causes obesity
  638. Obnoxity (N) - The level of obnoxiousness a politician will resort to in order to win
  639. Obola (N) - An enraged Obama
  640. Obsoloot (N) - Money dishonestly earned by companies who force people to buy the new product by no longer supporting the old product -. Microsoft and Intel are prime examples
  641. Obviism (N) - Belief in only what is obvious
  642. Obviist (N) - A person who believes in only the obvious
  643. Occasional Cortex (N) - The malfunctioning mind of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that believes government can work miracles
  644. Odamage (N) - 1. Judgment in compensation for a set-back odometer
    2. The damage caused by the policies of the Obama administration
  645. Oddiotic (A) - Believing in odd idiotic things
  646. Odogma (PH) - "Thou shalt not turn odometers back"
  647. Offswitch (N) - The only way a media listener should be legally allowed to silence political or religious speech: If you don't like what they are saying, shut off your own TV, radio, or computer
  648. Ohubris (N) - The arrogance of Barack Obama when he says he knows what he is doing
  649. Oleocracy (N) - A government that uses its oil production control to blackmail other governments
  650. Omegalomaniac (N) - A person who is afraid of the end of the world
  651. Omend (N) - The outcome of an omen
  652. Omnicareless (A) - An adjective describing a government that thinks it is a god - Extremely careless
  653. Omnigreedy (A) - An adjective describing a government that thinks it is a god - Extremely avaricious
  654. Omniimmoral (A) - An adjective describing a government that thinks it is a god - Extremely apostate
  655. Omniimpotent (A) - An adjective describing a government that thinks it is a god - Extremely powerless
  656. Omniinsensitive (A) - An adjective describing a government that thinks it is a god - Extremely rude
  657. Omnioblivious (A) - An adjective describing a government that thinks it is a god - Extremely ignorant
  658. Omnireckless (A) - An adjective describing a government that thinks it is a god - Extremely reckless
  659. Omnistupid (A) - An adjective describing a government that thinks it is a god - Extremely THINKRUPT
  660. One horse pony (PH) - Joe Biden's phrase for someone with only one ability
  661. OPEC (N) - Acronym for the Oppressors for Power and Economic Control
  662. Opignion (N) - Biased opinion
  663. Orkadork (N) - The woman on the ad, who says, "Orca! Orca! Oh! I Love Orca!"
  664. Osaddamize (V) - 1. What terrorists do to people
    2. Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and Barack Obama oppressing people
    3. Government imposing insensitive overkill security to prevent terrorism
  665. Osaddamized (A) - 1. Describing a victim of terrorism
    2. Describing victims of Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and Barack Obama oppressing people
    3. Describing the victims of insensitive overkill security to prevent terrorism
  666. Osanta (V) - The expectation that Barack Obama would act like Santa Claus and give things to people who voted for him
  667. Ostensopornosis (N) - A degenerate disease, with symptoms of extreme cravings for pornography ****
  668. Ourigin (N) - Where we come from (politically)
  669. Outmoot (V) - To make the mootest point in the debate
  670. Ownerous (A) - The disdain liberals have for the concept of private property - unless it's theirs
  671. Packmouse (N) - A person who will not get rid of useless computer files
  672. Pandemicrat (N) - A Democrat who enjoys making people's lives miserable to prevent disease spread - a pandemic rat
  673. Pandemicomium (N) - Pandemonium about a pandemic
  674. Panicdemic (N) - A pandemic that causes panic
  675. Paparotzy (N) - Sleazy, dishonest reporters who do anything to get the story
  676. Paralyze Parking (N) - 1. Parking arranged where cars are parked parallel to the traffic lanes - Every time someone wants to enter or leave a parking space, he has to block a lane, paralyzing traffic behind that space
    2. The medical results of careless maneuvering while parking
    3. Using parallel parking techniques to maneuver a motorized wheelchair
  677. Parapathetic (A) - Not knowing where one is going
  678. Parking Stinkers (N) - Stickers issued for government parking, so employees must pay a kickback to be able to go to work
  679. Parodig (N) - A parody that makes a sarcastic dig at something or someone
  680. Passturn (N) - The impatient driver who passes your car, then slows down and blocks you while waiting to turn left into his driveway
  681. Pay-Per-Bag Trash Stinkers (N) - Stickers required to be paid for and put on trash bags by the government-owned-monopoly municipal trash collection system
  682. Pecuniocracy (N) - A government that allows people to vote themselves money from the treasury
  683. Pedasstrian (N) - A person who crosses the street against the light
  684. Pedesstalrian (N) - The pedestrians the government puts on a pedestal when writing traffic laws
  685. Pedesturnated (A) - Describing a driver who starts to turn left through a gap in high speed traffic, and is blocked in the way of the high speed traffic by a pedestrian who starts to cross right in front of him
  686. Peeking Man (N) - A voyeur with prehistoric roots - Example: Bill Clinton
  687. Pejorator (N) - The perpetrator of pejoratives
  688. Pelosian (A) - The political belief system of Nancy Pelosi
  689. Pelanimosity (A) - The irrational hate spewed by Nancy Pelosi
  690. Peltdown Man (N) - A political hack with prehistoric roots, who throws things at his political opponents
  691. Pencilvania (N) - Where all the writing instruments disappear to, when you need to make a change in a bill
  692. Percussive Maintenance (N) - Adding more whack to anything that is out of whack *
  693. Perspicapacious (A) - Having plenty of perspicacity
  694. Pervertity (N) - The capacity to CALIFORNICATE *
  695. Pestosterone (N) - The hormone that turns men into sex fiends
  696. Pestrian (N) - A pedestrian who believes that pedestrians always have the right of way, and who exercises this belief, even at his own peril, or when it breaks the law
  697. Petabarroil (U, abbr: PBO) - The unit of energy equal to a petabarrel of oil (Peta = 1,000,000,000,000,000, which is one US quadrillion or one world billiard) - It is expressed without the confusion caused by the difference between the US number names and the number names used by the rest of the world. (Formerly called a "Quad.")
  698. Petageriatric (U) - 10^15, or 1,000,000,000,000,000 years old (See SI standards for a chart on the difference between US numbering and world numbering)
  699. Petapossibilities (N) - The game of Billiards, with its name expressed in a way that shows the supposed number of possible shots without confusion caused by the difference between the US number names and the number names used by the rest of the world (Peta = 1,000,000,000,000,000, which is one US quadrillion or one world billiard - See SI standards for a chart on the difference between US numbering and world numbering)
  700. Phake (A) - Describing something fake, used to PHOOL people into doing something PHOOLISH
  701. Phishing (N) - Stealing a company's ID, then using it to steal the IDs of others * (See PHAKE, PHOOL, PHOOLISH)
  702. Phobiac (N) - Someone afraid of everything
  703. Phone-pong (N) - 1. A game where two people alternately leave messages asking for callbacks on each other's answering machines
    2. A game where a person repeatedly changes long-distance carriers to get all of the freebies
  704. Phool (V) - To trick someone into doing something PHOOLISH with PHAKE information
  705. Phoolish (A) - Describing doing something that compromises security or an identity after reading PHAKE information
  706. Phoography (N) - PHAKE Photography (See FAUXTOGRAPHY, PHAKE)
  707. Phraud (N) - The criminal act of PHOOLING people by PHISHING with PHAKE spoofed spam emails
  708. Pickanoid (N) - A person who gets paranoid over the tiniest annoyances
  709. Pickybody (N) - 1. A person who gets very upset at the tiniest annoyances
    2. A person who demands that government shield him from the tiniest annoyances
  710. Pilatician (N) - Any politician who is swayed by the crowd
  711. Pilotician (N) - Any politician who wants to steer the lives of individuals into the tenets of his belief system
  712. Plausar (N) - A massive object that emits pulses that make impossible things look plausible (e.g. any Democrat spending plan)
  713. Plause (V) - To be plausible
  714. Plotician (N) - Any politician who is always plotting to deceive the public
  715. Plundit (N) - A political commentator who uses his position to plunder the opposition
  716. Plurality Voting System - An election system in widespread use, which is biased in favor of the candidate most different from the others
  717. Plurch (V) - What the Plurality Voting System does to unfairly defeat a candidate
  718. Plurched (A) - The state of being defeated by the biases of the Plurality Voting System
  719. Plurchee (N) - The victim of being defeated by the biases of the Plurality Voting System
  720. Plurocrat (N) - A politician who runs for office in order to prevent another politician from winning - He does this by biasing the PLURALITY VOTING SYSTEM against both of them, and toward a third politician, Ross Perot is an example of a PLUROCRAT. (See ELECTRICKITY)
  721. Pluroerror (N) - Any case where a politician wins an election because the error in the PLURALITY VOTING SYSTEM splits the opposition vote - Example: Both times Bill Clinton was elected President
  722. Plutage (N) - Crime
  723. Plutality Voting System (N) - The Plurality Voting System as it effects a government by badly choosing its leaders
  724. Plutocracy (N) - A government run by criminals **
  725. Plutonic Relationship (PH) - A relationship between two people that often erupts volcanically
  726. Plysore (N) - Plywood, to a naturalist who can't stand the sight of it
  727. Policy (N) - The product of a POLICY PARROT, used to take rights away from people or cheat them
  728. Policy Parrot (N) - A CUREAUBRAT who believes that government should always come first - Chant: "GOVERNMENT FIRST! GOVERNMENT FIRST!"
  729. Policyfirstian (N) - A CUREAUBRAT who puts the policy itself ahead of the intent of the policy, applying it with DRACOCRATIC precision
  730. Political Correction (PH) - A religious belief that was hijacked from the Baha'i Faith and made political
  731. Political Incorrection (PH) - A political belief that material taken from the Baha'i Faith must not be part of government
  732. Political Prismer (PH) - One looking through a political prism
  733. Politicider (N) - A person who believes there should be a death penalty for all politicians
  734. Pollutician (N) - A Politician who pollutes the airwaves with political spiel about pollution *
  735. Polyunfaturated (A) - Describing fat that is polyunsaturated
  736. Poolicy (N) - Poor policy: An unwanted cause of world problems
  737. Poolitician (N) - A poor politician: An unwanted cause of world problems
  738. Poolitics (N) - Poor politics: An unwanted cause of world problems
  739. Poollution (N) - Pollution by excrement
  740. Popollution (N) - The single cause of two pressing world problems *
  741. Poppaea Sabina (N) - The biological specie of an alleged race of space aliens, according to one pseudoscientist *
  742. Pornotheistic (N) - Of the worship of pornography
  743. Pornotheisticism (N) - A religion that believes in worshiping pornography
  744. Pornotheisticist (N) - A member of PORNOTHEISTICISM
  745. Postphone (V) - To send notice by telephone that a meeting is rescheduled to a later date (The first word I coined, at age 8)
  746. Poutbacked (A) - How a politician who wants to take away more civil rights is treated by the audience
  747. Poutcome (N) - The desired election result the liberals didn't get
  748. Prairie-Dogging (V) - Popping up over the cubicle walls whenever something happens in the office *
  749. Prairie Hog (N) - Any animal used by ENVIRONMENTALISTICISTS to prevent someone from farming or developing his own land
  750. Pre-Corrodium (N) - What batteries are made of (See CORRODIUM)
  751. Pre-Numbskull Agreement (N) - An agreement designed to keep someone stupid enough to marry a golddigger from losing his shirt *
  752. Prekerrious (A) - Describing the disastrous state of the economy or budget if John Kerry had become President
  753. Prepone (V) - To move the time of a meeting or event earlier *
  754. Presenteeism (N) - Going to work when you are sick (Actual economics term)*
  755. Presidebt (N) - 1. Any president of the United States who favors deficit spending
    2. Barack Obama
    3. Joe Biden
  756. Presiduck (N) - A lame-duck president
  757. Presispend (N) - 1. Any president of the United States who likes to overspend tax money
    2. Barack Obama
    3. Joe Biden
  758. Presispent (N) - The past tense version of PRESISPEND
  759. Prespendent (N) - See PRESIDEBT, PRESISPEND
  760. Prevaricating authoritarian smurf (N) - Dr. Anthony Fauci
  761. Prevaricating autocratic smurf (N) - Dr. Anthony Fauci
  762. Prevaricrat (N) - A politician who lies to win elections
  763. Prevarioracy (N) - A government that lies to the people
  764. Price Ceiling (N) - An economic tool to create product shortages
  765. Price Floor (N) - An economic tool to create product surpluses
  766. Prima Donar (N) - Anyone who acts as if he has the power of a god, to try to stop land from being developed
  767. Prima Donatory (N) - Anyone who has the special blessing of government to be able to prevent his neighbors from using their own property as they see fit
  768. Prima Dornick (N) - Anyone who throws verbal stones at landowners to prevent land from being developed
  769. Primete (N) - Any person who believes we don't have to be moral because we descended from monkeys
  770. Princess Runningmouth (N) - Elizabeth Warren *)
  771. Pro-Bonehead (A) - Describing a person who gets a lousy lawyer for free, rather than hiring a good one
  772. Pro-Maskon Man (V) - An overkill politician who demands that everyone wear virus masks
  773. Probgram (N) - A program with a problem with its operation
  774. Produck (N) - A fake product
  775. Progressivism (N) - The political drive to move civilization "forward" to cave-man morality
  776. Promissory Goat (N) - 1. Anyone who is gullible enough to believe that government can legislate salaries to be worth more than the productive work done to earn the salary can be sold for
    2. Any salary so promised
  777. Propagander (N) - Any dumb goose who spreads propaganda
  778. Pump-Priming (PH) - A way to depress the economy by increasing government spending
  779. Purloot (N) - Purloined loot, as opposed to ordinary loot
  780. Putin-Free (A) - Any government process without any interference by Vladimir Putin
  781. Quabble (N) - A squabble about quibbling
  782. Quackvernment (N) -A government that ducks the public and commits MALQUACKTICE
  783. Quid Pro Quota (PH) - The amount expert witnesses get paid
  784. Quietessimal (A) - Without any sound at all - impossible to achieve
  785. Quietessimalite (N) - A NOYED who can't stand any sound intruding into his solitude
  786. Racebrawl (N) - An auto race disrupted by a fight (e.g. Watkins Glen 07/08/07 - See BASEBRAWL, BASKETBRAWL, BRAWL GAME, FOOTBRAWL)
  787. Racestration (N) - Frustration with racial tension
  788. Racket Science (N) - 1. The bad science used to create government regulations (See GOREBASM)
    2. The science used by con men 3. "The Manga Guide to Physics"
  789. Ramboast (N) - An overconfident swagger
  790. Ramskunktious (A) - Describing the behavior of a skunk (or a politician)
  791. Rank And Vile (PH) - 1. Describing statisticians who rank
    2. Describing despotic government
  792. Rankster (N) - A statistician who uses ranking (which is a poor way to measure anything)
  793. Ransume (N - Pronounced "Ran-zoo-may") - The requirement of a well-written resume, demanded by a right-brained human resources manager - keeps the left-brained people who are more suited to a technical job from being hired (See HUMANIST-RESOURCES DEPARTMENT, RIGHTBRAIN-RESOURCES DEPARTMENT)
  794. Rantify (V) - To make a decision based on the pickiest politician's ravings
  795. Ratcoon (N) - Any destructive animal the government will not let the landowner get rid of
  796. Recreatocracy (N) - A government that wastes public money on recreation areas - Those items should be paid for by private interests
  797. Recumbering (V) - Riding a recumbent bicycle *
  798. Red Tapeworm (N) - 1. A BUREAUC RAT who insists on tons of paperwork
  799. Regulocracy (N) - A government that has a rule for everything
  800. Reintarnation (N) - A belief where politicians come back to life as hillbillies ****
  801. Religion Denier (N) - The person who claims that all religions are fairy tales
  802. Religiophobia (N) - The fear or hatred of religious beliefs
  803. Religiophobic (A) - Of the fear or hatred of religious beliefs
  804. Relrightsnatcher (N) - Anyone who would take away religious rights in order to give rights to sinners
  805. Rentabudget (N) - A budget proposed by Ted Kennedy, eleven times the proper size of a government budget
  806. Rentafordgap (N) - The lack of affordable housing, due to the ownership of much property for rental housing
  807. Rentocracy (N) - A government preoccupied with creating rental property for environmentalist reasons, to prevent large land developments
  808. Rentocrat (N) - 1. A nut who demands more zoning for rental property for environmentalist reasons, to prevent the development of privately owned single family homes
    2. Any environmentalist deciding zoning issues in favor of more rental property
  809. Repoort (V) - To report poorly
  810. Repoorter (N) - A reporter who reports poorly
  811. Repoot (N) - Ill repute, or bad character
  812. Represington (N) - A town with a government that overregulates everything, e.g. Bloomington Indiana
  813. Republi Can (N) - A Republican who wants government to have too much power
  814. Resiglue (N) - Excess glue that must be removed
  815. Respensibility (N) - The responsibility for causing an excess expense
  816. Resumemail (N) - Sending a resume by email, as many employers require now
  817. Retalitarian (N, A) - The belief in retaliating against everything that you don't like
  818. Reveneutralism (N, A) - A liberal belief that any change in tax law should not reduce the revenue that government receives - Causes overtaxation (See SPENDCUTOPHOBIA)
  819. Reveneutralist (N, A) - A politician who insists that government not be deprived of any revenue when taxation is changed - Causes overtaxation (See SPENDCUTOPHOBIAC)
  820. RIAA (N) - Acronym for the Record Industry Avarice Association
  821. Rightbrain-Resources Department (N) - A human-resources department that concentrates on how well-written a resume is, instead of whether left-brained people are more suited to a technical job than people who write resumes well (See HUMANIST-RESOURCES DEPARTMENT, RANSUME)
  822. Rightlock (N) - A business driveway that is restricted to right turns in and out
  823. Road Island (N) - When all of the roads leading to where you need to go to are closed
  824. Rotadial (V) - To pretend you have a rotary dial phone, so a VOICE JAIL system will send you to a real person
  825. Ruholy (A) - What the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini thought was holy
  826. Runfer (N) - A trip taken to go get something
  827. Sarchasm (N) - The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit, and the person who doesn't get it **** (See LIMBAUGHBULATE)
  828. Scamotosis (N) - A fake disease that causes people to scam
  829. Scams (N) - 1. A meaning-filled pronunciation of SCMS, an acronym for Serial Copy Management System
    2. The royalties stolen from a musician recording his own work, for just in case he had copied someone else's music on that digital disc
  830. Schooltreacher (N) - A teacher who imposes political beliefs on pupils
  831. Scihope (N) - The fervent hope of liberals that science will someday disprove all religions
  832. Scowlometer (N) - The device to measure Nancy Peloci's countenance
  833. Screwtiny (N) - An investigation undertaken by biased officials
  834. Scrool (N) - A public school that teaches liberalism **
  835. Scrule (N) - A rule that doesn't make any sense (e.g. the football is dead as soon as a touchdown is scored, but the wind can undo a field goal by blowing the ball back through the goal posts)
  836. Scrute (V) - To Scrutinize
  837. Sculptduggery (N) - 1. Fake sculptures
    2. Weight-loss clinic body-sculpting claims
  838. Scumquat (N) - Porn site webmaster
  839. Scums (N) - 1. A meaning-filled pronunciation of SCMS, an acronym for Serial Copy Management System
    2. The Congressmen who passed the act requiring SCMS
    3. The artists who demanded that Congress pass the act
  840. Secruity (N) - Security that does not work, while subjecting people to too much scrutiny
  841. Seh (PN) - A neutral gender singular subject pronoun used instead of the current wrong use of plural. (See SEHM, SEHMSELF, SEHR, SEHS)
  842. Sehm (PN) - A neutral gender singular object pronoun used instead of the current wrong use of plural. (See SEH, SEHMSELF, SEHR, SEHS)
  843. Sehmself (PN) - A neutral gender singular reflexive pronoun used instead of the current wrong use of plural. (See SEH, SEHM, SEHR, SEHS)
  844. Sehr (A) - A neutral gender singular possessive adjective used instead of the current wrong use of plural. (See SEH, SEHM, SEHMSELF, SEHS)
  845. Sehs (PN) - A neutral gender singular possessive pronoun used instead of the current wrong use of plural. (See SEH, SEHM, SEHMSELF, SEHR)
  846. Self-Crashing Cars (N) - Self-driving cars
  847. Sell Phone (N) - What a telemarketer calls you with *
  848. Senioritis (N) - The high-school fear of being about to go out on your own
  849. Sesquibudget (N) - A budget proposed by Republicans, one and one half times the proper size of a government budget
  850. Seussle (V) - To indoctrinate children with liberalism using Dr. Seuss books
  851. Seussoganda (N) - The ultra-liberal propaganda contained in Dr. Seuss books for children
  852. Shenaneganstan (N) - Any government controlled by election fraud
  853. Sheng Phooey (PH) - A means of harmonizing an office or home so nobody can find anything
  854. Shirking Left, The (N) - People who vote for socialists so they don't have to work
  855. Short Billion (N) - The short scale billion = 1,000,000,000 = 10^9 (as opposed to LONG BILLION = 10^12)
  856. Short Trillion (N) - The short scale trillion = 1,000,000,000,000 = 10^12 (as opposed to LONG BILLION = 10^18)
  857. Shotgun Art (N) - A painting created by hanging cans of paint over a canvas, and then shooting at them
  858. Shrieking Left, The (N) - 1. People who scream for a socialist government so they won't have to work *
    2. HOLLYWODD producers and others who want a socialist government to avoid having to get business financing to make films
  859. Shrinklet (N) - A person who psychoanalyzes a person, using only the sound bites of him that the media play *
  860. Sickentology (N) - The study of all sexual activities prohibited by the Bible
  861. Sinfirstian (A) - The belief that the right to a freedom to commit sin outweighs the religious right to avoid sin
  862. Sinnocracy (N) - A government that sinfully favors a freedom to sin over the religious right to avoid sin
  863. Sinnocrat (N) - A politician who sinfully favors a freedom to sin over the religious right to avoid sin
  864. Siulator (N) - A simulator that gets it wrong
  865. Sizemologist (N) - The guy who figures out the size of the earthquake
  866. Skims (N) - 1. A meaning-filled pronunciation of SCMS, an acronym for Serial Copy Management System
    2. The profits the record companies steal from a musician who records his own songs on a digital disc
  867. Skripals (N) - An incurable disease caused by spying
  868. Skulldrudgery (N) - Having to think really HARD
  869. Sleazonable Doubt (PH) - Doubt generated by a defense attorney's trickery or a liberal's tirades
  870. Sleazone (V) - To sneak the rezoning of a politician's property into another bill, or to just draw it in on the zoning map without actually passing an ordinance to rezone it
  871. Sliberal (N) - Sleazy liberal
  872. Sliberal (A) - Of a sleazy liberal belief
  873. Sloke (N) - A slowpoke (the 2nd word I coined)
  874. Slouched Brain (N) - A disease politicians and others get that causes an inability to think
  875. Smokesperson (N) - Someone sent to raise a smokescreen to hide the truth
  876. Snakret (N) - An evil sneaky secret - Also Snakeret (See SNEAKRET)
  877. Snatistics (N) - False or bad statistics invented by a CUREAUBRAT, so he can get his way
  878. Sneak Oil (N) - A scam
  879. Sneakocrat (N) - A politician who hides provisions, regulations, or spending in massive bills, hoping that nobody will notice them until after the bill is passed
  880. Sneakret (N) - A sneaky secret (The 3rd word I coined)
  881. Sneakret Agent (N) - A secret agent who sneaks around
  882. Sneakvernment (N) - A government that sneaks in new laws unobserved until it's too late
  883. Snivel Servant (N) - A politician or government employee who whines to get more for himself
  884. Snorama (N) - A snoring demonstration
  885. Snowfakes (n) - Eight-pointed paper snowflakes made in grade school, because the teacher can't remember how to make six-pointed ones
  886. Snowalkocrat (N) - A fiendish Democrat who requires people to put in sidewalks so he can require them to shovel snow off of them after the snowplow covers them up
  887. Social Security (N) - One of the three legal Pyramid Schemes found in the United States- the other two are Medicare and Medicaid
  888. Social Suckurity (N) - The wrongful act of living off the government at the expense of taxpayers
  889. SoDiNY (N) - The crime of being black in the Southern District of New York (as was Eric Garner)
  890. Soduk (N) - The award given to the worst of anything, especially government (Kudos spelled backwards)
  891. Soleil (N) - The portion of sunlight that makes artists light-headed
  892. Soundbitten (A) - Converted into a soundbite **
  893. Speediot (N) - 1. A driver who almost always exceeds the speed limit
    2. A legislator who enacts laws that prohibit the defensive driving technique needed to deal with tailgaters
  894. Spendaholic (N) - Any politician who believes he won't be re-elected if he cuts the budget
  895. Spendcutophobiac (N) - A politician who refuses to consider a spending cut to satisfy overtaxed people (See REVENEUTRLISM)
  896. Spendcutophobic (A) - Describing a politician who refuses to consider a spending cut to satisfy overtaxed people (See REVENEUTRALIST)
  897. Spendiot (N) - A politician who loves to spend tax money
  898. Spider of Damocles (PH) - A spider on the ceiling that crawls until it is directly over you, and then stops and stays there: You keep watching it nervously, because it might drop on you. Often disrupts meetings.
  899. Spin The Schedule (PH) - A game played by TV network officials, always reshuffling shows so your two favorite shows are on at the same time
  900. Spoo! (IJ) - Exclamation made when someone does something deliberately ("oops" spelled backwards) *
  901. Spoogilistics (N) - The art of doing things on purpose, just to irritate someone
  902. Spoohut (N) - A shack that is perfectly legal, but that totally irritates the zoning nuts
  903. Sportiot (N) - Someone whose entire existence is driven by sports
  904. Sportsocracy (N) - A government that wastes public money on sports and sports arenas - Those items should be paid for by private interests
  905. Spottled (A) - Blinded by flash cameras
  906. Spylore (N) - Stories told and retold by spies
  907. Squandro (N) - Sci-fi currency denomination
  908. Squatellite Dish (N) - A large saucer-shaped object that has "squatter's rights" in many backyards
  909. Squatwellian (A) - Describing anyone who thinks he is above the law because his cause is "just"
  910. Squatwellsitis (N) - A disease that causes a politician to overregulate in the name of ENVIRONMENTALISTICISM
  911. Squeaker of the House (N) - Nancy Pelosi in a former diatribe
  912. Squelchocracy (N) - Local government that passes noise ordinances that prevent practicing music after a day at work
  913. Stacled (A) - Hindered by obstacles or government regulation
  914. Statiscism (N) - Any religion that deifies government
  915. Statiscist (N) - A member of STATISCISM
  916. Statisticism (N) - Any religion that deifies statistics
  917. Statisticist (N) - A member of any religion that deifies statistics
  918. Stoogidity (A) - Describing behavior like that of the Three Stooges
  919. Stoogification (N) - An effect of an important meeting that causes politicians to imitate the Three Stooges
  920. Stoogilistics (N) - The art of getting into fights like the Three Stooges
  921. Stooopid (N) - Extremely stupid
  922. Strile (N) - A labor strike that riles the public (such as a strike by rich ballplayers or movie stars) *
  923. Stubborning Perjury (V) - Stubbornly insisting that someone must lie on the witness stand **
  924. Stupid Seeking Mode (N) - Searching for the stupidest answer possible
  925. Stupidiot (N) - 1. A stupid idiot
    2. A bad driver who does not think of the safety of others
  926. Stupidocracy (N) - A government that assumes that all voters are stupid, and treats them so
  927. Stuporcalifornicationliberalisticodious (A) - describing the liberalism controlling California
  928. Stupreme Pejorator Dictor (N) - One who thinks he is always right and calls names
  929. Subpoena Duces Tecum (N) - Produce it, or we'll take it
  930. Suckerish (N) - Candy given out by politicians
  931. Suckurity (N) - Intrusive overkill security measures (See OSADDAMIZE)
  932. Sueperstitious (A) - Describing a person who will sue at the drop of a hat
  933. Suicycling (v) - Riding a bicycle in a dangerous, illegal manner (such as going the wrong way on a ONE-WAY street)
  934. Superimpotent (A) - An adjective describing a government that thinks it is a god - Extreme lack of ability
  935. Superincompetent (A) - An adjective describing a government that thinks it is a god - Extreme lack of competence
  936. Sustart (N) - Art created for sale the purpose of sustenance
  937. Suvophobia (N) - Fear of Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV)
  938. Tackle Pinochle (N) - A card game where people get mad and chase each other around the room * (See CONTACT BRIDGE)
  939. Tackle Poker (N) - A card game where people get mad, chase each other, and accuse each other of cheating, after trying to play poker with a pinochle deck (See TACKLE PINOCHLE)
  940. Tange (V) - To be tangible
  941. Tantrump (N) - A tantrum like the one committed by Donald Trump after he legitimately lost the Iowa Caucus to Ted Cruz
  942. Tardoff (N) - A lateness contest
  943. Targory (N) - A liberal denouncement intended to tar the opposition
  944. Taroff (N) - A political denigration contest
  945. Tax Broke (PH) - A tax break intended to improve the economy, which was thwarted by tax increases perpetrated by all other levels of government
  946. Tax Choke (PH) - The permanent stagnation of the economy that results from tax rates that are too high
  947. Taxacation (N) - Taking more and more money from the workers, through increasing direct and indirect taxation, in order to finance bigger and bigger government
  948. Taxacator (N) - Any person who believes that it is more important for government to have a lot of money than it is for an individual to have enough money to live on
  949. Taxas (N) - Locality with extra-high taxes
  950. Taxectomy (N) - Across-the-board tax cut
  951. Taxic Waste (N) - Tax money spent on unnecessary projects
  952. Taxicide (N) - The act of placing an upper limit on the amount a person can be taxed - Should be 10 percent
  953. Technophobiatric (N) - A person who fears the existence of technology
  954. Technobsolescence (N) - Obsolescence of recording formats caused by new technology - This has resulted in the unreadability of some treasured data, movies, video recordings, and audio recordings
  955. Teetaxer (N) - A public official who abstains from all taxation
  956. Tempire (N) - A very short-lived kingdom or political career
  957. Tenementia (N) - A government that wants to build tenement slums.
  958. Terabucks (N) - A unit of measure equal to $1,000,000,000,000. Used to denote the size of the US national debt or the size of the world money supply - Equal to $1 US trillion or $1 world Billion (world numbering system, but in US dollars). (Tera = metric prefix for 1,000,000,000,000 - See SI standards for a chart on the difference between US numbering and world numbering)
  959. Terabudget (N) - A government budget that is way too large
  960. Terrorcrat (N) - A person who actually believes that terrorist acts will force government to comply with his cause's wishes, rather than making everyone else mad at that cause
  961. Testalying (V) - Committing perjury **
  962. Textort (V) - To require a long essay paper (as a schoolteacher would)
  963. Thankrupt (A) - Those who discount their blessings
  964. Third-Grader Trump (PH) - Donald Trump using tricks a third-grader uses on the playground: innuendo, lies, pejoratives, and namecalling
  965. Theocidal Maniac (V) - A person who tries to destroy all religion
  966. Theophobe (N) - A person who fears religion
  967. Theophobia (N) - A fear of religious activity
  968. Theophobic (A) - Of the fear of religion
  969. Theophobic (N) - A person with an irrational fear of religion
  970. Theophobiatric (N) - A person who fears the existence of religion
  971. Thinkrupt (A) - Incapable of rational thought
  972. Third-Grade Trump (PH) - A Namecaller
  973. Thirdright (A) - Not quite being forthright
  974. Thumper (N) - A subwoofer (cf Tweeter, Squeaker, Squawker, and Woofer) - the bane of the QUIETESSIMALITE
  975. Thwartroom (N) - A courtroom where a liberal judge thwarts justice in order to achieve his agenda
  976. Thwink (N) - A liberal thot
  977. Timespeed (N) - 299792458 meters per second in the time dimension (See TRIGONORELATIVITY)
  978. Toboric (A) - Robotic and simpleton in nature
  979. Toil Attraining (N, V) - Learning to work 4 times as hard as you used to, so government can buy all that it wants with the tax revenue it gets from you (directly or indirectly)
  980. Tonnebill (N) - Any very large bill (See BROBDINGLEGISLATION)
  981. Tonnecrat (N) - A politician who writes TONNEBILLS
  982. Toxude (V) - To exude toxic material
  983. Toxued (A) - Sued for exuding toxic material
  984. Trainsbestite (N) - A CUREAUBRAT who thinks that adding "light rail" will solve all traffic problems, although the light rail could serve less than 5 percent of the total trips
  985. Transreality (A) - Describing anyone who is GLBT - loss of reality
  986. Trash Stinkers (N) - Stickers required by government to pay for having your trash picked up, so people must pay a kickback to get rid of trash - Causes illegal dumping
  987. Treesfirster (N) - A CUREAUBRAT who won't let the power company trim trees on government property to prevent power failures, because the trees are "more important" than the power - This person is also usually the reason that BRIMPETS, CRIMPETS, and FRIMPETS exist
  988. Trialfy (V) - 1. To subject to a trial
    2. To threaten to take someone to court
  989. Tridemisemi (A) - Three quarters of
  990. Tridemisemicircle (N) - Three quarters of a circle
  991. Trigonorelativity (N) - An algebraic transformation of Einstein's relativity done by Larry Robinson - This makes relativity easier to understand, and also makes a few new predictions
  992. Tritiny (N) - The crime of triteness
  993. Triviaslation (N) - A law or laws intended to strongly regulate trivial matters (such as the color a house can be painted)
  994. Trump Denier (N) - People who refuse to believe that Trump won the election legitimately
  995. Trump Therapy (N) - Treatment to cure people who are shocked that Donald Trump won the election
  996. Trumper (N, A) - Temper on the level of Donald Trump's temper after he lost an election (see TANTRUMP)
  997. Trumple (V) - To trample through innuendo, lies, pejoratives, and namecalling (cf. Donald Trump)
  998. Trumpled (A, V) - Trampled through innuendo, lies, pejoratives, and namecalling (see TRUMPLE)
  999. Trumpler (N) - Someone who Tramples through innuendo, lies, pejoratives, and namecalling (see TRUMPLE)
  1000. Truth (N) - 1. The way things really are
    2. The way a politician wants the people to believe things are
  1001. Truthslayer (N) - A person who says the truth is the way he wants things to be
  1002. Truthslayer Drug (N) - Marijuana - It makes the user think the truth is the way he wants things to be
  1003. Tryfail (N) - The failed result of a PRODUCK test
  1004. Tyrantosaurus Wrecks (N) - An overregulating and overtaxing government that devours all jobs and the economy
  1005. Ucro (U) - Micro, meaning one millionth of (Abbr: u - cf: the Greek letter mu used to represent micro)
  1006. UFGlow (V) - What UFOs do
  1007. UFOpia (N) - 1. The liberal idea of a utopia
    2. Government by UFO aliens
  1008. Un-Brainer (N) - Something so stupid that nobody with an actual brain would do it
  1009. Un-ity (N) - Antonym of unity
  1010. Undo Pain - 1. The painful act of being forced to undo good work
    2. Pain caused by Daylight-Stupid Time, or other government activities
  1011. Undon't (V) - Do
  1012. Unempage (V, pronounced "un-em-PAZH") - To require people to turn off their pagers
  1013. Unified Fool Theory (N) - "Russia explains the 2016 election."
  1014. Uniformicrat (N) - 1. A bureaucrat who requires uniformity in everything
    2. A school superintendent who wants to force public school pupils to wear uniforms
  1015. Universal Hell Care (PH) - A government run health insurance system, which makes sure that every person must get the same lousy treatment that everyone else gets - Walter Reed Army Hospital is an example
  1016. Unpleasident (N) - 1. Bill Clinton **
    2. Barack Obama
  1017. Urjournalism (N) - The sleazy way some "journalists" plant a fake story guaranteed to cause outrage
  1018. Utopitarian (N) - 1. Wanting the world of John Lennon's song "Imagine"
    2. Wanting a world where nobody has to work
  1019. Vecdirt (N) - The direction and distance to the dirt (chief usage is political)
  1020. Vermale (N) - What a feminist thinks of the male gender
  1021. Vilifry (V) - To roast a political opponent, especially in the press
  1022. Visavisa (N) - A bureaucrat who demands that all foreigners (or all people) have ID papers
  1023. Voice Jail (N) - An automated answering system without a choice for the reason of your call, and which will not let you talk to a real person *
  1024. Voterocracy (N) - A government that wastes public money on items government should not be spending money on, in order to attract votes for the incumbents
  1025. Vulgart (N) - Art created by INFILTHRATORS
  1026. Wacktical (N) - Describing wacky tactics
  1027. Wage Ceiling (N) - An economic tool to create labor shortages
  1028. Wage Floor (N) - An economic tool to create labor surpluses (unemployment) and inflation
  1029. Wage Taxing Effect (N) - The effect through which the working wage earner ends up always pays ALL taxes, no matter who actually gets the tax bill - This is because work is the major creator of wealth, and all other taxes are passed on to the wealth creators (workers) through product price increases, rent increases, higher fees, and smaller wages
  1030. Walletectomy (N) - Across-the-board tax increase
  1031. Walterreedathetic (A) - The pathetic state of government-run medicine (cf. Walter Reed Army Hospital)
  1032. Wanfryzwizzat (PH) - The theme song of the liberal arts major (Want fries with that?)
  1033. Wastium (N) - The chemical element that, when added to anything else, turns it into waste
  1034. Wealth Theory of the Economy (PH) - A theory of the economy based on the creation, flow, consumption, and destruction of wealth, rather than the flows of money within the economy - KINESIAN ECONOMICS
  1035. Wealthpare (N) -The result of a welfare state - destroyed wealth
  1036. Wealthsink (N) - The big sinkhole formed by taxation that destroys the wealth that flows into it
  1037. Welfarce (N) - The folly of taking money from the poor to fund safety nets for the poor
  1038. Whinery (N) - The location where liberals complain that they can't get their religion enacted into law
  1039. Widdle Down (V) - To cut a government budget through a secret process known only to legislators, but which is generally known to involve much haggling (cf whittle)
  1040. Windfingercrat (N) - A politician who has no principles, but follows the crowd
  1041. Windroid (N) - A Windows computer
  1042. Winner-Rake-All (A) - Describing any voting system where the winner of the popular vote gets ALL of the electors in the electoral vote
  1043. Woodsmoker (N) - An environmentalist who uses a wood stove (renewable resource), smogging up the neighborhood
  1044. Workaphobiac (N) - A person who will do anything to avoid work (See DRAYNE)
  1045. Worng (N) - A wrong wrong
  1046. Wreckord (N) - Record of destruction
  1047. Wreckreational Drug (N) - Any drug that wrecks the lives of those who take it
  1048. Yabble (S) - Yells from the audience disrupting the meeting
  1049. Yellbin (N) - Where politicians go when they are angry
  1050. Yellow-Trap (N, A) - A condition that causes left-turn crashes when the traffic light in one direction turns yellow while the opposite direction remains green
  1051. Yellow-Unflash-Lag (N) - The delay in noticing that a flashing yellow arrow was replaced by a steady yellow arrow clearance period - This happens especially at night, when the driver can't see the entire signal face
  1052. Yougle (V) - To say, "You! You! It's always about you!"
  1053. Yougled (A) - The feeling you get when your spouse says, "You! You! It's always about you!" when it's really about something else
  1054. Youtopia (N) - A fictitious world where everyone can get something for nothing
  1055. Zonafordgap (N) - The lack of affordable housing, due to the higher construction costs that stricter zoning and building codes inevitably cause
  1056. Zonocracy (N) - A government preoccupied with overcontrolling what people do on their own land
  1057. Zonocrat (N) - 1. A nut who demands strict zoning, in order to control what his neighbors can do
    2. Any unelected person deciding zoning issues
  1058. Zooconfiscatorial Garden (N) - A zoological garden (zoo) paid for and operated by tax dollars
  1059. Zxnrbl (N, pronounced "ZNER-ble") - A scrambling of a digital transmission or file


These are 11 of the words coined by others, though not in a government context.


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