If you have a mixer that lacks some features you need, you might be able to use the features you have to gain the features you lack. Here are some tricks that give you extra flexibility with minimal investment:

  1. Use an after-fader AUX SEND and SUBGROUPS to make separate multitrack and house mixes:
  2. Use an after-fader AUX SEND (or EFFECTS SEND) for an extra SUBGROUP:
  3. Use a pre-fader AUX SEND (or MONITOR SEND or FLB) for an extra SUBGROUP:
  4. Use an AUX SEND for a SOLO function:
  5. Use an AUX RETURN for an extra input channel:
  6. Use an unused channel as an AUX RETURN:
  7. Use a SUBGROUP for an extra EFFECTS SEND:
  8. Use a SOLO for a SUBGROUP:
  9. Change your PFL (pre-fader listen) to AFL (after-fader listen):
  10. Use an unused channel to monitor something else:
  11. Use two mono channels as one stereo channel:
  12. Use a stereo channel as two mono channels:
  13. Cascade two small mixers:
  14. For extra EQ control, cascade two input channels:
  15. Double up a source to two channels for different front-of-house and recording settings:
  16. Use an unused channel as a booster:
  17. Connect two mixers to the same sources:
  18. Turn two mono-mic/stereo-line channels into a stereo mic channel and a stereo line channel:
  19. Use two mono channels to gain control over phase:
  20. Use two mono channels to place the left and right outputs out of phase:
  21. Encode matrixed surround sound: Follow this link.


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