This startling revelation shows that, no matter who the government actually bills for the tax, workers end up actually footing the bill for each and every tax levied by all governments.

It always seems as if, no matter how much money the population is making, it is never enough to supply the basic needs of many people. Meanwhile, the rich are idle, but don't seem to have any trouble making ends meet.

But this isn't just the imagination of some people. As it turns out, it is an economic fact that only the people who work for a living end up actually paying taxes. Everyone else passes the cost of the tax along to someone else, until a worker ends up paying for it. The costs of taxation are passed on through higher product prices, reduced salaries, and increased costs of living.

In other words, workers really pay all of the taxes.

And this total drain on workers is around 72 percent of their incomes.

Let's look at some examples of how the tax ends up coming out of the worker's pocket:


Everything that government provides comes out of the pockets of workers. Therefore, whenever you see something that government is "giving away," think about how much money they took away from you to pay for it.

You can't get something for nothing.

Those swimming pools, ice rinks, sports arenas, hiking trails, government health plans, art subsidies, theater groups, dance companies, entertainment events, recreation parks, museums, statues, flower beds, buildings with fancy architecture, gardens, decorative fountains, and other "free" services government provides, are making it harder for you to make your monthly payments.


In fact, when it is all added up, the US worker is paying a 72 percent tax, and nobody else is footing any tax bill.

This is Wrong!

This is a wrong committed against the public by government. The people least able to pay are saddled with paying the entire tax burden. And even worse, they don't realize that it is happening to them. They blame employers, merchants, and "business" in general, instead of the real culprit. Government has hidden this truth very well.

What to Do About It

The following items must be done to end this tyranny against the working population:

  1. End taxation of property ownership.
  2. End taxation of income.
  3. End taxation of imports.
  4. End taxation of business.
  5. End taxation of the necessities of life.
  6. End taxation of services.
  7. Tax only the sale of new products not necessary to life.
  8. Place a total tax limit of 10 percent on any individual or family.
  9. Reduce the number of levels of government to only three: federal, state, county.
  10. Prohibit spending tax money on nonessentials, including:


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