These are the only reasons I (the page author) would ever change churches:

  1. The church changed its doctrine away from the teachings of the Bible. (2)
  2. Conditions in the church became incompatible with my physical wellbeing. (5)
  3. I had to move away from the location of the church. (2)
  4. The church ceased to exist. (0)

The numbers in parentheses are the number of times this happened to the page author.

The following are ways conditions in the church could affect my wellbeing:

  1. Something I am violently allergic to is being used at the church. (1)
  2. The sound at the church became loud enough to damage my hearing. (4)
  3. Some other serious hazard was present. (0)

In the latest case, the sound in the church became loud enough to cause pain and damage hearing.

Several factors combined to cause this:

Links about this problem: