The main reasons that people are unemployed are not the ones the press believes. Government is usually the cause.

Here are the top ten causes of unemployment:

  1. High taxation destroys jobs, or sends them out of the country.
  2. The minimum wage causes businesses to reduce the number of employees hired.
  3. Recessions destroy jobs, and put companies out of business.
  4. Environmentalist and other regulations destroy jobs, or send them out of the country.
  5. Some people are unable to work due to disabilities.
  6. Some people refuse to work. They expect the world to take care of them.
  7. Employers won't accommodate serious allergies.
  8. Forced obsolescences destroy jobs, and put companies out of business.
  9. Government paperwork and security laws cause extra costs that destroy jobs.
  10. Government budget cuts throw people out of work.

Government cannot guarantee that everyone has a job, but they certainly should not be acting to destroy jobs.