Part I: Dumb Ideas from Government:

  1. Spending stimulus money on government projects
    Because government gets the result of the work, it does not enter the economy to stimulate it the way a tax cut would. Wealth spent on government projects is effectively destroyed, because the result of the project generates no new wealth. Only spending on education and needed roads create new wealth, and that wealth is delayed.
    The tax cut would allow an increase in private projects producing useful products for sale on the open market, which would increase wealth, and help the economy recover. Only work of this kind creates wealth.
    The government overspending does shrink people's retirement savings by causing inflation.
  2. Making sure everyone has health insurance
    Health insurance is not really insurance. It is really a very expensive group credit card that raises the price of medicine by distorting the demand curve for medicine. It would be better to abolish health insurance for all but catastrophic and long-term expenses. Then supply-and-demand pricing would return to the health care industry, lowering the prices.
  3. Taxes taking over 10 percent of the economy
    Any combination of taxes that takes a total of more than 10 percent of the economy will cause the economy to shrink, due to the removal and destruction of wealth from it. When the total tax rate is higher than 10 percent, raising taxes higher to raise more revenue will cause a loss in total revenue instead, as the economy shrinks. This high taxation also will make American products more expensive than foreign products, so America will not export as much.
    The current tax rate on individuals is close to 75 percent, when the price increases caused by business taxes and import duties are figured in.
  4. Taxing the poor
    Most of the tax systems we have tax the poor more than they can afford. Income tax standard deductions were originally meant to tax only the rich. But they were not adjusted for inflation at first, and when they were, it was done at a lower level that taxes the poor. Property tax is a cruel tax on the poor, raising rents, and preventing the poor from owning property. Social taxes start at a level that is way too low, taxing all income after the first $400. On top of that, they stupidly have a ceiling so the rich do not pay more. Excise taxes are like head taxes. They take the same dollar amount from everyone.
    Government does not help the poor because it taxes the poor. Government is too greedy for revenue.
  5. Income tax
    Income tax penalizes work and rewards idleness. It penalizes saving and rewards spending. And it requires all kinds of invasive recordkeeping and reporting.
    The correct way to tax is a single 10 percent tax on the purchase of all new products that are not necessary for living. This tax would fund all governments. It does not tax the poor, unless they buy new products that are not necessary for living.
  6. Property tax
    This tax is touted as being for the rich, but it penalizes the poor more than any other tax. Tenants pay higher rent because of property tax. And property tax is the chief reason poor people can't own their own homes.
  7. Import duties
    This does not penalize foreign countries for making products cheaper. It penalizes American workers by raising the prices they have to pay for products. Also, because the American products are more expensive than the foreign products, America doesn't export much.
  8. Minimum wage
    This does not help workers. It causes inflation, because businesses must raise prices to pay higher wages.
    It also prices American products out of the global markets and shrinks the buying power of retirement pensions.
  9. Daylight-saving time
    It does not save any daylight. And it doesn't save any energy. A new study proved this. More air conditioning is used in homes and autos with daylight time in effect. This greatly counteracts any saving due to reduced lighting use. Daylight time also increases obesity-causing stress.
    What daylight-saving time does do is allow legislators enough daylight to play golf after work. So the many must suffer, so the elite few can play.
  10. Government-issued ID numbers
    These are the main cause of identity theft. Businesses trust these numbers too much — so much that they will accept the numbers from the wrong person. They also violate some religions. All man-made identity methods should be abolished. Methods using natural attributes of the body should be used instead.
  11. The "Single Theory of the Crime" method of investigation
    This was created to save government money. But it causes injustice when the police choose the wrong theory. This is because they will tend to save money continuing to work the wrong theory, instead of spending more to find the right theory. Statistics should never be used to decide which theories to investigate. Police should work on all of the possibilities, using the evidence to test each possibility until it is disproved.
  12. The Plurality Voting System
    This is the real reason the elections do not always fairly elect the candidate desired by most of the people. It fails miserably when more than two candidates run. In that case, it favors the candidate most different from the others, so the oddest candidates win the primaries, and then a third party candidate further introduces biases in the general election.
    With the Independent Voting System, none of these biases happen. The candidate who pleases the most voters is always the winner.
  13. Planning and zoning
    This is just another way for the rich to lord over the poor, preventing the poor from starting their own businesses at their homes. This greedy control over the property rights of others should be unconstitutional. It is not, solely because rich judges won't rule against it. Zoning also keeps people from living near their jobs, causing more pollution and fuel use. Since the aesthetics the zoning laws are based on are the worthless drivel of the elite, zoning should be abolished.
  14. High definition and digital television
    We don't have this because anybody needs it. We have it because the rich want it, so the poor are forced by government to buy new TV equipment, just to satisfy the elite. It did not help the economy because replacing working technology does not cause growth. It also created a huge solid waste problem as people got rid of old equipment/.
  15. Conscription
    Government should never have the power to require a person to do something. This includes serving in the military. The draft is just an excuse for not paying soldiers their fair wages. Also, it can cause people so forced into service to hate the country that did this to them. That is not the kind of soldier we need.
  16. Requiring payment through the Internet
    This prevents some people without bank accounts from paying, and violates some religions. This is discrimination against the poor, and against some religions. All payments must be payable with cash.
  17. Believing scientific claims without proof, or with bad science offered as the proof
    The truth does not depend on political beliefs or human desires, but on what is real. Those who use trickery or bad methods have ulterior motives, and should not be relied on. A claim is either a belief, or a scientific fact.
    Until a claim has scientific proof with independent verification by scientists with no conflict of interest, it is just a claim
  18. Global warming is caused by man
    This is some of that bad science mentioned above. The proponents of this claim are not showing any proof, yet they want government to act. But the real science says the sun is getting hotter. Man is not causing that.
    If man is causing global warming, then why is it also being observed on Venus, Mars, and Titan?
  19. Gun control
    Laws do not keep guns out of the hands of criminals. This is because criminals, by definition, do not obey the law. What gun control really does is protect the criminal from the presence of any honest people with guns who could stop them.
    People who are afraid of guns should go hide in a closet, instead of imposing laws on other people.
  20. Allowing monopolies to exist and to set market prices
    Governments must not side with monopolies or let them set prices. Examples are medical cartels where corporations buy up medical practices. This is wrongdoing. These monopolies must be broken up to allow competition to set prices lower. And no monopoly should ever be allowed to charge interest on bills that are higher because it set the price.
  21. Patents, copyrights, and exclusive contracts
    These must be abolished or sharply curtailed as the monopoly powers they are. Government is unfairly favoring artists and other special interests, at the expense of the general public. Nobody else gets paid many times for doing the work only once. Copyright powers also resulted in the loss forever of many films, because they were kept as investments, and deteriorated to uselessness in storage. If copying had been allowed, some copies would survive. And exclusive contracts raise prices.
    All patents and copyrights should have compulsory licensing at the mechanical rates. And no patent or copyright should ever last longer than 10 years. The current 120+ year period is wrongdoing against the public.
  22. Allowing predatory debt collection methods
    Governments must not allow predatory methods where people are harassed or taken to court over debts. People must be given time to make payments. Fees and interest must not be added when people are already having trouble paying bills. Collection agencies must be abolished.
  23. Foreclosures and tax sales
    Governments must not side with creditors, mortgageholders, and themselves in cases where people lost jobs and can't pay their bills. This is wrongdoing. There should be a delay for the duration of the recession, to allow the people to get other jobs and make payments. No extra interest should be charged.
  24. Political speed limits and traffic laws
    Something strange happens to politicians when they are elected to office. They suddenly think they have been bestowed with college degrees in traffic engineering, health and safety, and law enforcement, even though they never set foot in a classroom to study any of them. They think that election to office somehow makes them experts on the subject, and they then proceed to make their part of the world more miserable for everyone else. Often the things they do are based on their personal whims.
    If they are going to legislate on such matters, they should be required to get the appropriate degrees through legitimate classwork.
  25. Government building standards and neighborhood association compacts
    These are based on the beliefs of the elite that they know how other people should live, and what they should not own or do on their own properties. These people have the same misplaced belief that they are experts that the politicians have about traffic control. Since all of this is the result of these self-appointed experts' beliefs, instead of any real knowledge, it should be permanently abolished.
  26. Schoolteachers still teaching the wrong primary colors
    For many years, the primary colors of pigment were thought to be red, yellow, and blue. The development of color photography showed this to be wrong (except in the case of certain oil paints). The correct primary colors of pigment are now known to be magenta, yellow, and cyan. But many schoolteachers still cling to the old primaries. Examples:
    • Elementary teachers leave out the colors magenta and cyan because the words are "too hard."
    • Art teachers ignore the truth and still teach the old primaries.
    • Art textbooks still have the old primaries, ignoring the scientific truths.
    • Artists worship "the masters" and want to copy their (obsolete) methods instead of making better art.
    The truth has been known since 1934. It's time people gave up the old traditions.
  27. Worshiping the arts
    There is something peculiar about liberals and government officials that causes them to worship the arts. They spend too much on "supporting the arts," as though they were essential to life. They are not. In fact, all wealth spent on the arts is destroyed. The artworks so created do not expand the economy or create any jobs.
    The arts were once very lucrative professions, but were made obsolete by newer technologies. So the artists demand compensation from government for their loss of income. But they should be looking for new careers instead.
    The fact that despotic kings wasted much tax revenue on the arts to entertain themselves does not mean that our elected lawmakers should be doing the same. They are dragging down the economy with their overactive love for the arts.
    The schoolteachers who teach the obsolete primary colors are worshiping the masters of the arts.
  28. Government attacks on religion
    This is in three forms:
    • Government officials condemning religious beliefs they do not agree with.
    • Governments passing laws prohibiting people from obeying their religions, or requiring people to do things their religions prohibit.
    • Government human resources departments discriminating against religious people in hiring and firing.
    All of these are wrongdoing on the part of government. And they are usually done to gain the votes of people who want to make other people disobey their religions. Usually the people making these demands are abortionists, evolutionists, homosexuals, transgenders and statists. But these things violate the first amendment.
    It is sobering to realize that, if everyone in the world had obeyed the Old Testament laws on sexual morality, there would not have been an AIDS epidemic. A few people would have died, and then the virus would have been totally gone from man. But with "sexual freedom," in violation of most religions, comes the threat of incurable global epidemics. Those sex prohibitions are included in religions for this reason.
  29. Political Correctness
    This is a religion, and including it in government policy violates the first amendment of the US Constitution. It was plagiarized from the Baha'i Faith by Democrats in the late 1980s. Government is committing wrongdoing by requiring it, or even by strongly suggesting it.
  30. Government comes first
    This belief has harmed more people than anyone else. Here is a list of many ways government has harmed people by putting itself first:
    1. Government overtaxing and overspending, throwing the economy into a recession
    2. Government taking the homes and other properties of people who lost jobs and don't have enough money to pay the taxes
    3. Government forcing people to buy things they can't afford
    4. Government legislating itself special prices or interest rates that nobody else can have
    5. Government officials not having to obey laws that other people have to obey
    6. Government officials not required to pay social taxes
    7. Diplomatic immunity
    8. Government taking taxes out of an estate or a bankruptcy before all of the creditors are paid, often leaving the creditors with nothing
    9. Eminent domain taking property to clear the way for a private development government wants to be built
    10. Eminent domain used for buildings and other projects that do not need the exact piece of land taken
      (The only projects needing exact pieces of land are projects such as highways and reservoirs, with locations dictated by the existing terrain).
    11. Government closing public streets to hold special events, preventing people from going where they need to go
    12. Government charging for services that all people are required to use
    13. Government legislating monopolies for itself, prohibiting private enterprise from providing similar services
    14. Requiring utility companies to have franchise agreements with government, and then allowing only one franchise for each service, creating monopolies
    15. Creating prohibitions to remove the what government considers to be unsightly
    Government should be last, not first.

Part II: Dumb Ideas from the Private Sector:

  1. Blue-tinted auto headlights
    They may make the car stand out, but the color blue strongly cuts down the ability to see through fog.
  2. Menus on auto dashboards
    They make the dashboard cost less to make, but they make the driver take his eyes off the road.
  3. Touch screens on auto dashboards
    These add a lot of functions, but could be as dangerous as texting while driving.
  4. Cellular telephones
    These cause auto accidents, because they disconnect the driver's brain from the road. They are also very annoying, because they ring with the awfulest sounds, they disturb lectures and meetings, and some people can't stop talking long enough to do what they are supposed to be doing. Very few people really need a cell phone. And the government stole our analog TV to allow more of these awful things.
    Require cell phones to turn off when they are moving. Put Faraday cages around classrooms.
  5. A new operating system for computers every 3 or 4 years
    Ideally, the operating system on a computer should never change. Stability and compatibility are more important than the bells and whistles they add. And this change in operating systems takes wealth out of the economy every time it happens, and returns nothing. This could cause recessions, and it costs taxpayers too much money when government has to pay to change operating systems. It should be abolished, by requiring that new versions of software can not get newer copyright dates.
    It also makes long term scientific studies using computer-collected data impossible. Replacing the operating system violates the "ceteris parabus" (all else being equal) requirement of scientific study.
  6. Tagless shirts
    The idea was to remove the itchy tag from the back of the shirt. The problem is that they still print the information on the collar. It's not the presence of the tag, but the presence of the printing ink that causes the itch. So the shirt now itches even more, and there is no tag to remove to get rid of the itch. Idea: Put the brand name on a removable sticker.
    Update: It appears that government is behind this terrible itch-craft. They want the label permanently on the shirt to stop smugglers from switching labels.
  7. Shortening the toilet paper roll to save money
    The idea was to make the toilet paper narrower, so it uses less paper. The problem is that many people have toilet paper holders that do not have a solid roller bar across the dispenser. Some accessibility holders have spring-loaded ears that the cardboard tube snaps into. Others have short rollers that touch the edges of the paper on the roll. In either case, the narrower roll won't stay in the dispenser. It falls out at the slightest provocation.
    The tubeless rolls will tear up in either dispenser, so they are bad too.
    Those roll adaptors for double and quadruple length rolls won't fit these dispensers either.
  8. Toys, art sets, and books with the wrong primary colors
    Toy and book manufacturers continue to use the wrong primary colors. For many years, the primary colors of pigment were thought to be red, yellow, and blue. The development of color photography showed this to be wrong (except in the case of certain oil paints). The correct primary colors of pigment are now known to be magenta, yellow, and cyan. But many toy companies and educational book publishers still cling to the old primaries. Examples:
    • A toymaker makes a top with rotating wheels inside the top. The colors on those wheels are red, yellow, and blue. The colors mix in different ways than the mixture of color pigments. The resulting mixes are quite washed out. If the correct light primaries red, green, and blue had been used, rich beautiful colors would result.
    • Textbooks, art sets, and art instruction books still teach the obsolete primaries.
    The truth has been known since 1934. It's time people gave up the old traditions.
  9. 16:9 Aspect ratio computer monitors
    These are causing incompatibility errors in various applications. Web browsers also display less of each website on a 16:9 monitor than they do on a 4:3 monitor, making web browsing take longer.
  10. Too many incompatible recording formats
    The proliferation of too many recording formats means that many people will lose their recordings, as the formats they chose are rendered obsolete and the equipment to use them becomes unavailable. We need a requirement that anyone introducing a new format must guarantee the availability of playback equipment for at least 30 years, and must pay for the transfer of all recordings made obsolete by the new format into the new format.
  11. Requiring payment through the Internet
    This prevents some people without bank accounts from paying, and violates some religions. This is discrimination against the poor and members of those religions. All payments must be payable with cash.
  12. Paperless bills
    These again require payment methods that some poor people do not have available and that violate some religions. Thus, such methods must never be required to be used for payment.
  13. Stupidity in instructions for products
    With some products, the instructions obviously show that the writer never used the product before writing them. The instructions on my favorite stir fry package tell me to "stir the vegetables into the (already cooking) meat." The problem is that the vegetables are frozen into a solid brick at that time. Another package says "Serving suggestion keep frozen".
  14. Parts and accessories discontinued at the same time as the product
    Maybe these parts were easily replaced at first, but now that they are no longer manufactured, the product itself is lost. This includes rubber drive tires and belts for equipment, ink cartridges for printers, filter replacements for air and water purifiers, and components of other products that are used up, wear out, or have limited lifetimes.
    Take away patent and copyright protection from products discontinued without parts support.
  15. Ugg boots (and variants)
    They look nice, but if you get them wet, they fall apart. Why don't they make boots that are both warm and waterproof anymore? All of the warm ones leak or disintegrate when they get wet, and all of the waterproof ones freeze your feet. Winter weather is both wet and cold at the same time.
  16. Soap shaped to match your grip
    It matches your grip alright. What it doesn't match is the soapdish. It keeps falling on the floor, or into the sink or the bathtub.
  17. Remote controls on too many products
    The page author's home theater system now needs NINE remote controls. The equipment can not be used without the remotes, because some functions are on the remote, but not on the control panel of the component. Also, the component remembers settings only while it has power. A power failure or the use of a timer clock destroys all of the settings. Older stereo system could be used as alarm clocks with a timer. But the new ones can't be switched on with a timer, because they default to OFF when power is applied and forget their settings.
    The page author bought an electric fan, and it came with a remote control. Why????
    Put real knobs back on the components, so they remember the settings, and so they can be started with timers.
    The remote control is missing when the device is sold used. The buyer does not get all of the functions.
  18. "Atomic" clocks (and other radios) with no provisions for external antennas
    The "atomic" clock is a wall clock that is set by radio signals derived from the real atomic clock the National Bureau of Standards has in Fort Collins, Colorado. The problem is that the owner has to place the clock where the signal can be received. Often the signal can not be received in any place where the clock can be used. It would be nice if the clock had an external antenna connection. Then the clock could be placed where it is needed, and the antenna run to where signal can be received.
    The page author has had several of these clocks for years. Then the city built a new truss bridge, and now none of the clocks can get signal inside the house. They work fine in the attic, but are not useful as clocks there.
    Some weather radios have the same problem.
  19. Flashing red lights on bicycles
    It may attract attention. But the law requires a steady-burning red light, if one is used. The law also prohibits the use of red lights on the front of vehicles that are not emergency vehicles.
  20. Plastic zippers on clothing
    These are not nearly as durable as the metal ones they have replaced. Too often, they are the reason the garment fails. This is especially true if the zippers are on boots. If the boot gets muddy, the zipper usually fails.
    Tip: Rubbing paraffin on the zippers extends their lives.
  21. Ridiculous packaging on products
    They make the packaging around the product so tough that the buyer needs a blowtorch, dynamite, or a chain saw to open it. This is going too far. And how recyclable is the indestructium plastic this packaging is made of?
    Which costs more to make, the product or the packaging?
    Why do I need a plastic card 5 inches long for a tiny container containing 10 #6 hexnuts?
  22. Speed bumps
    They damage vehicles and cause discomfort for those who are aged or invalids. This is one of the few places government should prohibit something. No more speed bumps!
  23. Extra-long pickup trucks with back seats
    They do not fit in standard parking spaces, causing the driver to use two or more spaces, or leave the truck sticking out into the parking lot aisle.

Part III: Dumb Ideas from the Internet:

  1. Conspiracy theories about the 9/11/2001 attacks
    These claims are nothing but expressions of hatred aimed at the elected government that was in place at the time of the attacks. Those alleging this conspiracy used innuendo, supported by bad science.
    Proof that these people didn't know what they were doing: The instigators of this fraud believed that, if they could get President Bush impeached, somehow John Kerry would magically become president (the successor by law in case of impeachment would have been Dick Cheney).
    Steel doesn't have to melt to cause a building to collapse. It just has to lose its hardness, at only half the added heat. The resulting soft iron can no longer support the weight of the building.
  2. A car battery will be ruined by placing it on a concrete floor.
    This comes from a poorly worded auto tip in a magazine in the 1940s: "Leaving a car battery on a concrete floor will ruin it." But that word "it" has too many antecedents. The battery is not ruined. The concrete floor is ruined by the acid vapors escaping from the battery.
  3. President Bush "stole" the 2000 and 2004 elections.
    The Democrats are sore losers. The "dimpled and pregnant chad" were caused by a poorly maintained card reader, not attempts to vote. The Supreme Court upheld the law as it was, not the Democrats' tricky attempts to change it to win.
    The real reason Al Gore lost the 2000 election was the Plurality Voting System (see above). It let Ralph Nader's candidacy split the liberal vote enough that Gore lost Florida and New Hampshire.
    The Independent Voting System would always select the candidate who pleases the most voters, not the candidate most different from the others.
    This effect is also the only reason Bill Clinton was President. Ross Perot's candidacy split the conservative vote in both the 1992 and 1996 elections, giving Clinton many states he would not have won facing only one Republican candidate.
    The claim in 2004 was stupid. Their reasoning that cheating had to be occurring was that their candidate lost. They could not believe that more people wanted the other candidate.
  4. If George W Bush had been impeached in 2005-2008, John Kerry would have become President.
    This has to have been a drug-induced aberration. The line of succession when a sitting president dies, is removed, or becomes incapacitated is well defined by law. It includes the holders of certain offices, not candidates in the last election. Dick Cheney would have become President if Bush had left office.
    This sneaky trick has been used by Democrats in other cases where the winning candidate was judged to be ineligible for the office. But instead of thwarting the will of the voters, judges allowed the winning party to select a replacement who is eligible for the office.
  5. The government has been hiding evidence that UFOs are from outer space.
    The government was hiding something, but not that. The military much preferred that people believed that UFOs were from outer space, rather than that they knew about the secret spy devices they were using to spy on the Soviets. These devices included the Project Mogul and Skyhook balloons, spy satellites in orbit, crashing Soviet spy satellites, and the U-2 and SR-71 spy planes.
  6. Religion is hateful, and should be abolished
    Religion is not hateful. But too many people commit hateful acts in the name of religion. Most of these people are not obeying the religion when they do this. Instead, they are acting on their own, but using the name of the religion as an excuse. Often, such people actually hate the religion they are blaming.
    The Crusades were not religious, but political in nature.
    Note that homosexual and other GLBT activity disobeys almost all religions. Members of most religions are supposed to avoid people who deliberately disobey their religions in public. It is not "homophobia," it is obedience to the religion. So those who want to practice homosexuality and other GLBT activities want this obedience of religion prohibited by law, and some of them want religion abolished for this selfish reason.
    The one religion that should be abolished is government worship (Statism). See below.
  7. Websites are still teaching the wrong primary colors
    For many years, the primary colors of pigment were thought to be red, yellow, and blue. The development of color photography showed this to be wrong (except in the case of certain oil paints). The correct primary colors of pigment are now known to be magenta, yellow, and cyan. But many schoolteachers still cling to the old primaries. Examples:
    • Elementary teachers leave out the colors magenta and cyan because the words are "too hard."
    • Art teachers ignore the truth and still teach the old primaries.
    • Art textbooks still have the old primaries, ignoring the scientific truths.
    • Artists worship "the masters" and want to copy their (obsolete) methods instead of making better art.
    The truth has been known since 1934. It's time people gave up the old traditions.
  8. Republicans are full of hate. They want to keep poor people from having what they need.
    Actually, most Republicans have done the math, and know that Democrat plans to take care of all people and give them health care can not possibly work. The Democrats believe that all government spending helps the economy, but this is not true. Only government spending that helps business produce products easier helps the economy. All other government projects destroy wealth, instead of creating it. Giving wealth to people who will not work destroys that much wealth.
    One thing Democrats hate about Republicans who are Christians is that, instead of giving to the poor through government programs, they obey the Bible and do their giving in secret, where government can't monitor, control, or spend it.
  9. If all of the wealth in the world could be distributed evenly among the people, everyone could live like a king, and nobody would have to work.
    This is so false that it is amazing that anyone believes it:
    Only work done to create a useful product for sale on the open market creates wealth.
    If you divide the world money supply by the world population, it comes out to about $2,500 per person. That is not enough to either live like a king or to not have to work. The other forms of wealth in the world are transitory (created by doing work) and can not be divided if no work is done.
    If nobody works, there would be no products to buy. Since there would be no farms making food, people would starve to death. This stupid planet can not feed a human population of any size without work being done.
    Many liberals refer to the idyllic days of Greek and Roman civilizations as proof that it can be done. But they forget that those economies were mainly powered by slave labor.
    This is an example of the term "economy of scale." When you actually do the numbers, the idea falls apart. But those who believe in it are also too lazy to actually do the math.
    This is the argument that those who believe they are entitled make to try to get a life without having to work.
  10. If you fire the CEO, his salary could be spent to give every worker a large raise.
    This is another idiotic case of not understanding an economy of scale. If the CEO makes $3 million a year, and the company employs 1 million workers, each worker gets a 25 cent raise per month. That is not much of a raise. And without a CEO, the company might not survive, leaving those workers without jobs.
  11. Homosexuality is hereditary
    This belief is based on some bad science started in the 1990s and continuing through today. They collected data using the bad scientific methods used by political scientists. Then, when the results did not support their cause, they went ahead and concluded what they wanted to conclude. It was enough to fool the press.
    The whole idea is to fraudulently create a protected class status in the law for homosexuality. They want to use this to force religions people to disobey their religions through equality laws. But this violates the first amendment.
    If homosexuality is hereditary, such a fact disproves evolution.
    Any science done by someone who favors a particular outcome is not science. Only scientists without conflicts of interest can do real science.
  12. Websites teaching ways to ride bicycles that are unsafe and violate the law
    These sites teach ways that they say make it easier for cyclists. But it comes at the expense of all other traffic on the road. The methods they teach are much more dangerous than the methods the law requires. Almost all of the accidents where bicycles are hit by motor vehicles are caused by cyclists using these wrong methods. They do things that motorists can not predict, so the motorists can not act in time to prevent accidents.
    Some erroneous teachings are based on the idea that bicycles are pedestrians, not vehicles, because they have no motors. But bicycles go way too fast to use pedestrian laws. Pedestrian laws work for only those traffic units going slower than 5 mph.
    Other teachings are based on the erroneous belief that cyclists have a "right" to keep their momentum. But no traffic unit other than a train or a large ship has any right to keep momentum. Small vehicles must always stop and wait their turns.
    Some of their bad teachings are:
    • Riding on sidewalks (protection from cars - until an intersection interrupts the sidewalk)
    • Obeying pedestrian laws instead of vehicle laws (they rationalize this by saying a bicycle has no motor)
    • Riding against traffic (so the cyclist can see the cars coming)
    • Not stopping at stop signs or traffic lights (to preserve momentum)
    • Riding the wrong way on one-way streets
    • Riding across private property
    • Riding in clusters larger than two (prohibited by law)
    • Riding without lights at night (expense of batteries)
    • Riding with flashing lights instead of the required steady-burning lights (fooling drivers into thinking an emergency vehicle is approaching)
  13. Drug use is a victimless crime
    Many proponents of legalizing recreational drug use claim that it should not be a crime, because there is no victim. They claim that the only victim is the drug user, and that legalizing drugs would reduce crime. But they really just want to use drugs without penalties.
    There are many other victims:
    • Numerous victims of auto accidents caused by drug users
    • Numerous victims of other accidents caused by drug users
    • Damage to industrial equipment caused by drug users using it wrong
    • Merchandise wrongly assembled by careless drug users
    • Accidents caused by products carelessly assembled by drug users (e.g. wheels that fell off cars a few years ago)
    • Items stolen to be pawned to get money for drugs (will still happen if drugs are legal)
    • Injuries caused by the violent activities of drug users
    • Crimes committed due to the degradation of the sense of right and wrong caused by the drugs
    • Drug users being allowed to vote, changing outcomes of elections.
    • Families deprived of support because an addict spent his pay on drugs
    • Drug users fired from jobs because insurers will not insure employers who hire them
    • Drug users on public assistance because nobody will hire them
    • Families of drug users having to pay for damages from accidents caused by drug users
    These drugs alter the minds of users, causing the above troubles.
  14. Worshiping government
    Because government is created by man, it is nothing but a worthless idol if it is worshipped. But too many self-centered politicians expect the voters to worship them for the sinful things they promote. It should be unconstitutional to worship government or politicians.