You see it every election year: The states cheat by doing things to control the electoral votes used to elect the president. They do all of the following wrongs:

Plurality Voting System trash

Plurality Voting
System trash

How can we stop electoral vote cheating?

How can this be achieved?

How does this work?

Independent Voting

Independent Voting

  1. The voter has 3 choices for each candidate: YES, NO, and ABSTAIN.
  2. The default if the voter does nothing is always ABSTAIN.
  3. On a lever machine, a three position control is used for each candidate (at right).
  4. Each paper ballot candidate has YES and NO check boxes.
  5. Checking neither or both check boxes is ABSTAIN.
  6. Computer ballots, like paper ballots, would have YES and NO buttons for each candidate.
  7. There is no interlocking of votes between candidates.
  8. Each candidate's score is his YES votes minus his NO votes.
  9. The candidate with the highest positive score wins the district.

With the Plurality Voting System, a vote with no YES vote for an office is not counted at all.

With the Independent Voting System, all votes except ABSTAIN votes are counted:

  1. Voting NO for one candidate does not mean that the voter must vote YES for another.
  2. The electors must vote what their individual districts voted.
  3. The Electoral College must use independent voting too.
  4. The winner for president is the candidate with the highest positive electoral score.
  5. The winner for vice president has the second highest positive electoral score.

Thus, the Independent Voting System can prevent electoral vote cheating when used properly.