... Season 1 ...... 1962-1963 ...

1-5Space HijackersQueen Zora steals a solar mirror to use as a weapon.
6-10The Little PeoplePeople need salt to live, start a war to obtain it.
11-15The Wizard of EdenA mad scientist brainwashes, people, including the chief, to settle on his planet.
16-20Incident of the Loud PlanetQueen Zora uses sonite planet as a weapon. Johnny Kendall stows away on Starduster.
21-25Expedition to a New MoonThe crew takes a survey ship to a moon with strange gravity.

26-30Cosmic CombatA robot space station of unknown origin attacks.
31-35The GladiatorsThe crew battles Anthenian gladiators over a beryllium moon.
36-40The Light BarrierA test of Prof. Mace's second ion rocket finds the first one lost 25 years earlier.
41-45The Slave WorldPlanet Etopia is held as a slave world by planet Spartania.
46-50The ExilesQueen Zora and others escape from prison planet, build an invisible pirate ship.

51-55The Saucer CaperJohnny Kendall invents an antigravity saucer. Criminals try to steal it.
56-60The Death of a GalaxyPlanets collide, destroying a solar system.
61-65There goes DannyA cook accidentally launches a freighter carrying megatomic bombs.
66-70The Visitor from Outer SpaceAsteroid Eros erupts and changes orbit, endangering planets.
71-75The Rescue MissionCrystal and others are marooned on high-gravity Prometheus.

76-80Space WarMarauders try to create war between the planets from a fake asteroid base.
81-85Dragon FireAnthenians take over moon 3 of Prometheus with dragon ships. Starduster shot down.
86-90Flight of the HotshotsSpace cadets taking final exam flight are the only defense against an Anthenian attack.
91-95The FugitivesQueen Zora steals a Space Force ship, damages the Starduster, and attacks stations.
96-100The EncoderAliens send a teleporter robot to steal materials - including buildings.

101-105Project HeroTaurus builds Charlie the Robot to get solar power crystals from hot planet Nero.
106-110The Frozen PlanetA planet sends signals that cause sound waves on other planets to damage buildings.
111-115The Plagued PlanetA planet is discovered with clam-like pods that breathe fire.
116-120The Donavan PlanProf. Donavan plans to take over the universe. He steals the Dart with a light weapon.
121-125Cosmic SearchCrystal and an Anthenian prince are kidnapped by a mystery ship. Crater Eddie debuts.

126-130The PlotQueen Zora plans to take over the solar system with forces disguised as Anthenians.


... Season 2 ...... 1963-1964 ...

131-135Name, Rank, and Serial NumberA frozen android army is discovered in a dead spaceship.
136-140Crystal's Anti-boyfriendSignals lead the crew to a planet made of antimatter.
141-145They Went That-a-waySpace frigates full of persecuted pilgrims land on the moon, disturbing Crater Eddie.
146-150Power FailureAnthenia starts collecting slaves, Scott lands covertly and is captured.
151-155Scratch One ChimpJohnny Kendall discovers the signal of a space chimp lost 100 years earlier.

156-160Red AlertScott and Taurus test fly X-49, fly into atomic excavation blast. Crystal rescues them.
161-165The Day The Earth Went DarkThe Power Encoder fails, shutting down all Earth power. Crater Eddie has spare parts
166-170Queen of the Three SunsQueen Nyla's planet uses a "centrifuge" to capture spaceships.
171-175Once Upon a RainbowPatrol ships crash into a world made of water. Scott investigates in a bathyscaphe.
176-180Welcome, NeighborA collision of planets forces an evacuation of hump-shaped beings.

181-185Space Angel meets a devil.Scott takes X-49 to Venus, meets a female devil in a force field.
186-190Top SecretThe crew takes X-50 to the arctic to protect "Subject Alpha" from enemy agents.
191-195How to Win a Space Race Without Really TryingScott & Crystal, Taurus, Crater Eddie, and others enter space race. Anthenians cheat.
196-200The Gold City BluesDuring a gold rush on a moon of Jupiter, Scott is appointed a marshal.
201-205The not so Mythical BeastLooking for oxygen making sponges on silly planet Euphonia, they discover unicorns.

206-210Count DownA new rocket booster system is plagued by sabotage.
211-215The Abominable Moon ManA man-shaped rocket steals Crater Eddie's junk - and Crater Eddie.
216-220Dr. Kinkaid, I PresumeThe crew is sent to hostile planets to find a missing scientist.
221-225Crisis in OrbitScott and Taurus are prisoners in a strange space station with an invisible commander.
226-230The Great Plain RobberyTaurus enters a land race on Mars. Scott referees. A syndicate plots to steal land.

231-235Take me to your LeaderA little man from 1000 light years away wants to warn long-dead President Roosevelt.
236-240The Ghost and Crystal MaceInvestigating interfering signals, the crew finds ghosts. One launches the Starduster.
241-245The National Bank ChaseCrooks steal the Space National Bank by launching it into space.
246-250Big Bertha makes PeaceScott and a supercomputer try to make peace on Titan.
251-255Gopher BrokeTaurus goes to visit his aunt in a moon colony, and finds the moon full of tunnels.

256-260Conflict NolaAnthenians try to prevent the settlement of the recently oxygenated planet Nola.


... Postseason ...... 1964 ...

MovieSpace AngelQueen Zora's agent creates a fake defense plan and bombs the Starduster.


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