Updated 03/27/22

As I do recording or sound reinforcement, I find situations where there just isn't a word to describe what happened. So, I coined a few. But 8 of the words are real, and 13 more are words coined by others that I adapted to sound engineering. Try to find them before consulting the answers at the end.

  1. @ack (N - Pronounced "at ack") - Deluge of email complaining about the quality of your latest CD
  2. Alabammer (N) - A drummer who can't hit any way but hard
  3. Alienostic (A) - Believing aliens from outer space are affecting the sound
  4. Alzhymners Disease (N) - Choir members who can't remember the words **
  5. Analogism (N) - The belief that analog sounds best
  6. Antitintinabulation (S) - Unwanted sounds caused by jewelry worn by a singer
  7. Arachnoleptic Fit (N) - The frantic dance performed just after walking through a spider web ****
  8. Arhythmetic (N) - Counting out the sequence of a rhythm (1 uh and a 2 uh and a ...)
  9. Artchitect (N) - An architect who places the beauty he can create above the functionality of the building
  10. Atomispuzz (S) - Opening the fader of the SMPTE sync track by mistake
  11. Attidude (N) - The laid-back overconfidence of a novice
  12. Audiovisualoglyphics (N) - Pictorial symbols on the buttons of a remote control for audio-visual equipment (See DRUNE)
  13. Audivainue (N) - A place where vain audiences watch and listen (See VAINUE)
  14. Autoplay (A, N) - A medley of songs with a common drumbeat, such as in the "Hooked-On" series
  15. Aww (IJ) - What you are filled with when the band is awful (or is that AWW-ful - Antonym of "awe")
  16. Backsludge (N) - A venue where the mixing console must be backstage, where the engineer can't hear the mix
  17. Bagpipage (N) - The inability to hear any other instrument while bagpipes are being played
  18. Balun (N) - A device, usually a transformer, which converts balanced line to unbalanced line and vice versa *****
  19. Balundrop (N) - Loss of sound caused by a BALUN not working right with the equipment
  20. Barghum (N) - The sticky syrup on everything in a bar, resulting from spilled beer
  21. Bassute (N) - The new instrument created when a bassoon and a flute play the same notes octaves apart * Usually found in children's music
  22. Beeriad (N) - 10000 cans of beer
  23. Bellophone (N) - A musical instrument made entirely of telephone bells and pushbuttons
  24. Big Band Theory (PH) - The origin of the universe, according to "The Picture Book of Relativity" *****
  25. Bioblat (N, V, IJ) - Passing gas
  26. Bipolarism (N) - The belief that bipolar transistors sound best
  27. Bit Cheap (A) - An effect box that is cheaper, because it does a digital synthesis of the effect
  28. Blabbertyjabbrer (S) - 1. Everyone talking at once
    2. The sound of a phone scrambler
    3. Receiving a single-sideband signal on an amplitude-modulated receiver
  29. Blabbery (N) - 1. The misdemeanor of talking too much
    2. Using drivel to mislead people
  30. Blabiot (N) - An idiot who won't shut up
  31. Blaritone (N) - Any acoustic instrument that is naturally played too loud
  32. Blig (S) - A very short organ note or chord
  33. Blooium (N) - The substance that makes equipment go blooey
  34. Boingage (S) - The effect where a spring reverb works during the song, but oscillates during speech
  35. Boioioioioioi (S) - A theremin player scratching an itch
  36. Boombastic (A) - Describing the power of a passing BOOMCAR to ruin a take
  37. Boomboomph (S) - A bass line that blends into a solid drone due to live room acoustics
  38. Boomcar (N) - An automobile with a booming THUMPER
  39. Boxcorner (N) - The corner of the studio where you keep all of your BOXIC WASTE
  40. Boxic waste (N) - All of the empty original manufacture's cartons you have to keep to get any warranty service
  41. Bragsheet (N) - A newsletter telling what the band has done recently
  42. Braticulated (A) - Worried about your equipment because children are playing nearby
  43. Broyp (S) - A sound caused by a tape or record coming up to speed while it is playing a note
  44. Bubbleglup (S) - A sound caused by a dropout in a digital medium
  45. Bureauc Rat (S) - Any public official opposed to a live concert
  46. Bustworthy (A) - Easily broken
  47. Buy-buy Mic (PH) - The result of putting a mic in the drummer's way, or of a STANDFALL
  48. Byorp (S) - A sound caused by a tape coming up to speed while recording a note
  49. Cacophonics and Feud in H-minor (PH) - The awful result of MIDI FEEDBACK
  50. Californicate (V) - 1. To behave like HOLLYWODD actors and actresses do in TV shows
    2. To believe that the California government actually knows what it is doing
  51. Californitritus (N) - All of those labels on equipment saying that it contains something "known to the State of California" to be harmful in some obscure way or another - Treat them as the trash they are
  52. Cansas (N) - A recycle bin full of cans right next to the stage, rattling along with the band
  53. Capoid (N) - Any chord that is easier to play on a guitar if you use a capo
  54. Celebratty (A) - Describing a well-known musician acting like a spoiled brat
  55. Celebraty (N) - A well-known musician who acts like a spoiled brat
  56. Celluyodel (S) - A ringing cellular phone ruining a take
  57. Chairattle (S) - Sounds produced by folding chairs in the audience
  58. Choosch (S) - The freight-train sound of "lawyer impact" in the Ken Nunn commercial
  59. Chortleography (N) - The art of composing dance steps that are funny
  60. Clack Trick (N) - The art of actually playing live to a click track
  61. Clarinettled (A) - Bothered by too many clarinets in a high school band, because most students took clarinet
  62. Clarinoise (S) - A clarinet squeak in the wrong register
  63. Clomptonite (N) - What they make loud heels that go "clomp-clomp" out of
  64. Clonette (N) - An electronic version of a plastic tonette
  65. Cloon (S) - The sound of "lawyer impact" in the Keller and Keller commercial
  66. Cloth-Ears (N) - Disease causing an inability to tell good sound from mediocre sound *****
  67. Cloud (N) - A large piece of sound-absorbing material hung from the ceiling *****
  68. Clumfert (N) - An extra step in the stairs to the stage that materializes only in the dark *****
  69. Coasterland (N) - Over the clipping level on a digital device - Makes ruined CDs, which are used for coasters
  70. Cogging (S) - When a sound smoothly panned around the room in surround is heard to jump from speaker to speaker
  71. Colorato (N) - Music performed on a piece of sound equipment with a built-in light-show device
  72. Connecticutoff (A) - When the wire gets yanked out of the connector so it can't be fixed
  73. Connectrated (A) - Unable to find any combination of the adaptors and cables on hand to be able connect device A to device B
  74. Conscold (V) - Bawling out the guitar player who hooked his speaker output to your mixer and blew out a channel
  75. Constroy (V) - To hook a speaker output to a mixer and blow out a channel
  76. Contact Bridge (N) - A card game where people get mad and chase each other around the room (See TACKLE PINOCHLE)
  77. Cooder (N) - Pronunciation of CD-R, which is the acronym for "Compact Disc - Recordable"
  78. Cooderoo (N) - Pronunciation of CD-RW, which is the acronym for "Compact Disc - ReWriteable"
  79. Corrodium (N) - What dead batteries are made of (See PRE-CORRODIUM)
  80. Corrodium Warning (N) - "Do not lose this radio in closet while installing dead batteries."
  81. Cry Storm (N) - 1. A crying baby drowning out the band
    2. A liberal politician drowning out the band
  82. Cymbsector (N) - A cymbal pad for an electronic drumkit that is the shape of a sector (pie wedge), rather than a circle
  83. Daw-rats! (IJ) - What you say after being unable to do an operation on a Digital Audio Workstation
  84. Darkade (N) - A stage with very little light
  85. Darth Faders (N) - Faders that do not fade smoothly
  86. Deluted (A) - The state of not being able to hear a lute, because another instrument is in the room
  87. Demen (N) - The little gremlin who hides the menus on digital equipment, so you can't find them
  88. Demidesk (N) - Any console that does not have both pre-fader and after-fader solo functions (demi means half)
  89. Demisurround (A) - Describing an attempt to make surround sound from only two speakers
  90. Democ Rat (A) - Any public official wanting to charge a fee for a live concert that is held on private land
  91. Demonitorize (V) - To turn down the monitor at the console every time the performer turns it up on stage
  92. Demonitorized Zone (N) - Any area where the sound man has complete control of the monitors
  93. Demousify (V) - To use reverb or delay in the monitor to cause a DISLOQUATED or MOUSIFIED vocalist to sing loud
  94. Demp (S) - The sound of a single bounce of a basketball
  95. Depodiated (A) - A speaker who, when told to come up to the podium, finds there isn't one to stand on, but just a lectern
  96. Desk-can't (N) - A state of being unable to perform the needed function on the available mixer
  97. Digitalism (N) - The belief that digital sounds best
  98. Dimenutated (A) - Frustrated from the delays in using a DIMENUTIVE console
  99. Dimenutive (A) - Having few controls, but with menus to select what those controls do
  100. Discogpan (V) - When a sound smoothly panned around the room in discrete surround is heard to jump from speaker to speaker
  101. Discretism (N) - The belief that discrete surround sound sounds best
  102. DisIKable (A) - On, any tune that is not eligible for an Instant Karma review
  103. Dislaboration (N) - The state of musicians working against each other
  104. Disloquated (A) - Having stage fright
  105. Dissostrunk (S) - A sound produced by an unattended guitar falling off its stand
  106. Dockswell (N) - When the end of the loading dock swells up against the vehicle's rear bumper as you load gear
  107. Dongle (N) - A device attached to a computer that proves to the software that the user has purchased the software, and thus has a right to use it - Violates the law once the copyright expires *****
  108. Doonk (S) - A Windows attention sound produced by a PC-based console, ruining a take
  109. Double Drick (N) - A large-area power failure, such as the one on 11/9/1965 (See DRICK) *****
  110. Double Entawdry (N) - Lyrics that have two meanings, with one of them being sexually suggestive
  111. Dratify (V) - To affirm mistakes as part of the mix
  112. Drick (S, N) - A power failure (From the TV series "Green Acres") *****
  113. Dricker (N) - The cause of a power failure (See DRICK)
  114. Droip (S) - The cartoon sound intended to sound like water dripping
  115. Droot (S) - The sound of a cheap electronic imitation of an electric piano
  116. Druffle (V) - To place a barrier around a drum kit to quiet it
  117. Drumachinism (N) - The belief that a drum machine sounds better than a real drummer
  118. Druma (N) - The use of drums to indicate suspense in movies and TV shows
  119. Drump Loop (N) - The repeating sound of a drum that got away from the roadie and is rolling down a hill
  120. Drumsy (A) - Having a tendency to constantly lose drumsticks while playing
  121. Drune (N) - One of the little international picture symbols found on equipment that supposedly identifies the function of each control without using words (See AUDIOVISUALOGLYPHICS)
  122. Dumdrum (N) - The drum section of a $25 keyboard
  123. Dust Crashes (S) - The sound of breaking pencils in half caused by playing a CD-4 record with dust in the grooves.
  124. Dutch Cow-Tipping Music (PH) - What some critics think of polkas *****
  125. Dwet (S) - The sound of the Hammond organ finale note on a record the page author has.
  126. Dynbamic Range (N) - Punctuation of a quiet section with a loud note or a drumbeat
  127. Earbusted (N, A) - A person who has ruined his hearing with loud music LOUDBUSTED
  128. Earworm (N) - A song you can't get out of your head *****
  129. Eclectic Guitar (N) - A guitar that starts to play the wrong song
  130. Edrumism (N) - The belief that electronic drum kits sound best
  131. Elboing (S) - A sound produced when two performers bump elbows
  132. Elboingia (N) - A stage that is too small for the band
  133. Elefat (N) - Any piece of sound equipment too big to fit through the venue door
  134. Electrifool (N) - Anyone who ignores electrical safety - Examples: 1. Using 3 to 2 prong adapters
    2. Playing electric guitar in the rain
  135. Electrifry (V) - To destroy sound equipment by overdriving it
  136. Ephosic (A) - Describing a person who has the expectation of having to clean dust off a phonograph stylus even when he is listening to digital music
  137. Evianated (V) - The feeling you get onstage when you pick up your bottled water, and suddenly realize that "Evian" is "naive" spelled backwards
  138. Excelar (N) - An Extra Large Round (XLR) connector
  139. Faqirial (A) - A day short and a dollar late
  140. Faqiry (N, pronounced "fakery") - One of the fake fairies that liberals postulate to exist - They provide the missing wealth needed to support the arts at pre-technology levels
  141. Faxic Waste (N) - When ads offering tuba lessons come through the fax instead of the wanted gig orders
  142. Feedaroundback (N) - A long, roundabout series of connections that together cause feedback
  143. FETism (N) - The belief that field effect transistors sound best
  144. Fillery Stuff (N) - What the lead musician asks for as a fill when he has no idea of the terms used by the musician he is asking ***
  145. Fipplefluff (S) - The breath noises from a wind instrument
  146. Flibbered (A) - Describing what an overactive noise gate did to the sound
  147. Flink (S) - The sound produced by a powerful strobe light, when picked up by the sound system
  148. Flinkafied (A) - Blinded by a strobe light
  149. Flishpankle (S) - The unwanted sound of a cymbal falling off of its stand
  150. Flooridah (N) - A club with no elevated stage, just a rectangle laid out on the floor for the band
  151. Fluba (N) - The new instrument created when a tuba and a flute play the same notes octaves apart * Usually found in children's music
  152. Flewpart (N) - A FLYPART that can not be found after a PARTFLY occurs (See GRUMMIES)
  153. Flyable Part (N) - FLYPART that has not yet flown (See FLYPART)
  154. Flypart (N) - A part in a machine that is spring-loaded, so it flies out of place as soon as the retaining parts are removed (See FLYABLE PART, PARTFLY, FLEWPART, GRUMMIES)
  155. Foinsplat (S) - The sound of a musician knocking his theremin off of the stand
  156. Foolower (N) - A groupie who does nothing but follow a lousy band
  157. Francis Scott's Key (PH) - The unsingable key The Star Spangled Banner was written in
  158. Frackify (V) - 1. To make a terrible off-key sound when your horn falls apart during a take
    2. To blow too hard into a duck call
  159. Fribble (S) - Sounds made by a fur costume
  160. Frutch (S) - A sound made by something rubbing across a mic
  161. Fubbafluwatch (N) - The thing you can't think of the name of when you need one immediately before the take *** (See SPLIDNOOG)
  162. Fusstrated (A) - Bothered by a fussy baby in the audience, fearing an all-out CRY STORM
  163. Gabblerouser (N) - Something in the lyrics that causes the audience to start talking
  164. Gigglepathic (N) - The portion of your music that invariably causes the audience to giggle
  165. Giglioglers (N) - People who stand around and watch you put your drum kit together
  166. Ging (S) - The sound made by the free ends of guitar strings stubbing against things
  167. Glarade (N) - A stage with plenty of light on the performers, but none on the music stands
  168. Glitchital (A) - The propensity of digital equipment to be glitched (disturbed by transients)
  169. Glup (S) - A dropout in a recording
  170. Gluptitude (N) - The probability that a cheap tape causes dropouts
  171. Glurk (S) - Someone suddenly sitting on a couch or bed, causing someone else sitting there who was drinking to spill the drink
  172. Gnarble (V) - To accidentally encrypt data with garbage for the encryption key
  173. Goonister (N) - A musician who plays chords, instead of the part he is supposed to be playing
  174. Goonstrument (N) - A single instrument created in the mix by all of the chord-playing instruments acting as one sound-producing entity - Combines the disadvantages of all of the individual instruments into one big disadvantage Also is the cause of a PANODRAMA
  175. Gooptade (N) - A stage too close to the mud-wrestling pit
  176. Grickle (S) - 1. A sound made by a damaged mic diaphragm
    2. A sound made by a candy bar wrapper in a performer's pocket
  177. Gritch (S) - A sound made by a marginal connection acting up
  178. Grummies (N) - Little parts that get lost easily
  179. Grunkle (S) - A sound made by moving the mic stand while the mic is hot
  180. Gubble-gubble (S) - An instance of a singer forgetting the words (See GUBFUBBLE)
  181. Gubfubble (S) - An instance of a singer forgetting the words (See GUBBLE-GUBBLE)
  182. Guiano (N) - The new instrument created when a piano and an acoustic guitar play the same chords *
  183. Guianostified (A) - In a mixdown, the inability to separate a piano from an acoustic guitar
  184. Guitarmophonics (S) - Awful sounds produced by a cheap guitar pickup at high gain **
  185. Guitusi (N) - The frenzied inverted-guitar dance incited by losing the plectrum (pick) inside the guitar
  186. Gymnoisium (N) - Any room with such live acoustics that dropping a matchbook is a major sound event
  187. Gyrese (N) - Whirling Dervish language
  188. Haberdashanoid (N) - A musician more worried about how his clothes look than about recording the song
  189. Haecoed (A) - A recording with the stereo phase distorted by the Haeco Compatible Stereo Generator (CSG), intended to remove the error of the oversized soloist in mono playback
  190. Haftas (N) - Things that must be done
  191. Hairanoid (N) - A musician more worried about how his hair looks than about recording the song
  192. Headclomp (S) - A crash produced by an amp head getting yanked off of the speaker by the guitar cord, and falling to the stage floor
  193. Hemidemisemidesk (N) - Any console that has no solo function at all
  194. Hocus Bogus (PH) - Words you make up for a song when you forget the real ones
  195. Hollywodd (N) - Any place where all morality is abandoned - Hollywood at its oddest (See CALIFORNICATE)
  196. Hoopstruck (A) - The anxiety of seeing a basketball from a nearby court heading straight for your mixing console
  197. Hoopstrunk (A) - A basketball from a nearby court knocking over a guitar
  198. Hot-Truck Treatment (PH) - Damage to recording media during shipment, due to overheating
  199. Hymnastics (N) - Rewriting old hymns to modernize them
  200. Hystericate (V) - To notice that you brought just the empty instrument case, 5 minutes before soundcheck
  201. ICism (N - pronounced "eye-SEE-is-um") - The belief that integrated circuits sound best
  202. IKable (A) - On, any tune that is eligible for an Instant Karma review
  203. Illannoyed (A) - Upset because a band member sneezes during every take
  204. Inhornate (V) - To make noises by inhaling through your wind or brass instrument
  205. Inkgrog (N) - A magazine in the ready room guaranteed to put any musician to sleep - Example: Business Week
  206. Inpout (N) - A connection that can be used as either an input or an output
  207. Insatrument (N) - An instrument that lies, malfunctions, or can't be tuned
  208. Internixed (A) - Describing a record changer malfunction, caused by loading records in the wrong intermix sequence
  209. Jackified (A) - After making a long cable run, discovering that the plug doesn't fit the jack at the far end
  210. Jackinated (A) - plugging a cable into the wrong jack
  211. Key-Signatory (PH) - Having to sign out a key to the stage lavatory
  212. Kazician (N) - A kazoo player (Why?)
  213. Keyboardophile (N) - Anyone who prefers to use a keyboard command over a mouse command
  214. Kicktonator (N) - A monster kick drum patch that blows out ears
  215. Killow (N) - A pillow stuffed inside a kick drum to deaden it
  216. Killpressor (N) - Using a compressor to limit the kick, to avoid going into COASTERLAND
  217. Klinkectomy (N) - Preventing ANTITINTINABULATION by removing the musician's jewelry
  218. Knobbered (A) - The state of repeatedly adjusting the same wrong knob on the console to fix a problem
  219. Kudzician (N) - A musician who puts such complicated improvisation into a piece that the original piece is totally lost in the improvised tangle of kudzu
  220. Lampson (U) - The unit (abbr. Ls) of speed of human speech (Normal speech is 200 millilampsons. Comes from programmer Butler Lampson) *****
  221. Lampulated (A) - Distracted by all of the flashing lights on the equipment
  222. Lampulized (A) - Overjoyed by all of the flashing lights on the equipment
  223. Latigid (A) - Describing the sound of digital audio, especially the part that is different from analog
  224. LEDify (V) - To get information from all of the flashing lights on the equipment
  225. Liquese (N) - Drunken speech or singing
  226. Loudbusted (N, A) - A person who has ruined his hearing with loud music (see EARBUSTED)
  227. Loudbuster (N) - A sound man who ruins the hearing of other people with loud music
  228. Lousyana (N) - A state with laws that require ground loops to exist
  229. Lumptated (A) - Trying to sing after your significant other just broke up with you
  230. Maindrown (N) - When the main speakers drown out everyone's monitors
  231. Malformite (N) - What defective equipment is made of
  232. Megabucksic (A) - Extremely expensive
  233. Megaglup (S) - 1. A break in the tape
    2. An 18.5 minute gap in the recording (See GLUP)
  234. Menutated (A) - Adjusting a control on the wrong menu of a digital console
  235. Meringue Noisette (N) - The fake squish sound used when a pie is thrown
  236. Messachewsetts (N) - The venue where your equipment gets stuck to the floor, due to food and beer residue on the stage
  237. Messaslippery (N) - The venue where you fall on the floor, due to food and beer residue on the stage
  238. Messouri (N) - The venue where your equipment acquires a sour smell that reeks and reeks for weeks and weeks
  239. Messterpiece (N) - 1. Antonym of masterpiece
    2. The result of liberals trying to fix the economy
    3. The result of a giant food fight.
    4. The result of a ruined recording studio session
  240. MIDI Feedback (N) - The cacophonic mess caused by a feedback loop in MIDI connections - This causes MIDI messages to be repeated over and over *****
  241. MIDI Logjam (N) - The backlog caused by too many MIDI messages needing to be sent at the same time - Causes notes to play late, or not at all
  242. MIDIclog (N) - A MIDI LOGJAM
  243. MIDIglup (N) - A MIDI note incompletely played for technical reasons, such as a MIDI LOGJAM
  244. MIDIsounditis (N) - A disease that imparts the mistaken belief that audio can be sent over MIDI
  245. Millinote (N) - A MIDI note incapable of being performed by any human being
  246. Milliphone (N) - A very insensitive microphone
  247. Mixtake (N) - A mistake made while mixing
  248. Mondegreen (N) - A misheard word or phrase in music lyrics ***** (cf. mishearing "on the green" - See GUBFUBBLE)
  249. Mondrown (N) - When the monitors drown out the main PA speakers
  250. Monimixnix (N) - When the mixing console is required by house rules to be on stage, so the engineer can't hear the mains
  251. Moniphone (N) - A monitor system that uses individual headphone mixes
  252. Monistor (N) - The band member who keeps turning his monitor up too loud
  253. Mousageddon (N) - World War III caused by one wrong mouse click
  254. Mouse Manure (N) - The results produced by bad science
  255. Mouse Potato (N) - Internet addict *
  256. Moused Up (V) - Having just made a mistake with a computer mouse
  257. Mousecar (N) - A Kia Soul (from the ad where mice are driving toasters and the Kia Soul)
  258. Mouseglup (S) - A dropout on a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) caused by moving the mouse too much
  259. Mousified (A) - Timidity in vocal performance
  260. Mousemilk (V, N) - Make a big issue out of something inconsequential *
  261. Mousetied (A) - The state of having to stay within a certain distance of the computer or DAW to work the mouse
  262. Mousfunction (N) - A mouse misfunction
  263. Mousion (N) - The use of a computer mouse
  265. Mousographical error (N) - A typographical error made with a mouse *
  266. Mousophile (N) - Anyone who prefers to use a mouse command over a keyboard command
  267. Mousophobe (N) - Anyone who prefers to use a keyboard command over a mouse command
  268. Moustered (N) - Flustered by a malfunctioning mouse
  269. Moustake (N) - A mistaken mouse click
  270. Moustified (A) - Can't use a computer mouse
  271. Moustrained (A) - Not enough room to use a computer mouse
  272. Moustrated (A) - Not enough room to use a computer mouse
  273. Moustro (N) - A person who creates a whole recording using a computer MIDI sequencer and MIDI instruments
  274. Mucksuck (S) - The sound of your best on-stage shoes being swallowed by mud as you carry in at the venue
  275. Mudsician (N) - A musician who makes muddy sound no matter how you adjust your equipment
  276. Mudtana (N) - A venue that sounds like mud no matter how you adjust your equipment
  277. Mupglup (S) - A dropout in an MP-3 file caused by the computer having too much else to do
  278. Muppled (A) - Describes the sound of your recording after you convert it to MUPPY THREE form
  279. Muppy Three (N) - MP-3
  280. Murphon (U) - The unit (abbr. Mu) of easiness of being ruined - Standardized scale:
  281. Murphy (V) - To mess up royally
  282. Mutellate (V) - To mess up, muting a channel by mistake
  283. Nanonote (N) - A MIDI note too short to be heard by any human being
  284. Nanophone (N) - A very sensitive microphone
  285. NIMBY (PH) - Acronym: Not In My Back Yard *****
  286. NIMBYite (N) - Anyone who doesn't want to be disturbed by anything (such as a rock band or a pink house)
  287. Nitpecking Order (N) - The hierarchy of which band members can criticize the others
  288. Nittiana (N) - A state with nitpicking laws about sound and/or concerts
  289. Notique (N) - A collection of downloadable MIDI sounds
  290. Nuttorious (A) - Describing a musician who does nutty things that ruin the session
  291. Obsoloot (N) - Money dishonestly earned by companies who force people to buy the new product, by no longer supporting the old product
  292. Octopussed (A) - Describing a tangle of cords and cube taps, all connected to one wall receptacle (See SQUIDIFIED)
  293. Oh-no-matopoea (N) - When a singer starts imitating an instrument
  294. Overbload (N) - Too many instruments in the same musical space - Symptomatic of a GOONSTRUMENT - Causes mud
  295. Overbyte (N) - Running out of DAW disk space, just before the end of the song
  296. Overdrub (N) - To overwrite a fairly good overdub take with an awful one
  297. Paino (N) - A piano that is part of either a GUIANO or a GOONSTRUMENT
  298. Panodrama (N) - 1. The constant shifting in pan position of a GOONSTRUMENT
    2. The shifting of many pan positions, caused by a musician turning his head while wearing a headset mic (See WANDROMIX)
  299. Pantzoop (S) - Unwanted sounds produced by corduroy pants *****
  300. Panundrum (N) - The state of not having any place left to pan the last instrument without unbalancing the mix
  301. Partfly (N) - One instance of what happens when you release the retaining parts holding a FLYPART
  302. Pedapulate (N) - To manipulate something with a foot
  303. Pencilvania (N) - Where all the writing instruments disappear to, when you need to make a change in a score
  304. Penthym (V) - To write a rhythmic anthem
  305. Pet Peaveyed (A) - Trying to mix a recording on a Peavey console with no AFL (after-fader-listen)
  306. Phantblock (N) - An inline device (such as an EQ) that won't pass phantom power on to the mic
  307. Phobiac (N) - Someone afraid of everything
  308. Pianated (A) - A keyboard player who invariably chooses piano sounds, rather than other sounds that mix in better
  309. Pianoid (N) - A synthesized instrument that sounds similar to a piano, but obviously isn't
  310. Pickanoid (N) - Someone who fears losing the pick (plectrum) inside the guitar
  311. Pickybody (N) - A person who gets very upset at the tiniest annoyances
  312. Pingle (S) - The bright sound of the upper notes of an electric piano
  313. Pink-Sugar (V) - To buy too many of anything, because you forgot you already bought them *****
  314. Plinky-dink (A) - The sound of a cheap keyboard
  315. Plub (N) - A plug that won't stay in the socket
  316. Pludge (N) - A plug that won't come out of a socket
  317. Plunt (N) - A plug that refuses to go into the socket
  318. Plurge (N) - A plug that needs a lot of force to get it into the socket
  319. Plutscht (N) - A plug that falls apart when you try to do anything with it
  320. Poit (S) - The sound of a plug coming out by itself
  321. Poundster (N) - An ALABAMMER who pounds on the drumkit hard enough to destroy parts of it
  322. Poutback (N) - The facial expression everyone gives you after you cause feedback
  323. Powoffback (N) - Where a piece of equipment will allow signal to go through it backwards when its power is off
  324. Pre-Corrodium (N) - What batteries are made of (See CORRODIUM)
  325. Pro-Bonehead (A) - Gets lousy musicians who play for free, rather than hiring good musicians
  326. Produck (N) - A fake product
  327. Pucktuated (S) - When the sounds of an air-hockey machine in the next room get on the live tape
  328. Punktated (A) - When you can't tell the difference between digital overflows and the sound of the band
  329. Quacktice (V) - Pretend to practice
  330. Quadlity (N) - The quality of the surround sound
  331. Quadnery (N) - The question: Is it surround sound or not?
  332. Quadraphobia (N) - Fear of converting to surround sound (See SURROUNDOPHOBIA)
  333. Quadratortion (N) - The displacement of surround sound images caused by playing a quadraphonic recording with the wrong matrix decoder
  334. Quantated (A) - Mechanical timing of a MIDI sequence generated from sheet music
  335. Quellophone (N) - Any instrument that puts the audience to sleep
  336. Quid Pro Quotient (PH) - The amount each player gets after the gate is divided up
  337. Quonk (S) - An unwanted sound made by any falling or knocked over object *****
  338. Quudd (S) - When the sounds of mud-wrestling in the next room at the bar get on the live tape
  339. Racktated (A) - Having one more rack mount device than there is space in your rack for
  340. Rantify (V) - To make a decision based on the pickiest musician's ravings
  341. Realaudiated (A) - Describes the awful changes Real Audio makes to your recordings
  342. Realdrumism (N) - The belief that real drums sound better than electronic drum kits
  343. Reboingage (S) - The amount of sound a spring reverb produces when overdriven or shaken up
  344. Rectilinified (A) - Having all components parallel or perpendicular to room or stage boundaries - This increases the probability of standing waves and feedback
  345. Relectant (A) - A singer who tends to omit the first two or three words of a verse
  346. Remonistrate (V) - To protest loudly about the sound of the monitor
  347. Remonsterate (V) - To protest about the loud sound coming from the club next door
  348. Remotaggravated (A) - Upset because every piece of audio-visual gear must have a remote control to function
  349. Remotaggregation (N) - The pile of remote controls needed to control most audio-visual equipment
  350. Remotebattle (N) - The trouble caused when two pieces of audiovisual gear respond to each other's remote controls
  351. Remotendency (N) - The proclivity of manufacturers to use remote controls instead of putting knobs on the equipment
  352. Rewindatory Gap (N) - Time out while the multitrack tape rewinds
  353. Riggafrutch! (IJ) - A perfectly clean swear word *****
  354. Ringtonation (V) - Encoding a well-known tune into a cell phone ringtone
  355. Ringtonitis (N) - The state of being totally sick of musical ringtones playing well-known tunes
  356. Road Island (N) - When all of the roads leading to your next gig are closed
  357. Rootabassa (N) - A bass player who never plays anything but the root notes of the chords of a song **
  358. Rwath (N) - The angry feeling you get after discovering the CDRW you labored so hard on won't play in ordinary CD players
  359. Samplitude (N) - The strength of the signal being digitally sampled
  360. Sandpaper Quad (N) - The sanding sound when the carrier is worn out on a CD-4 record.
  361. Scams (N) - A meaning-filled pronunciation of SCMS, an acronym for Serial Copy Management System
  362. Screwb (N) - The part or piece of equipment that keeps messing up
  363. Scridgel (V) - To wiggle or twist a fitting (such as a mic in a holder) until it is just right *****
  364. Scroton (N) - A surface-mount power outlet box sticking up out of the floor to trip you
  365. Scums (N) - A meaning-filled pronunciation of SCMS, an acronym for Serial Copy Management System
  366. Seedy-4 (N) - The CD-4 quadraphonic system in failure mode.
  367. Sexophone (N) - A saxophone solo played in sexy scenes in movies or TV shows
  368. Skims (N) - A meaning-filled pronunciation of SCMS, an acronym for Serial Copy Management System
  369. Smelk (M) - The awful stink that occurs when an amp blows a transistor
  370. Soduk (N) - The award given to the worst of anything, such as a band or a song (Kudos spelled backwards)
  371. Solo-opathy (N) - The state of forgetting the console is in SOLO, and trying to fix sounds not soloed
  372. Soundbitten (A) - Converted into a soundbite *****
  373. Speakercog (V) - When the listener's ears find the speakers instead of the panned sound in surround sound
  374. Splidnoog (N) - What you call the thing you can't remember the name of, until you remember it (See FUBBAFLUWATCH)
  375. Spoot (S) - The sound the cheap little bell on 1930s Underwood typewriters made
  376. Spootwattles (N) - Appendages, such as headset mics, earphones, eyeshades, and harmonica holders, worn by performing musicians on their heads
  377. Spottled (A) - Blinded by flash cameras
  378. Sprast (S) - 1. Final sound of a speaker before it blows
    2. Sound of going over digital 0 dB and into COASTERLAND
  379. Squaddled (S) - The feeling a victim of BAGPIPAGE gets
  380. Squatellite Dish (N) - A large saucer shaped object that has "squatter's rights" in many backyards
  381. Squawker (N) - A midrange driver ***** (cf Tweeter and Woofer)
  382. Squeaker (N) - An upper-midrange driver (cf SQUAWKER - See SQUOOKER)
  383. Squeaqualize (V) - To remove feedback with an equalizer, producing a lousy sound
  384. Squeezophone (N) - An accordion
  385. Squelchocracy (N) - Local government that passes noise ordinances that prevent practicing after a day at work
  386. Squidified (A) - Surrounded by a tangle of audio and power cables (See OCTOPUSSED)
  387. Squishpond (N) - The mosh pit at an outdoor rock concert
  388. Squit (S) - The cartoon sound added when a pie hits a face in a TV sitcom (there is very little actual sound from that action)
  389. Squooker (N) - A lower midrange driver (A SQUAWKER, when used with a SQUEAKER)
  390. Stackopilesic (A) - Of a stack of speakers more than 2 units high
  391. Staff Infection (N) - An attempt to use sheet music with the clefs cut off by the copying machine
  392. Standfall (N) - The event of a mic stand falling with the mic attached
  393. Sticky-shed (PH) - A condition where old recording tape becomes sticky because its oxide binder has oozed out *****
  394. Stirooch (S) - The sound made by a tape with STICKY-SHED coming to an abrupt halt
  395. Stompified (A) - Bewildered by the confusing menus on an effects stomp-box
  396. Stoogidity (A) - Describing behavior like that of the Three Stooges
  397. Stoogification (N) - An effect of an important performance that causes performers to imitate the Three Stooges
  398. Stoogilistics (N) - The art of getting into fights on stage like the Three Stooges
  399. Strip Tracker (N) - Someone who doesn't understand the difference between a channel strip and a tape track
  400. Stunkify (V) - To attempt to fix a bad take in the mix
  401. Sudsician (N) - A musician saturated with bubble-machine effluent
  402. Surfactor (N) - A musician who imitates the style of Jan and Dean, or the Beach Boys
  403. Surroundophile (N) - Someone who loves surround sound
  404. Surroundophobe (N) - Someone who fears that surround sound will replace stereo
  405. Surroundohobia (N) - Fear of converting to surround sound (See QUADRAPHOBIA, SURROUNDOPHOBE)
  406. Syncglup (S) - A noise or shortened note caused by a sequencer resynchronizing to a multitrack tape
  407. Synnuzz (S) - Video sync buzz from a camcorder getting into the mix
  408. Tackle Concerto (N) - A performance where each musician tries to outplay the others
  409. Tackle Pinochle (N) - A card game where people get mad and chase each other around the room ***** (See CONTACT BRIDGE)
  410. Tackle Poker (N) - A card game where people get mad, chase each other, and accuse each other of cheating, after trying to play poker with a pinochle deck (See TACKLE PINOCHLE)
  411. Taxas (N) - A venue where most of the gate ends up paying local taxes
  412. Taxic Waste (N) - Tax money spent on useless improvements to music venues
  413. Teevium (N) - What TV programs are made of
  414. Tennisscene (N) - The fit the club manager throws when the band shows up in shorts and tennis shoes
  415. That synching feeling (PH) - Going into a take unsure if the multitracks will stay in sync or not
  416. Threeality (N) - The quality of the realism of a three-dimensional display or surround sound system
  417. Thuddify (V) - Take all the snap out of a kick by limiting it to keep the D/A from going over into COASTERLAND
  418. Thumper (N) - A subwoofer (cf Tweeter, Squeaker, Squawker, and Woofer)
  419. Time-Signatory (PH) - Having to pay musicians by the hour, no matter how much they goof off
  420. Toysymphonize (V) - To accidentally play the demo song on the keyboard
  421. Tromboon (N) - The new instrument created when a trombone and a bassoon play the same notes * *****
  422. Troubledor (N) - A musician who can't sing on key
  423. Tubaphonated (A) - Incapable of remembering which instrument is the tuba and which is the sousaphone
  424. Tubism (N) - The belief that tubes sound better
  425. Turnitupitis (N) - A disease making musicians want things turned up, rather than other things turned down
  426. Undo Pain - 1. The painful act of being forced to undo good work
    2. Pain caused by Daylight-Stupid Time, or other government activities
  427. Undo-redo-doo-doo (N) - The mess left by forgetting where in an undo-redo menu you are **
  428. Undon't (V) - Do
  429. Unempage (V, pronounced "un-em-PAZH") - To require musicians to turn off their pagers and cell phones
  430. Unbalabuzz (S) - Noise picked up by long unbalanced cables
  431. Unmoustrate (V) - To change from a PC based console to a real one
  432. Vagaband (N) - A band that dresses like a motorcycle gang
  433. Vainue (N) - A place where vain performers play (See AUDIVAINUE)
  434. Vanitize (V) - To condense a band down, until the equipment and the players will fit in one van
  435. WAD (N) - 1. A DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that won't do the job (See DAW-RATS!)
    2. What you paid for the DAW system
  436. Wandromix (N) - A mix containing the shifting of many pan positions, caused by a musician turning his head while wearing a headset mic (See PANODRAMA)
  437. Wanfryzwizzat (PH) - The theme song of the musician who hopes to strike it rich (Want fries with that?)
  438. Whackagigawatt (A) - More power than you will ever need
  439. Windroid (N) - A Windows screen console
  440. Woom (S) - A sudden increase in loudness *****
  441. Xylobone (N) - A xylophone played when skeletons appear in a horror film
  442. Yabble (S) - Yells from the audience getting on the tape
  443. Yehudi Menuhenpecked (A) - Unable to find the correct menu to make the change in
  444. Yellbin (N) - Where musicians go when they are angry
  445. Yubble (V) - Transmitting data, as shown by the blinking light on the modem
  446. Zxnrbl (N, pronounced "ZNER-ble") - A scrambling of a digital transmission or file


These are the 8 real words:

These are the 13 words coined by others, though not in the sound engineering context.


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