... Season 1 ...... 1961-1962 (US syndication dates) ...

1RescueAn untested Supercar rescues Bill and Jimmy Gibson, and Mitch the monkey, at sea.
2Amazonian AdventureSeeking an herbal cure for Mitch, Supercar's crew finds cannibals.
3The Talisman of SargonMasterspy uses Dr. Beaker to find a lost talisman reputed to have powers.
4False AlarmMasterspy and Zarin use a false distress call to try to capture Supercar.
5What Goes UpSupercar must destroy a balloon borne capsule of dangerous fuel after an auto-destruct fails.

6Keep it CoolMasterspy and Zarin steal fuel developed for Supercar, not knowing it must be refrigerated.
7GroundedThieves Harper and Judd sabotage Supercar and steal circuit boards for its remote control.
8Jungle HazardMasterspy covets the inherited rubber plantation of Felicity Farnsworth, Dr. Beaker's cousin.
9High TensionMasterspy kidnaps Dr. Beaker to ransom for Supercar.
10A Little ArtCrooks steal Dr. Beaker's new painting containing the map to buried counterfeit money plates.

11IcefallWhile on a picnic, Dr. Beaker is trapped behind a frozen waterfall in a cave.
12Island IncidentMike receives a distress call from the overthrown leader of Peloda.
13The tracking of MasterspyMasterspy uses fake ID to find the Supercar labs, steals Supercar plans and a homing transmitter
14The Phantom PiperSupercar is called upon to investigate a ghost in Scotland.
15Deep SevenDuring an underwater experiment, Supercar snags on the cable of an old naval mine.

16Pirate PlunderSupercar must stop Black Morgan, descendant of the famous pirate, from robbing cruise ships.
17Flight of FancyAfter reading about a kidnapped princess, Jimmy dreams he takes Supercar to rescue her.
18HostageDr. Beaker hears Harper and Judd plot to kidnap his innkeeper's daughter, and summons Supercar.
19Sunken TempleA smuggler tries to keep Supercar from investigating an underwater archaeological site.
20Trapped in the DepthsSupercar has to rescue a bathyscaphe trapped on the ocean floor.

21Crash LandingSupercar crashes in Africa, and Mitch disappears. Contains the "tent turmoil" scenes.
22The Dragon of Ho MengWeather forces Supercar down near a Chinese temple, which crooks are trying to destroy.
23The Lost CitySupercar finds atomic missiles aimed at Washington DC in an ancient lost city in South America.
24Magic CarpetWhile delivering drugs to an ailing prince, Supercar also delivers him from assassins.
25White LineScotland Yard asks Supercar to catch crooks who rob armored cars by tricking them into crashing.

26Supercar; Take OneA spy film is included with the home movies Dr. Beaker gets back from the film processors.


... Season 2 ...... 1962-1963 ...

27Runaway TrainMasterspy sabotages an atomic powered train, and Supercar must stop it before it crashes.
28Precious CargoProfessor Popkiss finds a little girl in the crate that should contain his order of cooking wine.
29Operation SuperstorkMike, Dr. Beaker, and Jimmy are in a balloon when Mitch unties the mooring rope.
30HijackThe president of Bathtongas Islands wants a new plane, so he has his henchman steal an airliner.
31Calling Charlie QueenAfter answering a distress call, Supercar's crew is shrunk to doll size by a mad scientist.

32Space for MitchBill Gibson is about to fly in a space capsule, but Mitch takes off in the rocket.
33The Sky's The LimitMasterspy tries to buy Supercar, then hires gangsters to take it by force.
3470-B-LOThe professor needs a transfusion of rare blood from an arctic scientist, but a crook intervenes.
35Atomic Witch HuntSupercar investigates when an atomic bomb is found in a deserted office in New York City.
36JailbreakA racketeer forces a helicopter pilot to aid in a prison escape. He then tries to take Supercar.

37The Day Time Stood StillWhile the others hide birthday party preparations from Mike, he dreams of an alien encounter.
38Transatlantic CableMasterspy taps the transatlantic cable, and sells overheard information. Supercar investigates.
39King KoolMitch learns to play drums, then swaps places with a monkey who drums on TV.

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