1. Lying about the calendar

    For some strange reason, the news media "believes" very wrong things about the calendar. They say that:

    They say it is simpler that way. It is simpler, but it is wrong. The rule is:

    All decades, centuries, and millennia begin in a year with 1 in the rightmost digit, and end in a year with a 0 in the rightmost digit.

    This is because Roman numerals were in use when the Gregorian Calendar was defined. There is no zero in Roman numerals. So the first decade contained the years 1 through 10. The first century contained the years 1 through 100. And the first millennium contained the years 1 through 1000.

    So the first decade of the third millennium AD was 2001 through 2010.

    All school textbooks have the correct division of decades, centuries, and millennia.

    The news media may think it is simpler to do things their way, but they do not have the right to change the standard.

    They also do not think out their lie. Which decade, century, or millennium is missing a year if we do it their way?

  2. Lying about how they found out about information, by using the word "transpire" wrong

    The word "transpire" means "to leak out." Information transpires when it becomes known. But events do not transpire when they happen. Someone must find out about the event before it can transpire. The information must leak out.

  3. Lying about what the public speaker was standing on, by using the word "podium" wrong

    The podium is a box the speaker stands on to rise above the crowd. It is NOT the stand in front of the speaker. That stand is a lectern, a stand, or a pulpit.

  4. Lying about the moon

    They have been calling the second full moon in a month a "blue moon." This is sometimes true, but sometimes not. The correct definitions are:

  5. Falsely claiming that tree-type tournaments are fair

    Reporters like tree-type tournaments because they can follow the progress toward a spectacular finale. But the tree-type tournament is the most unfair form of a sports contest. The only fair tournament is a round robin tournament. But reporters hate round robin tournaments, because:

  6. Lying about the honesty of large businesses

    They especially hate large businesses. They prefer inefficient locally-owned small businesses instead.

  7. They say that government keeps secrets about UFOs, ghosts, Bigfoot, and other mysteries

    They have absolutely no proof of this. They say these things because nobody can prove the government doesn't have such secrets.

    Incredibly, they believe in this stuff, while also believing that most well-known religions are fake.


  1. Lying about daylight-saving time saving energy

    Even though new evidence from a two year before and after study in Indiana in 2005-2006 showed that advancing the time an hour uses more electrical energy, the news media continue to spout the lie that daylight-saving time saves energy. By doing so, they cost everyone more money. Why do they continue to lie about this? Do too many of them want to play golf after work?

    The truths about daylight-saving time:

  2. Falsely saying that Evolution is a scientific fact

    Instead of just a theory, they pretend that Evolution is a fact. But if it is proved, why do they still call it just a theory? It's not even a hypothesis yet.

    There is proof of the natural selection part of the theory. But the rest of the theory postulates that fortuitous mutations were the cause of all of the diversity in the biological world.

    Actually, "fortuitous mutations" is not even a theory. It is a null hypothesis. The null hypothesis is the case where nothing special, other than random chance, is happening. Fortuitous mutations are random chance. So shouldn't it be called "The Null Hypothesis of Evolution"?

  3. Lying about the toxicity of various chemicals, especially elements

    They say that all compounds of certain elements are deadly. This is not true. Each compound has its own degree of toxicity. The elements contained in the compound can't be used to predict its toxicity. But they repeat the lies of the scaremongers who fear certain elements.

    Each compound (not each element) must be individually rated for toxicity. Many of the compounds they cite are quite safe, unless they are in a fire. Maybe they use the National Fire Protection Association guides as the final authority on the toxicity of various substances. But those guides are intended for firefighters who have to make quick decisions, and who have to avoid the toxic products of a fire. And many reporters have a fear of "chemicals" without realizing that all substances are chemicals.

  4. Lying about the necessity of various government programs

    Reporters lie about the need for the following programs, saying that they are necessary when they are not:

    Reporters want these luxuries for their own personal pleasure, not caring what they cost everyone else. But none of these are justifiable as necessary government projects that use tax revenue, because they are luxuries.

  5. Falsely claiming that celebrities are important

    The ONLY reason the following people are important is because news reporters make them important:

    None of these people would be important if it weren't for the press. They should all be demoted in importance.

  6. Falsely claiming conspiracies behind the Kennedy assassination and other tragedies

    Even though science has proved otherwise, the press still brings up the following "theories" in various national events, including:

  7. Giving rewards for interviews

    They give the people rewards or payments in order to get the interview. Then they lie about it.


  1. Lying about the cause of the Iraq War

    The media constantly repeat the lie that says that President Bush wanted to start a war, so he lied about the weapons of mass destruction.

    But we have known since Saddam Hussein was captured that Saddam caused the war. He did two things:

    When he was captured, Saddam admitted that he created that memo, blaming it for causing the war.

    The History Channel revealed this information shortly after Saddam was captured, and occasionally plays that footage again. But the mainstream media never reported this beyond the initial day Saddam was captured, and refuses to stop lying about President Bush starting the war. This shows a clear bias on the part of the news media as a whole.

  2. Lying about global warming

    The news media have continually spread the lie that human industries releasing carbon dioxide cause global warming. They do this, even though absolutely no scientific proof has been demonstrated. All they have to go on are testimonials given by politicians. Why don't they demand the proof that journalists are supposed to rely on? And why don't they notice the bad science?

    We have proof from astronomers that the sun is getting hotter. Other bodies in the solar system are also showing global warming. Yet the media continue to spout the fallacies emitted by the liberals. And they continue to ignore the bad science these "Concerned Scientists" emit, including:

    If these "Concerned Scientists" have proof that carbon dioxide is causing global warming, why don't they produce it?

  3. Lying about government health care

    The news media continuously say that government-run health care is better. Better for whom?

    They say that there are no serious drawbacks to the health care reform bills, and that people can keep their private insurance if they want to. LIES!!! If the bills pass, there won't be any private insurance companies left. The following requirements will drive the private companies out of business:

    These will also drive the costs of health care up, because they remove the last parts of supply and demand pricing from health care. Providers can charge as much as they want under this plan. No wonder the AMA likes it.

    Every reporter on TV is excited that "we will soon get this." Maybe reporters don't get good health plans from their employers.

  4. Lying about hydrogen being an energy source

    They say that hydrogen is an energy source. But there is no source of free hydrogen on the earth.

    It takes more energy to extract the hydrogen than the amount of energy produced when the hydrogen is burned. And a hydrogen car is also a fire hazard after a crash.

  5. Lying about the cause of homosexuality

    Newsmen constantly spout the liberal contention that homosexuality is hereditary. They do this, even though the bad science behind the reports they quote was refuted.

    For some reason, newsmen want homosexuality to be hereditary. They want homosexuals to have special rights. But they don't seem to realize that, if homosexuality is hereditary, it disproves Evolution.

  6. Falsely claiming that the Plurality Election System is fair

    Reporters like Plurality Elections because they are easier to report on and predict. Fair elections don't divide the population into percentages, so the reporters can't do statistics on them.

  7. False claims that bigger government is better

    Journalists claim that government is good, and ignore the disadvantages of big government:

    How do politicians get any of these special powers? Government is made up of people, so government has the innate fallibility of people. The multiplicity of people makes it more fallible, not less. Government officials have no super powers.

    Elected officials usually don't have degrees in economics or traffic engineering. So where did the special knowledge the media claim politicians have come from? Reporters won't say.

  8. Falsely saying that tax increases won't hurt the people

    Almost all journalists favor raising taxes. They proclaim the benefits government can give them from higher revenues, but they hide how higher taxes hurt the working class.

    They say that business will pay most of the tax increases. They won't say that this will raise product prices, making workers take the burden of higher taxes.

    They want the benefits of the government programs. They don't care that people lose their houses because higher taxes make them unable to pay their mortgage payments. They also don't care that the economy will fail if government raises taxes any more.

  9. Falsely claiming that they care about the people

    They reveal the truth about their priorities when they do these things:

    This behavior shows their lies. They care about government, not people.

  10. Lying about religious beliefs

    They often slander entire religions, claiming that they are either leeches stealing from the public, or they are tyrannical bosses who wrongly take away people's freedoms away with unnecessary rules.

    Their argument about stealing money from the public is two edged. They say all television evangelists are fakes, but they say the money donated to religions should be taxed. So they lie to promote government again. Do they worship government?

    Don't forget that many of these same reporters believe in space aliens, ghosts, Bigfoot, and paranormal events.

Are these journalists ignorant, or do they have an agenda?

Look here for the answer.