Obama Legacy


Note that this was written before or shortly after the end of the Obama presidency. It does not contain items discovered after Donald Trump became president.

President Obama's Accomplishments

President Barack Obama has made an issue about his "legacy," as have the news media. Here is a list of the legacy of President Obama, with the impacts of his various accomplishments on the nation and the world:

  1. Obama - The Great Divider
    Obama divides the US

    Obama divides the US

    Obama legacy monument

    Obama Legacy Monument
    Lake Shore Drive, Chicago
    (under construction)

    Obama monument top view

    Top view of Obama Monument

    Obama caused discord

    Obama Caused the
    Great Hate Divide

    Here are the places where Obama has divided the country:

    GLBT civil rightsReligious civil rights
    Legalizing sinRighteousness
    Evil beliefsReligious beliefs
    Legalizing abortionProhibiting abortion as murder
    Giving GLBT equal rightsProtect religion from GLBT demands
    SocialismCapitalism (socialism can't work)
    ObamacareFree-market health care
    Keynes stimulation (to grow)Tax and spending cuts (to grow)
    Minimum wage hike helps workersMinimum wage hike destroys jobs
    Minimum wage hike helps economyMinimum wage hike hurts retirees
    Peacenik policy causes peacePeacenik policy causes war
    The Peacenik made new friendsThe Peacenik let terrorists rule
    Spreading nuclear weaponsPreventing nuclear weapon spread
    Abolishing gun rightsPreserving gun rights
    Executive orders get things doneHis orders violate Constitution
    His rhetoric helps minoritiesHis rhetoric caused racial division
    His racial rhetoric was relevantHis racial rhetoric started riots
    Education is lots of fun coursesEducation trains future workers
    Liberal science is factLiberal science is bad science
    Cash for Clunkers cut pollutionCash for Clunkers cost the poor
    Make Supreme Court obey liberalismSupreme Court obeys Constitution
    Healthcare for allhealthcare for all is impossible to fund
    Medicare for all(Impossible to fund Medicare for all)
    The Resist Movement(Victims of The Resist Movement)
    Impeaching Donald TrumpImpeaching Maxine Waters
    Impeaching Donald TrumpThrowing peaches at Nancy Pelosi
    Impeaching Donald TrumpPelting Chuck Schumer with peach pits
    Impeaching Donald TrumpViolating PC is not a high crime
    The Great Hate Divide(Victims of The Great Hate Divide)

    Notice how Democrats hate everything that most others hold dear.

    Notice how Democrats think they should always get their own way no matter who won the election.

  2. Obamacare - his Triumph over the Nation:

    Obamacare has caused all of the following problems:

    US after Obamacare

    Obamacare: the real origin
    of the main concept:
    "Do it my way!"

    Obamacare After Trump

    Obamacare after Trump

    Obamacare is trashing the economy and destroying full-time jobs.

  3. The Economic Recovery (sort of) - his Triumph over the Nation:
    Capitol Scaffolding

    That scaffolding around the
    US Capitol dome is there
    to prevent it from leaning
    to the left like this:

    Washington leaning left

    The news media are touting an economic recovery under Obama. But it looks a little different from down here:

  4. His Job Creation (negative) - his Triumph over the Nation:

    The news media are touting great increases in jobs under Obama. But it looks a little different to those without jobs:

    Bye Bye Jobs

    Jobs went bye-bye due
    to Obama's choices

    hiring losers

    Most new jobs are
    part-time McJobs.

  5. His alliance with satan - his Triumph over the Nation:

    He has made great achievements in promoting evil:

    Obama's evil grin

    Obama's quite evil grin
    shortly after homosexual
    marriage was legalized
    by the Supreme Court

    The evidence says that he must be obeying satan. Nothing else makes any sense.

  6. His hatred for Christianity - his Triumph over the Nation:

    He hates any religion that disagrees with Liberalism, especially Christianity:

    The flag of discrimination

    The Flag of Discrimination

    Obama's idea for a new
    US flag after homosexual
    marriage was legalized
    by the Supreme Court

    * Prohibited by the Bible.

  7. Egalitarianism - his Triumph over the Nation:

    He has made great achievements in making everyone equal:


    The Eagle-itarian
    Tyranny of egalitarianism

    He is making everyone equally mad.

  8. Foreign policy - a disaster

    The following are the results of his bad foreign policy.

    The world is a grenade

    The stupidity of Obama's
    "be nice" foreign policy:
    The world is now a grenade.

    Obama the Peacenik

    Obama the Peacenik
    Peace = ban all weapons
    It doesn't work.

    Obama's peacenik beliefs have destroyed world peace.

    His foreign policy makes him look like a wind-up mouse in a parking lot full of dump trucks.

  9. Obama the Dictator

    Obama thinks of himself as a king instead of a president:

    dictator nuthouse

    The Dictator's Nuthouse

  10. Obama Supports Injustice, Including Al Sharpton's Racism

    Obama listens to radicals and thugs instead of sane people:

    justice is pied

    Justice is Pied

  11. Obama Thinks Politics can Change Science:

    These are the "scientific advances" the Obama Administration has foisted on us:

    popeye spinach

    The US Government told the cartoonist Segar in the 1930s to make Popeye eat spinach to get strong. They wanted kids to eat spinach. They believed spinach had ten times the iron of all other foods.

    This belief was due to bad science:
    - A misplaced decimal point.

    * This is use of the invalid argument method "Affirming the Consequent" so the proof is not true.

  12. Distortion of Education

    Obama has ruined education on all levels:

    Art - ask for less

    Obama promised more
    funding for subjects that
    don't lead to employment

  13. Cultural Pollution

    Obama has polluted the culture so much, it belongs in a Petri dish:

    Our new culture in a Petri dish

    Our new culture in reality

  14. Nuclear Proliferation

    Obama has done quite enough to make sure that a terrorist state will eventually get nuclear weapons:

    World after Obama-Iran Treaty

    Obama was nice to enemies:
    What the world will look like
    after the Obama-Iran Treaty

  15. Unintended Costs of Minimum Wage Increase

    The following have happened in places that recently raised the minimum wage:

    dollar after Obama-Iran Treaty

    Obama shrinks the dollar with
    his minimum wage increases.

  16. Costing the Poor More

    Obama hurts the poor with his policies and programs.

    dollar after Obama-Iran Treaty

    Obama was a champion
    at costing the poor more.

  17. Obama Does NOT Know What he is Doing

    Obama doesn't know, and he doesn't know that he doesn't know.

    Inside Obama's brain

    Inside Obama's brain
    (while operating)

    The following show that Obama does not know what he is doing:

    He seems to want to change the US into an African dictatorship government.

  18. Obama Wants a Legacy as the First Black President

    All Obama cares about are his image and his legacy.



    The following show that Obama us trying to do great things to show what a black president can do:

    Obama: the rebel without a clue.

  19. Strong Points

    Obama can play golf.

    goofy golf

    Obama plays golf again

    Wham! Crash! Thud!
    Oblama! Ow! $@#%!

    He's no Tiger Woods.

    less golf

    Golf is not Essential.

    There is a large golf between Obama's mind and the real world.

  20. Obama's Accomplishments


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    Obama caused discord

    Obama's Hate Divide

    Unfortunately, we are unable to find any.
    Wait a minute! Here are a few:

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