The Secrets of Counting, Probability, and Matrix

The Theory of Finite Mathematics:

  1. Counting, Probability Measures, and Distributions
  2. What is a List of Random Numbers?
  3. Matrix Mathematics
  4. More coming later.

Practical Applications of Finite Mathematics:

  1. Unfair and Fair Elections - Using Finite Mathematics to Find out the Characteristics of Unfair and Fair Elections.
  2. The Independent Voting System - This Fair Election Method was Developed through the use of Finite Mathematics.
  3. The Ultimate Slope Equation - Combining Finite Math, Trigonometry, Engineering, and Calculus.
  4. Fair Sports Calculator - Using Finite Counting Methods to Find the Minimum Number of Games for a Fair Sporting Contest.
  5. The Matrix as used in Surround Sound and Quadraphonics
  6. Details of Surround Sound and Quadraphonic Matrix Systems

Help with Finite Mathematics:

Coming later.