The Little Poll Results

The answers were already known at the time the poll was taken. The poll's purpose was to find out how well these answers are known among the public, and how much political rhetoric has distorted the truth. Here are the known answers, along with the public perception.

Poll Question True
The Truth % Wrong Comment
1. It is LEGAL to ride a bicycle on a sidewalk. 36 % T
46 % F
18 % A
FALSE. Most states ban bicycles from sidewalks because of the terrible danger of a bicycle suddenly appearing at speed in a crosswalk. 44 %It looks safer, but it's not.
2. It is SAFER to ride a bicycle on a sidewalk instead of the street. 84 % T
8 % F
8 % A
FALSE. A bicycle appearing at speed and entering a crosswalk is extremely dangerous. The motorist can't see the cyclist until it is too late. 91 %The layman can't see the danger.
3. Most of the "proof" of global warming is bad science. 33 % T
25 % F
42 % A
TRUE. Unfortunately, most of the evidence offered as "proof" of global warming is in the form of the invalid argument mode of affirming the consequent. 43 %The press has taken sides without using logic.
4. Science has proved that man is the cause of global warming. 36 % T
18 % F
46 % A
FALSE. If so, man is somehow causing global warming on Mars too. Scientists have discovered icecap melting on Mars. 67 %The environmentalist religion believes man causes everything bad.
5. Science has proved that homosexuality is hereditary. 27 % T
46 % F
27 % A
FALSE. Those studies used bad science. But the data they collected really show a random distribution between homosexuality and the gene studied. 38 %Hollywood and the press have taken sides.
6. Science has proved that evolution is a fact. 60 % T
10 % F
30 % A
FALSE. Science CAN'T prove part of it. Natural selection is proved. But random mutations CAN'T be proved, and there are other inconsistencies. 86 %Government and the schools have promoted this falsehood.
7. The primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. 46 % T
31 % F
23 % A
FALSE. Those were the primaries the "masters" used. The two sets of true primary colors, for pigments and for light, hadn't been discovered when they painted. 60 %Art teachers worship the masters, and continue this lie.
8. It is safe to wait in the intersection to turn left at a green traffic light. 46 % T
33 % F
22 % A
FALSE. If you wait in the intersection, you can get caught in the yellow-trap hazard. Your light can turn yellow, while oncoming cars still have a green light. 57 %The danger is not obvious to laymen.
9. Government takes approx 72 percent of the avg worker's income in taxes. 33 % T
46 % F
22 % A
TRUE. All business taxes are passed on to consumers in higher product prices. This is about half of total taxation, and it's wrecking the economy. 57 %The government hides how much it takes with multiple taxes.
10. Political Correctness is a religion. 22 % T
66 % F
22 % A
TRUE. The Democrats plagiarized the Baha'i Faith tenets to create the concept of Politically Correct. But they made homosexuality and abortion match Democrat beliefs. 75 %This fact is not well known.

Amazingly, the public got 70 percent of the questions wrong.