Matrix Mathematics


Matrix Definitions:

Matrix Algebra

Allowed Transformations Within a Matrix while Reducing (eliminating) or Pivoting:

Multiplication of Two Matrices

A use for matrix multiplication: A Quadraphonic/Surround Matrix System

Using Matrices to Represent Equations

Gauss-Jordan Elimination - Solving Systems of equations

Using Gauss-Jordan Elimination to Invert a Matrix

Solving systems of equations with Inverse Matrices


About Linear Programming

The Simplex Method of Linear Programming

Using Matrices to Represent Systems of Inequalities

The Simplex Method of Linear Programming

Using the Pivot Operation to Solve Systems of Inequalities


Using Matrices to Represent Markov Probability Chains

Finding the Stable Vector of a Regular Markov Chain

Finding the Probabilities of the Outcomes of an Absorbing Markov Chain

All of these tools make the matrix extremely useful, making it worth studying.

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