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Some shoes and situations where shoes go wrong are so unique that there are no words to describe them.... Or at least there weren't any until now. Here are a few words to fill in the gap.

  1. Acklet (N) - A shoelace where the AGLET came off
  2. Aglet (N) - The hard tip on the end of a shoelace *
  3. Anklesnare (N) - A strap that goes around your ankle and is connected to the shoe sole only at the back
  4. Ankletrap (N) - A strap that goes around your ankle and is connected to the shoe sole only at the sides
  5. Ankoosh (A) - Gooey and ankle-deep
  6. Argulet (N) - The metal tip on the end of a strap that goes through a buckle
  7. Arrolated (N) - A design made of BEADULUMS on a moccasin, with little arrows all around
  8. Aww (IJ) - What you feel filled with when your shoes are awful (or is that AWW-ful - Antonym of "awe")
  9. Backward Shoe (N) - A shoe with the toe of the sole being thicker and higher than the heel of the sole
  10. Balletknot (N) - A knot you can't untie in the ties of the ballet slippers you are wearing
  11. Bandal (N) - A sandal consisting of a sole and one single band across the vamp
  12. Bankslump (V) - When the bank of a river suddenly caves in, leaving you standing in water or mud
  13. Bannipad (N) - A stuffed rim around the hole where the foot goes into the shoe
  14. Bannipadesh (N) - The fluffy stuff that comes out of a broken BANNIPAD
  15. Bargoo (N) - Stuff on the floor at a tavern that your shoes stick to (See MESSYSHOESETTS)
  16. Beaduloss (N) - When the thread breaks and all of the BEADULUMS come off of the moccasin and make a big mess on the floor
  17. Beadulums (N) - The individual tiny beads that make up the designs on Indian moccasins
  18. Birkenstuck (A) - Describing when your footbed sandals are stuck in mud and your foot comes out without the shoe, but won't come out of the mud with the shoe on
  19. Birkensuck (N) - The vacuum that occurs between your foot and your footbed shoe
  20. Birkule (N) - One of the many tiny granules that make up a Birkenstock sole
  21. Blahnic Depth (N) - The specification for each model of shoe or boot of the deepest water or mud can be gently stepped in without any liquid getting inside by going over the top (see SOGNIC DEPTH)
  22. Bootfalooter (N) - The fancy stitched design on a cowboy boot
  23. Bootwaddle (N) - The awkward gait people get when walking in knee-high boots
  24. Bootwick (V) - The act of mud wicking up between a boot and a jeans pantleg that is worn outside the boot, so the entire outside surface of the boot and the inside surface of the pantleg become coated with mud all the way around the leg and clear up to the top of the boot (See PANTZOOK)
  25. Bronsog (N) - Wrinkles in leather caused by repeatedly getting the shoes or boots wet
  26. Brownage (V) - To determine the age of a shoe by how much it has turned a dingy brown
  27. Bucklestuck (A) - When your shoe buckles are so caked with mud that you can't open them
  28. Buckletink (S) - The sound made by shoe buckles that are slightly lose
  29. Bucklock (N) - The state of your shoe buckles locking together as you try to uncross your legs
  30. Bucksludge (N) - Mud deep enough to drown buckskin boots
  31. Camoufleather (N) - The patchwork of different colored leathers used to make some fashion shoes
  32. Camouspots (N) - Stains on suede shoes
  33. Chainlace (V) - Getting a shoelace caught in a bicycle chain
  34. Chinese Ooze (N) - Cloth Chinese shoes filled with cheese sauce
  35. Chortleography (N) - The art of composing dance steps that are funny
  36. Cintandals (N) - Sandals with clear plastic straps
  37. Clapclops (N) - Shoes with absolutely flat wooden sole bottoms
  38. Clartcatcher (N) - Any hole in a shoe sole that can hold a MUDCOOKIE
  39. Claviclogs (N) - Little nails with hemispherical heads that hold leather to wood
  40. Clemhoppers (N) - The kind of shoes Clem Cadiddlehopper wore
  41. Clinkclogs (N) - Clogging shoes with noisy taps on them
  42. Clogoosh (V) - When liquid mud comes in the backs of your clogs when you step in a puddle
  43. Clogpoit (S) - The sound of pulling bare feet from tight fitting clogs
  44. Clomptonite (N) - What they make loud shoe heels that go "clomp-clomp" out of
  45. Clovergrief (N) - Clover stains on white shoes
  46. Clumfert (N) - An extra step in the stairs that materializes only in the dark *
  47. Concreep (V) - How wet concrete sneaks inside your work boots
  48. Corrodium (N) - What dead batteries are made of - Often drips on shoes in closets where transistor radios are stored
  49. Corrodium Warning (N) - "Do not lose this radio in closet while installing dead batteries."
  50. Cradule (N) - The U-shaped channel in the heel of a footbed shoe
  51. Cribbles (N) - Little vertical leather "bars" around the toe of the shoe that connect a flat top of the toe to the sole - The spaces between them perform the function of SHOEDRAINS
  52. Croquet Heel (N) - Any shoe heel big enough to be used as a croquet mallet
  53. Crudwelt (N) - The rim, where the upper is sewn to the sole externally, that catches and keeps all kinds of crud
  54. Cuddlefluff (N) The soft fluffy stuff inside houseslippers
  55. Dangtoe (N) - The toe you keep stubbing
  56. Deetracks (N) - D-shaped tracks left by heels (Note that they point backwards to the direction in which the person who left them walked)
  57. Dipplers (N) - Shoes tied on a car for a wedding that became entangled in the bumper of the car, so they swing back and forth in the air instead of dragging on the road
  58. Disastandal (N) - A sandal with a broken strap that won't stay on
  59. Dribbloot (N) - When you get in water or mud deeper than the tops of your boots, and some dribbles inside
  60. Droidboots (N) - Hard plastic boots that won't flex
  61. Droidnaughts (N) - Hard plastic boots that won't flex and are too big
  62. Droidshoes (N) - Hard plastic shoes that won't flex
  63. Drownpour (N) - A rain hard enough that most people's shoes sink under the water
  64. Drowze Shoes (N) - Shoes so comfortable that they make you sleepy
  65. Dryerdents (N) - The result of drying clogs in the clothes dryer
  66. Duckdrowner (N) - A rainstorm too deep for your duck shoes
  67. Duckribs (N) - The raised tubular portions of the toes of duck boots or duck shoes separating the DUCKWEBS
  68. Duckwebs (N) - The places in between DUCKRIBS
  69. Duobandal (N) - A sandal consisting of a sole and two bands across the vamp
  70. Earitated (N) - Bothered by bunny slippers
  71. Eightshoe (N) - A shoe with a dogbone shaped sole, which leaves prints that resemble a figure 8
  72. Emuleate (A) - Looking like mule shoes while not being mule shoes
  73. Engooth (V) - To surround or submerge in GOOTH
  74. Espadrains (N) - The holes in the toes or sides of espadrilles to let rainwater out (See RAINHOLES, SHOEDRAINS)
  75. Eyegone (N) - The hole left behind where the shoelace eyelet in your athletic shoe fell out
  76. Fauxbaux (N - pronounced: "fo-bo") - Strange shoe decorations that look like bows, but obviously aren't
  77. Fauxboot (N) - A shoe that looks like a boot until the pantcuff is raised, and the shoe is shown to actually be a clog
  78. Fauxwelt (N pronounced: "fo-welt") - Fake stitching around the sole of a plastic boot
  79. Flatula (N) - A high heel that is very thin in the toe-heel direction, but is wide
  80. Flatulooze (N) - When a FLATULA sinks deep into ground that other shoes don't sink into
  81. Fleckule (N) - An individual piece of glitter on a pair of FLECKULIZERS
  82. Fleckulizers (N) - Glitter covered shoes
  83. Flinkers (N) - Shoes that flash red lights when the wearer walks (See LEDULATORS)
  84. Flopoffs (N) - Shoes so worn out they won't stay on
  85. Flopoots (N) - What's left after the stuffed liners of some kinds of winter boots fall apart
  86. Flopouts (N) - Shoes sole liners that have come unglued
  87. Foolaces (N) - The "unnecessary" shoelaces on backless sneaker clogs
  88. Footprint advertizing (N) - Messages put on PRINTSOLES by the shoe manufacturer to leave ads wherever the shoes leave footprints
  89. Foozers (N) - Shoes artfully colored so it looks like they have mud on them when they are clean
  90. Fumbula (N) - A little cylindrical plastic shoelace cover for infant shoes
  91. Gapples (N) - Little slots in sandals that let air go in between the straps
  92. Glimulators (N) - Reflective patches on shoes that make just the shoes, not the jogger, visible to the driver of a passing car (See GLOWLETICS, FLINKERS)
  93. Glimulize (V) - What a driver does to find out what in the world he is seeing, instead of avoiding the jogger with the GLIMULATORS
  94. Globulous (A) - Describing shoes with absolutely no angular edges
  95. Glomules (N) - Globs of gooey stuff
  96. Glopiad (A) - A contest with messy substances of any kind
  97. Glopulant (A) - Decorated with GLOMULES
  98. Glottalytic (A) - Of a shoe with a very short tongue
  99. Glowletics (N) - Athletic shoes that glow in the dark
  100. Glump (V) - The action of a sticky substance completely enclosing, covering, and coating a shoe (See GOOTH)
  101. Gluppage (U) - The amount of mud that sticks to a shoe
  102. Gondoofers (N) - Women's shoes that are shaped roughly like railroad hopper cars
  103. Goochy (N) - Wet, very soft, and yielding (as of leather or mud}
  104. Goolaces (N) - Muddy shoelaces that are impossible to untie
  105. Goonifers (N) - Big shoes that leave tracks in the shape of big bare feet
  106. Goonut (N) - A stylish hole through a shoe heel that gets filled with anything gooey you happen to step in
  107. Gooptade (N) - Any place too close to the mud-wrestling pit
  108. Gooseroids (N) - Metal caps on the toes of boots
  109. Gooth (N) - Thick, sticky goo
  110. Gopterate (V) - To switch to oxfords or other conservative shoes
  111. Gossify (V) - To let mud solidify on shoes
  112. Guccious (A) - Expensive
  113. Guempleate (A) - Patterned with many intricate designs made entirely of tiny holes
  114. Gunkade (N) - Any place where you will get gunk on your shoes, no matter which way you go
  115. Hackulates (N) - The mesh ventilators in running shoes that come loose and flap about (See NETULUS)
  116. Halftoed (A) - Covering (as a shoe toe does) half of the toes of the foot and showing the other toes
  117. Heavyize (V) - To get enough mud stuck on shoes to make them weigh quite a bit more than normal
  118. Heelcup (N) - The back of a sandal that completely encloses the heel, but nothing else
  119. Hoofboots (N) - Boots that have thick heavy soles that get wider at the bottoms, so they look like horse hooves (See NODDLEWOMPERS)
  120. Hoppulites (N) - Black circles on the bottoms of white socks caused by dancing without shoes
  121. Hornagitated (A) - "Ouch! Watch your stupid mammoth slippers!"
  122. Horndary (A) - Wondering where your shoehorn is
  123. Huaraunchy (A) - Describing huaraches full of mud
  124. Inkula (N) - A tennis shoe with phone numbers written on it
  125. Jalopy Boots (N) - Boots needed to protect the feet from the rust holes in the floor of the car
  126. Jellyboots (N) - No, not clear boots, but boots full of jelly
  127. Kedulas (N) - The useless eyelets near the soles of canvas tennis shoes
  128. Kedspot (N) - The round spot on the side of an old-style tennis shoe with the brand name (Also P. F. FLOOTER)
  129. Kedstop (N) - The fingers on an escalator that keep shoes from going into the machinery
  130. Kiltaglets (N) - Ends on shoelaces that have little fringes on them (See AGLET)
  131. Kiltringes (N) - Little decorative fringes pointing down from the tongues of shoes
  132. Klompenoosh (S) - The sounds of wooden mud shoes in mud
  133. LEDulators (N) - Flashing lights on shoes that help the cops chase the crook who stole them (See FLINKERS)
  134. Lincoln Clogs (N) - Wooden shoes with notches in them that can lock together
  135. Linedipplers (N) - A pair of shoes tied together and thrown over a telephone line so they hang and swing in the wind
  136. Mary Johns (N) - Mary Jane shoes with heavy cogged soles
  137. Mary Strain Newtons (U) - The scientifically measured breaking point of the strap on a Mary Jane shoe
  138. Mecktoplasm (N) - Smelly brown stuff that runs out of leather shoes that have been in deep water
  139. Messhaz (N) - Any hazard of getting messy
  140. Messyshoesetts (N) - The place where your shoes get stuck to the floor, due to food and beer residue on everything (See BARGOO)
  141. Messaslippy (N) - The place where you slip and fall on the floor, due to food and beer residue on everything
  142. Messouri (N) - A place where your shoes acquire a sour smell that reeks and reeks for weeks and weeks
  143. Messterpiece (N) - 1. Antonym of masterpiece
    2. The result of liberals trying to fix the economy
    3. The result of a giant food fight.
    4. The result of a ruined recording studio session
  144. Mistensate (N) - A misty film that condenses on shoes in fog
  145. Moccafringe (N) - The KILTRINGES on a moccasin
  146. Moccasquish (V) - To walk in mud or on wet grass in soft-soled moccasins
  147. Muccasin (N) - A moccasin that has been MOCCASQUISHED
  148. Muck Luck (N) - The determining factor of whether or not you get your shoe back after losing it in deep mud
  149. Muckit (N) - A glob of mucky goo stuck on a shoe
  150. Mucksuck (S) - The sound of your best shoes being swallowed by mud
  151. Mucqualize (V) - To intentionally get mud inside the shoe with your foot, so its suction will break the suction of the mud the shoe is stuck in, so you can get the shoe out of the mud
  152. Mudcookie (N) - A casting made of mud that falls from the tread on a shoe sole *
  153. Mudport (N) - A decorative hole strategically placed in a shoe to let mud inside
  154. Mudsquirter (N) - A hole in a shoe that squirts mud a great distance when a foot is inserted into the mud-filled shoe
  155. Mudstrainer (N) - A decorative hole that lets water, but not mud, inside a shoe
  156. Murcophosic (A) - Dusty with lint
  157. Napboots (N) - Boots that have nap like a shag rug covering the uppers
  158. Natulized (A) - Disintegrating (as leather or canvas does}
  159. Netulus (N) - A tiny net that is part of a shoe
  160. Niddlecrepes (N) - The single bumps that collectively make up a crepe sole
  161. Nikkosipes (N) - Little tiny grooves in shoe soles to aid traction in wet weather
  162. Noddlewompers (N) - Shoe soles that stick out at least an inch around the feet in all directions (See HOOFBOOTS, RIMSHOE, RIMSOLE)
  163. Nudpickers (N) - People who pick at little tears in shoes until the shoes fall apart
  164. Octopoids (N) - Shoes with eight large cleats on the bottom, separated by crossed grooves
  165. Ootferters (N) - Egglike bumps on the insides of the soles of some shoes
  166. Oozuckers (N) - Shoes that tend to fill up with mud even when the mud isn't very deep
  167. P. F. Flooter (N) - The big rubber round spot found on both sides of the ankles of some old tennis shoes (Also KEDSPOT)
  168. Pairalyze (V) - To search a closet full of shoes to find a matching pair
  169. Pantzook (N) - when walking in mud, to have mud climb up to the knees of your pants in the area between your legs because the pantlegs rub on your muddy shoes and on each other (Cf: PANTZOOP in the NEW VOCABU-LARRY FOR MIXING page - See BOOTWICK)
  170. Past Tennis (A) - Describing tennis shoes that are worn out
  171. Pedalpoozers (N) - Pants with loops that go under the feet - They keep socks from coming off during mud wading
  172. Perfectfit (A) - Describing the ugliest shoe in the store
  173. Phootny (N) - A ruffled sock
  174. Printsoles (N) - Soles with backwards lettering on them that leave FOOTPRINT ADVERTISING on the ground
  175. Puddingtoes (N) - What the victim of an April Fool shoe joke feels
  176. Pumples (N) - Rings left on the feet from wearing pumps
  177. Pwatchers (N) - Little vent holes near the toes of shoes that look like eyes
  178. Pweltites (N) - Little nodules around the seam where the sole and the uppers of a shoe are fastened together
  179. Quudd (S) - The sound made by mud-wrestling
  180. Rainholes (N) - Little holes on top of the toe of the shoe that let the rainwater in (See SHOEDRAINS)
  181. Rimshoe (N) - A shoe with a sole that sticks out from the uppers at least 1/2" in all directions (See RIMSOLE, NODDLEWOMPERS)
  182. Rimsole (N) - A sole that sticks out from the uppers at least 1/2" from the rest of the shoe in all directions (See RIMSHOE)
  183. Roperows (N) - The arrangement of the coils on a rope-soled shoe
  184. Rollysoles (N) - Curved sole bottoms that roll on the ground as the person walks
  185. Sandettes (N) - Sandals with very tiny straps
  186. Sandtraples (N) - Sandals that let beach sand INTO the shoe, but won't let it OUT again
  187. Scroton (N) - A surface-mount power outlet box sticking up out of the floor to trip you
  188. Shoeblort (N) - A water soaked shoe that has fallen apart because the glue dissolved
  189. Shoeburst (V) - To burst the seams of a shoe open by trying to insert a foot into a tight-fitting shoe completely filled with mud, pudding, or some other viscous substance - The weight of the person inserting the foot is usually sufficient to cause this type of failure
  190. Shoedrains (N) - Little holes around the edge of the shoe just above the sole that let the rainwater out (See RAINHOLES, ESPADRAINS)
  191. Shoeflaps (N) - The sides of tie shoes, when the laces are removed to make them become slip-on shoes
  192. Shoemagnets (N) - Velvet shoes that attract dust, crumbs, and everything else unsightly
  193. Shoenoid (N) - A woman more worried about how her shoes look than about the issue at hand
  194. Shooze (N) - Goo filling a shoe that squirts out when you put your foot in.
  195. Slingflop (N) - A slingback strap of a shoe that falls to the sole, because it won't stay up by itself
  196. Slip-Off Shoes (N) - Shoes that fall off if you attempt to run in them
  197. Slipflop (N) - What happens when a person tries to walk in muddy flipflops
  198. Smiloclogs (N) - Clogs with smiley faces on them
  199. Smuckit (N) - A shoe that makes loud noises when walked in mud (See MUCKSUCK)
  200. Snipplers (N) - Shoes that have been modified by cutting off unwanted parts
  201. Sockdals (N) - Socks with shoe soles attached
  202. Snads (N) - Little ornaments on shoes that collect yarns, hairs, and all other kinds of cruft
  203. Sockeaters (N) - Sock-eating shoes (shoes that socks disappear down into while worn}
  204. Sockfoozle (N) - Sock residue that collects inside shoes
  205. Sockgnawer (N) - The manufacturer's brand name label sewn on the sole of the shoe that wears socks out
  206. Socksuck (V) - To walk in mud, mustard, or other viscous substance in sock feet
  207. Soduk (N) - The award given to the worst shoes of the year (Kudos spelled backwards}
  208. Sognic Depth (N) - The specification for each model of shoe or boot of the deepest water or mud can be gently stepped in without any liquid getting inside by soaking through shoe parts (see BLAHNIC DEPTH)
  209. Spatflaps (N) - The exaggerated double tongues on some athletic shoes
  210. Speckules (N) - Little bits of grass stuck to shoes after mowing a lawn
  211. Spedophile (N) - A person who goes nuts over SPEEDIUMS
  212. Speediums (N) - Go-faster stripes on shoes
  213. Speediumsucker (N) - A person who believes the SPEEDIUMS actually make the shoes go faster
  214. Spepples (N) - Little nubs on the insides of the soles of plastic shoes, designed to massage feet
  215. Spids (N) - Little knots in leather thongs, which are found sticking out of moccasins and boat shoes
  216. Spidulators (N) - Leather thongs that go into and out of holes around the heels of moccasins and boat shoes
  217. Spimfoozle (N) - The crud other than sock fuzz that collects inside shoes
  218. Spiketrap (N) - Any hole in a floor or object that spike heels can become trapped in
  219. Splatform Shoes (N) - 1. Shoes with platforms so high that most people will fall while trying to walk in them
    2. Muddy platform shoes so slippery that most people fall while trying to walk in them
  220. Spoodclops (N) - The cleats on the bottom of a pair of SPOODSHOES
  221. Spoodshoes (N) - Wooden Chinese clogs with soles that are shaped like the little flat wood spoons that come with little tubs of ice cream
  222. Sportooze (N) - Goo on marching boots after the band plays halftime at a muddy football game
  223. Sprainites (N) - Gopher holes in a football field
  224. Spackers (N) - Shoes with flat thin leather soles
  225. Spackleshoes (N) - Shoes worn while patching plaster walls, covered with little white crumbly spots
  226. Specklers (N) - Shoes made with little color dots all over them
  227. Sproingheel (N) - The heel of an athletic shoe that looks like there are four little springs between the bottom of the heel and the insole
  228. Spuck (S) - The sound of a shoe coming unstuck from thick mud
  229. Spuk Heel (N) - A spike heel that sinks into and gets stuck in many things (linoleum floors, bathroom scales, mud, asphalt, etc}
  230. Spukulooze (N) - Where a SPUK HEEL sinks deep into ground that other shoes don't sink into
  231. Squirge (V) - To slip and fall because mud inside the shoe makes it slippery, and impossible to stand up
  232. Squishpond (N) - The mosh pit at an outdoor rock concert
  233. Squit (S) - The cartoon sound added when a pie or other food hits a pair of shoes in a TV sitcom (there is very little actual sound from that action}
  234. Squoot (V) - To walk while wiggling toes in boots completely filled with mud
  235. Squudge (V) - To walk while wiggling toes in shoes completely filled with mud
  236. Stillettomite (N) - A broken-off spike heel upside down on the pavement
  237. Stillettotite (N) - A broken-off spike heel stuck in a drain grating
  238. Stiltetto Shoes (N) - Shoes with spike heels and platforms that raise the wearer more than 10 inches off the ground
  239. Strapopolitan (A) - Describing a sandal with too many straps to easily count
  240. Stubnail (N) - A nail sticking just enough above the floor surface to catch the sole of your shoe and trip you
  241. Stucktion (N) - The force that keeps your shoe stuck firmly in mud
  242. Suckbreak (V) - Twisting the foot sideways to break the suction when the shoe is stuck in mud
  243. Sucksplot (V) - When your attempt to SUCKBREAK makes you fall in the mud
  244. Suedeswaths (N) - The patterns left on shoes by the suede brush
  245. Symmetrippers (N) - A pair of identical slippers that have no leftness or rightness to them
  246. Tarsux (V) - The process of tar removing shoes and socks from feet (as in the movie "Home Alone"}
  247. Tazidigested (A) - Eaten by a "Taz" slipper
  248. Ted (N) - The stuffing inside an insulated boot (Cf: Teddy Bear)
  249. Tee-Scrap (N) - What's left when an elastic tee-strap tears off from one side of the shoe
  250. That sinking feeling (PH) - Going into a yard after a rain unsure if the ground is too soft to support you
  251. Toecap (N) - A closed toe of a shoe that covers the toes of the foot, but not the sides of the foot
  252. Toeshooze (N) - Muddy ballet slippers
  253. Toewrinkels (N) - Folding lines in shoe leather left by the flexing of the toes during walking
  254. Tonguecave (N) - The hole the tongue of your shoe falls into when there is no foot holding it up
  255. Tonguesqueezer (N) - The little bulb on the tongue of an inflatable shoe
  256. Treadites (N) - Shoes with soles made from old tires (See WAFFLESTOMPER)
  257. Tribandal (N) - A sandal consisting of a sole and three bands across the vamp
  258. Tundrooze (N) - Ground that has just thawed from cold weather - looks firm, but swallows shoes whole
  259. Twadflapper (N) - A loose fastening strap on a shoe that has lost the mating piece the strap is supposed to fit
  260. Vampicing (N) - The result of dropping a piece of cake on your shoe
  261. Velcrud (N) - All of the stuff and fuzz that stays stuck in your Velcro straps
  262. Velstuck (N) - When your Velcro straps get stuck to the rug or your sweater
  263. Voit where prohibited (PH) - An area where no shoes are allowed except gym shoes
  264. Wadeometer (U) - The deepest the water or mud can be (in meters) without getting inside your boots
  265. Wafflestomper (N) - A shoe sole that looks like it was made in a waffle iron *
  266. Weighters (N) - What you think of the weight of your waders after wearing them for hours
  267. Wovandals (N) - Sandals with woven straps over the toes
  268. Yabbadabbashoes (N) - Shoes used to propel a vehicle through a hole in its floor
  269. Zorflaps (S) - The sounds of the soles of Zorries slapping against the feet when the wearer walks


* These are the words coined by others.


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