All of these statements are true. If you don't believe me, check them out for yourself.


  1. The Principal Principle: Government should be last, not first.
  2. The Plurality Election system is biased whenever more than two choices are presented. It is biased toward the choice most different from the others, and against similar choices
  3. The Approval Voting System, the Ranking Voting System, the Condorcet Voting system, and all other election systems that pit one candidate directly against another are inherently biased.
  4. Only the Independent Voting System has no biases in it. In it, each candidate is voted on due to his own merit, not on how he compares with other candidates.
  5. Being in office seems to corrupt most officeholders, turning them into the money-hungry big taxers and big spenders they campaigned against when they ran for office. Because of this:
  6. For the same reason, no public official should have any kind of stipend to tide him over until he can hold office again. Working in between terms in office must be mandatory if we are not to have an elite politician class.
  7. For the same reason, there should be no special benefits for public office holders. They should have to use the same retirement and medical care systems that everyone else has to use.
  8. Since schoolteachers, policemen, and firemen do work which is much more important than the work any politician does, no politician should be paid more than the lowest paid policeman, fireman, or schoolteacher in that politician's jurisdiction.
  9. The public should periodically vote on legislator salaries, to keep legislators from thinking they are more important than they really are.
  10. Since government has no power over the amount of tax revenue it will receive, government should not have the power to set the size of the budget in dollars. It should be passed as percentages of the actual tax revenue collected, bearing in mind that the totals must not add up to more than 100 percent.
  11. Aesthetics are none of government's business. Nobody will die because something looks ugly to him.
  12. No person making an income that is below the poverty level should be required to pay ANY taxes, unless he voluntarily pays taxes by purchasing certain taxed luxury items.
  13. Property tax is designed to prevent the poor from owning property. It must be abolished
  14. Income tax is designed to penalize work. It must be abolished.
  15. Entitlement programs can't possibly work for long because, when they get too large, they shrink the economy to the point where it can't pay the taxes necessary to run the entitlement.
  16. Government must never be allowed to believe that it actually knows what it is doing on the subjects of science, health, nutrition, the economy, and the environment.
  17. Schools should be separated from the state.


  1. Without profit, the company has absolutely no reason to hire.
  2. The only source of wealth is work. Neither government nor industry nor banks can create any wealth without workers. They just move it around. Gold dug out of a mine does not create any wealth, but the man who works in order to buy the gold does create wealth. The factory owner who works to keep the factory running also creates wealth.
  3. There can't be both large government social benefits and a "living wage", because the SAME MONEY has to be divided between them.
  4. For the same reason, universal health care can't coexist with either a living wage or a safety net.
  5. Whenever government passes a regulation with the object of "helping the poor", the side effects of the regulation always hurt the poor more than the regulation helps them.
  6. Wage and price controls never have the intended effect.
  7. Raising the minimum wage raises both wages and prices, effectively inflating the currency rather than raising the worker's standard of living.
  8. The purchase price of a product MUST pay for the raw materials that go into making the product, the labor used to make it, the power used to make it, the factory and its tools, and the wages of the people who transport it and sell it. And don't forget the TAXES on all of those things are also paid out of that purchase price.
  9. The only way to raise the standard of living of the poor is to not tax people as much.
  10. The ideal total tax rate is 10 percent. It does not place an undue burden on either business or the worker, and government actually has more spending power than it has with higher tax rates.
  11. At higher tax rates, a large percentage of the money the government spends pays taxes, instead of actually making the product the government wants.
  12. High taxation also makes the product shoddier. This is because, after taxes, there is less money available to actually put into making it.
  13. Businesses and landlords pay no taxes at all on the income their businesses make, or on the property their businesses are located on. The taxes must all be passed on to the consumer in the purchase price or rent.
  14. The reason that all wealth is based on work, and that only the consumers really pay taxes, is because the consumer/worker must eat and drink to live, and to produce work.
  15. Since the world does not produce enough food to feed the all of the people without work, all able people must work in order to live.
  16. People and companies should not be allowed to buy up property for the purpose of renting it out.
  17. Copyrights and patents are monopoly powers, so neither should last more than ten years.
  18. All copyrights and patents shall have compulsory licensing at the mechanical rate now used for recording your own band.
  19. It should not be a crime or a tort to copy a patented or copyrighted item unless the copy made is sold.
  20. Large unions should be broken up, so that they don't have monopoly powers.


  1. As long as government and companies continue to use numbers to identify people, there will be identity thieves.
  2. Only natural attributes of the human body can provide positive proof of identity. Anything man-made can easily be copied, mimicked, stolen, lost, or forgotten, and is not secure.
  3. Even implanted chips can easily be scanned and duplicated. So ID cards, numbers, computer chips, passwords, and other man made devices are useless for identification.
  4. The ID method must depend on who the person is, not what he knows or has. So fingerprints, DNA, and other natural attributes of the human body must be used for ID.
  5. Government does NOT need to know who everyone is.
  6. No law should penalize a person who has no intent of doing wrong in an attempt to stop others who are acting with criminal intent.
  7. Criminals, more often than not, commit crimes to get out of doing work.
  8. The only way to stop crime is to make criminals work to earn the money to pay back their victims.
  9. Criminals should not be let out until the victims are fully compensated.
  10. Criminals must not be let out of prison until they demonstrate an understanding that their own wrong actions, not the actions of police and the courts, led to their incarceration.
  11. People must be taught in school that there is no such thing as a basic right to any of these things:
  12. Politicians should be held to higher standards than the rest of us, since they desire to rule us. Therefore, no person who has ever been convicted of ANY crime should be allowed to run for office.
  13. Lying should be a felony when done by a politician while in office.
  14. Nobody can stop a nut before he does his damage. So government must concentrate on putting the nut away after he does the damage, so he can't do it again.