Many people don't understand why Christians do not support equality for homosexuals or homosexual marriage. Here is an explanation of the Christian beliefs involved:


    Christians do not hate homosexuals because of their sins. Christians hate the sins.

    It's not just Christians. Most of the religions of the world prohibit homosexuality.

    Christians are not afraid of homosexuals.

    Christians want to obey God.

    Most of the people who hate homosexuals are not true Christians.

    If government forces Christians to disobey God to please homosexuals, then there will be hatred toward homosexuals - and the government.

    Muslims are commanded to hate homosexuals. Sharia Law requires the death penalty for homosexual acts.


    Marriage was one of the first things God created after creating man and woman (Genesis 2:24). This was long before there were any governments.

    Marriage is defined by God to be between one man and one woman (1 Corinthians 7:2).

    Governments have usurped the power of marriage. It does not belong to them.


    Scripture does define homosexuality as a sin. See Appendix 1.

    The term "sexual immorality" includes homosexuality.

    When done deliberately, sin is evil. Evil is defined as thinking that opposes God's revealed divine truth.

    Not all of the Old Testament laws apply to Christians. See below.

    A Christian telling a homosexual that the Bible prohibits homosexuality is not "judging" the homosexual. He is warning him of the Biblical prohibition. Judging is accusing someone of an explicit act of wrongdoing without any proof.

    God will never change his mind on this moral sin.

    God will judge wrongdoers on the last day.

    God wins in the end. Those who oppose or ignore Him end up in hades.


    The Old Testament Law is actually three sets of law mixed together: Ceremonial, Civil, and Moral.

    • The Ceremonial Law (including dietary and cleanliness law) - fulfilled and abolished by the coming of Christ.
    • The Civil Law of ancient Israel (including real property law and all penalties) - ended when Israel fell in 73 AD.
    • The Moral Law is still in force, though sins can be forgiven. Christians are responsible for the Moral Law.

    It is also against the Moral Law to try to change the Moral Law.

    (See Acts 10:15, Acts 15:28-29.)


    All people have sinned. Everyone falls short of God's standards (Romans 3).

    To become a Christian, you must repent of all of your sin, confess all of your sins, and accept Jesus as your personal savior. Then all of your sins will be forgiven.

    Repenting of sins means that the person never wants to commit them again.

    Anyone who intends to commit the sin again has not really repented of the sin, and is not forgiven. No sacrifice for sin is left after the original forgiveness is wasted by deliberately repeating the sin (Hebrews 10:26-29).

    God will handle all unforgiven sins at the Great White Throne Judgment (Revelation 20).


    Examples are Sodom, Gomorrah, Canaan, Pre-exile Israel, Seleucid Empire, Hellenistic Greece, and the Pre-Christian Roman Empire.

    God used different methods to get rid of such governments. Some nations were destroyed, some were taken over by other nations, and some threw out their evil governments.

    The United States is not immune to this. Now that the US government approves homosexual marriage and may soon give egalitarian rights to homosexuals, God will destroy the entire nation, have another nation take over the country, or move the citizens to throw out the evil politicians.

    If enough countries approve homosexual marriage, it will cause the world-destroying events in John's Apocalypse.


    The Apostle Paul wrote, "Do not be yoked together with unbelievers." (II Corinthians 6:14)

    He also wrote to not associate with unbelievers. (I Corinthians 5:11)

    This is a requirement placed on the religious person, not the homosexual or other evil person. It is just obedience of the religion by the religious person.

    Any business relationship that is longer than an occasional sale is considered to be associating with a person.

    If the Christian does not know of the evil activities of a person, he is not required to avoid a long-term association.

    Hiring and rental of property are long-term associations. So is being in a military chain of command.

    When a Christian finds out he is in such an association, he must leave it as soon as he can.


    Homosexuals want laws to force equality in hiring and rentals.

    This would cause Christians to violate their own religion if they were forced to hire or rent to homosexuals.

    The Christian in such a position would be faced with being forced to disobey his religion, disobey the law, or abandon his profession. Members of other religions (e.g. Islam) would have similar problems.

    Those who demand that religious people disobey their own religions are causing those people to be their accomplices in their evil acts.

    Such a law would be an unconstitutional violation of religious rights and is discrimination against a religious belief.

    The dilemma is that each side wants rights that take rights away from the other side. See Appendix 3 for more on this.

    Such a law is a hate crime against religion.

    Also, in Appendix 4 is a possible solution to this dilemma.


    There were several basic studies, with many others being attempts to verify them

    The "scientific" studies that "proved" that a gene is responsible for homosexuality contained more examples of bad science than any other scientific study known. See Appendix 2 for the specific instances of bad science.

    When the data they did collect were analyzed correctly, it proved that homosexuality was randomly distributed with respect to the recessive gene studied. In other words, there is no correlation.

    Thus, there can't be a causal relationship between the gene and homosexuality.

    The Bible says that homosexual urges are caused by worshiping created things instead of God.

    Proof that homosexuality is hereditary disproves evolution.


    They lie when they say that God is a fairy tale.

    Teachers lie by saying there is nothing to religion, to please the teachers unions.

    They lie, saying that government has power over religion.

    They lie about the reason Christians are opposed to homosexuality, calling it either hate or fear.

    They use their pejorative, "homophobia," to further their lie that Christians fear homosexuality.

    They lie when they say Christians are "judging" them when they say homosexuality is a sin.

    They lie about homosexuality being a sin, twisting the meanings of the Scriptures to "prove" their point.

    They misquote Paul, saying that everything is permissible. Paul was quoting those who desire sin in order to refute them.

    They lie, saying they can sin all they want, because Jesus forgives sins.

    They lie, saying that Christians should "turn the other cheek" and make long-term contracts with deliberate sinners.

    They lie by saying all Christians are evil because they are not Politically Correct (a religion created by Democrats).

    They lie by saying all Christians are evil because some Catholic church officials have molested children.

    They lie, saying that they are not trying to make religion illegal. Some want religion banned.

    They lie by saying that homosexuality is a hereditary trait.

    They have fooled reporters and judges with these lies.


Here are the scriptures (from the New International Version):

* The original word means people easily swayed by authorities or others.

† Homosexual acts are included in the definition of sexual immorality.


Data Types

  1. Numeric - data that can be measured as mathematic real numbers


    • Length
    • Volume
    • Mass or weight
    • Temperature
    • Pressure
  2. Categorical - data that can not be measured as mathematic real numbers


    • Name
    • Address
    • Eye color
    • Presence of a gene
    • Presence of a trait
  3. Count - the number of instances of a case counted as a mathematical integer


    • Number of subjects
    • Number below poverty level
    • Number with blue eyes
    • Number with the gene
    • Number with the trait
  4. Proportion - the portion of a group fitting a case


    • Fraction of subjects
    • Fraction below poverty level
    • Fraction with blue eyes
    • Fraction with the gene
    • Fraction with the trait

    Note that sample size reduces to 1 here.

Here are the instances of bad science in these studies:

  1. No control subjects were included in the experiments. All of the subjects studied had the wanted trait (homosexuality).
  2. No control group was present.
  3. The method used to obtain subjects is highly suspect. They advertised for volunteers in homosexual-interest magazines. So there was no independent variable in the experiment - nothing to compare the results to.
  4. The experiments were designed wrong. The gene should have been the independent variable, and homosexuality should have been the dependent variable. Both values should have been collected over a large number of randomly selected subjects.
  5. The data were handled wrongly. Instead of treating the data as the Categorical data they were, they tried to force the data into Numeric variables.
  6. The sample sizes were too small. A good study needs at least 30 subjects, either randomly picked, or 15 in the experimental group and 15 in the control group. And for Categorical data, random data must be collected until each bin in the crosstable has at least 5 instances.
  7. Some groups got their math wrong. In one study, they could not correctly do long division. 4/15 is .2666 - which rounds to 27 percent, not 26 percent. In the other, they somehow got 64 percent, but none of the numbers collected produce that value.
  8. One study used Student's t distribution, which is used to compare two Numerical experimental values, or to compare a value to a norm. But they didn't have two sets of Numerical experimental values, and they did not reveal any norm. Another study used a correlation test, but WHAT did they correlate the data to? Again, they didn't have either two Numerical experimental values or any norm to compare their one set of experimental values to.
  9. None of the studies collected the type of data needed to calculate a correlation. They had Counts of Categorical values, not Numerical values. Each data point was a yes-no value - Categorical data. They had the number of samples with each Categorical value, not Numeric values. So a correlation is not even the correct measure. The correct method would to use a crosstable of two variables (gene and homosexuality) and use a Chi-Squared test for an association.
  10. Some studies did not reveal whether they tested for the presence of DNA or a protein produced by the gene. Others said they tested for the DNA, and still others tested for the protein.
  11. Most of these studies used the social science expected values instead of those for Mendel's genetic laws.
  12. They released the results as though they had shown a causal relationship. They had neither any proof of a causal connection, nor an association. And they could never have a correlation.
  13. Attempts to duplicate some of the studies were unable to reproduce the results.
  14. Websites for these studies were taken down once refutations were published.

More on this bad science can be found here.

A proposal on doing the study right can be found here.


Someone loses civil rights no matter what government does.

Note the following:


Be nice!

  • Always respect the rights of others:

    You do not have the right to cause others to violate their religious beliefs.

    You do not have the right to force others to obey your religious beliefs.

    You do not have the right to denigrate the religious beliefs of others.

    You do not have the right to expose others to activities that should not occur in public.

    You do not have the right to hate any religion. It's a federal hate crime to hate any religion.

    You do not have the right to hate people who disobey your religion.

    You do not have the right to physically harm anyone or anyone's property.

    You do not have the right to demand that any religion must change its beliefs (first amendment).

    You do not have the right to expect total equality while you are doing things that violate other people's religions.

    You do not have the right to demand that any religion lose its tax-exempt status because of its beliefs (first amendment).

    The law must not compel religious people to disobey their religions (First Amendment).

    It is not discrimination against you if someone refuses to do what his own religion prohibits him from doing (first amendment).

    Do not expect members of one religion to obey some other religion.

    Government does not have the right to impose Political Correctness or Egalitarianism onto people. Both are religions.

    Do not expect most religions to obey Political Correctness or Egalitarianism. Both are other religions.

  • Take care to obey the following:

    Don't abuse people.

    No namecalling.

    Don't lie.

    Don't make false accusations.

    Never assume that man invented religion.

    Don't misrepresent any religion.

    Never use the dishonesty of bad science.

    Don't cheat to get your way.

    Don't assign motives to other people. You don't know what they are thinking.

    Don't do things that are wrong to do.

    Don't do things that offend others in public.

    Don't put anyone in the position of having to disobey his own religion.

    Don't make demands that cause others to disobey their beliefs.

    Don't expect people to disobey their own beliefs to serve you.

  • Do no harm.

    Never force others to obey your belief.

    Never force anyone to disobey his own belief.

    Don't put anyone in the position of having to disobey his own beliefs.

    If your belief requires avoiding something, explain that the requirement is placed upon you, not on the others.

    If your belief requires not performing actions disobeying the belief, explain that the requirement is on you, not on others.

    If your belief prohibits doing certain actions, explain that the religion prohibits those actions, not who wants them done.

    Don't sue to get your way.

    If something offends others, don't do it in public.

    It is wrongdoing to do things to homosexuals.

    It is wrongdoing to do things to religious people.

    In most cases, treat a homosexual as you would anyone else.

    In most cases, treat a religious person as you would anyone else.

    Mistreating others is just as bad a sin as homosexuality is.

    Never expect totally equal treatment if you are doing something or want something that violates someone else's beliefs.

    Don't expect acts that disobey religions to be treated equally.

    Don't expect people to disobey their religions to please you.

    Don't expect a religion to change its rules. Most religions can not be changed.

    Remember that, while people are created equal, they can make themselves unequal by the acts they commit.

Two possible solutions to the problem:

  1. Don't Tell About Homosexual Behavior.

    People committing acts that violate religions do not publicize this fact.

    This was what was good about "Don't ask. Don't tell."

    If the religious person does not know about a deliberate violation (because it was not done or mentioned in public), then he is not required to avoid the long-term contract.

    Any such long-term agreement must be voidable if the person committing such acts somehow publicizes that fact later.

  2. Don't Force a Sin Situation.

    Avoid attempting a long-term contract with a person who is a member of a religion with such restrictions.

    People who commit acts that violate religions and publicize this fact should not expect to have long-term agreements with some religious people.

    Nobody should expect a religious person to disobey his own religion.

  • Note these facts:

    Individual homosexuals and couples should have the choice of doing either of the above.

    Note that homosexual marriages or civil unions publicize the fact that acts violating religions are being performed.

    Note that in most cases, the religious prohibition is against an action, not a state of being.

    Anyone who wants to force the religious person to violate his own religion cannot expect to have a good relationship in the long-term contract he wants.

    Homosexuals will NEVER have the equality they want, because many religions prohibit homosexuality.

    Most religions can't be changed.

    Religions that have changed to accommodate your disobedience usually have abandoned obeying God to do so.

    Religious people want the desirable afterlife more than anything else. They will never do anything that jeopardizes the afterlife they want.