(What Would Jesus REALLY Do?)

An article recently appeared in a local newspaper entitled "What Would Jesus NOT Do." The problem is that the author does not know Jesus Christ. His list is what a liberal Democrat would do and not do. In other words, he thinks Jesus would obey the Political Correctness religion. He obviously does not know the Scriptures.

Jesus would never do anything that violates Scripture, and he never violated Scripture in his entire existence. Most of the items in this author's list directly contradict Scripture. Most of the PC religion violates Scripture. So Jesus would not have done any of items on his list. Here is his list, with an analysis of what Jesus would REALLY do:

The ListWhat Jesus Would Really Do
Jesus would not try to stop universal health care. Jesus would heal people himself, rather than rely on doctors. He would not favor anything that requires a tax over 10% (the tithe). Jesus would call it a hell-care plan, because it violates Scripture. And it causes people to worship the false idol of government, as do all social programs. Leviticus 27:30; Revelation 13:16–18
He would not be comfortable living in the leading military empire of the world. He lived in the leading military empire of the world. When He was on the earth, the Roman Empire was the leading military empire. Israel was captive within its borders. But he did not agree with those who wanted to destroy its power. Instead, He said, "Give to Caesar that which is Caesar's, and to God what is God's" Matthew 22:21 - See also Matthew 10:34
He would not feel safe in a country where guns were more prevalent than its people. He would not be afraid of guns like some liberals are. He would know that a weapon in the hands of a righteous man is nothing to be feared by anyone but a wrongdoer. Proverbs 28:1
He would not approve of cuts in government spending that target "the least of these." He would not approve of government spending tax money on social programs. Help for the poor is supposed to be done by individual giving done in secret, not massive programs proclaimed to the world by officials. The social programs fail because they violate Scripture, and because they cause people to worship the false god of government. Matthew 6:1–4

God instituted a social program that, if obeyed, guaranteed that there would be no poor in Israel. Every adult must be given land, and that land produces wealth when worked. That land could never be permanently sold. Only a person who was lazy or squandered his wealth would be poor. And there was no property tax. Leviticus 25

He would not approve government making moral judgments for its citizens. God requires His moral law, and so does Jesus. Matthew 5:17–18

Anything that violates His moral law must be excluded from the kingdom of heaven. This includes all of the following: adultery, homosexuality, bestiality, womanizing, fornication, robbery, theft, and many other sins. When Jesus said not to judge, he meant not to say that others are guilty without proof. Jesus is the judge of all who will not repent their sins and accept the forgiveness of Jesus. He will judge all. Revelation 20:11–13

Jesus will especially judge those who say that sin is not wrongdoing, or who make false excuses for "needing" to sin (such as "heredity"). Nobody is ever made to commit such sins. But these people are committing the greater sin by enticing others to sin with their lies. Mark 9:42

The ListWhat Jesus Would Really Do
He would not approve the death penalty for violent criminals. He certainly would approve. All of those who sin (and no man is free of sin except Jesus), who have not repented of those sins and been forgiven those sins, are condemned to not only death, but the second death. But Jesus will forgive those who truly repent of their sins. Revelation 20:14
He would not use revenge to balance a perceived wrong. No, he wouldn't. But punishment for crime is not revenge. Liberals are very wrong when they say that punishment for crimes is revenge. Only criminals think of punishment as revenge. Punishment for a crime is required as a deterrent, so that crimes will not be committed. But Jesus will forgive those who truly repent of their crimes. Revelation 20:11–14
He would not be a soldier in full battle gear kicking down doors in Afghanistan. Jesus will lead the troops of heaven in the last battle of Armageddon. And He will destroy Babylon. Revelation 16:16–21; Revelation 18
Jesus, along with the founders of all great religions, emphasized the virtues of empathy, love, and the treating others as they would wish to be treated. Jesus did emphasize these virtues, but he did much more than that. He also condemned those who worship false gods or created things. And in Romans 1:25–27, it is explained how worship of created things (such as money, government, the arts, or the environment) leads to such abnormalities as a depraved mind, sinful cravings, and homosexuality.

Jesus is unlike all other religions (which were made by man). There is no compromise possible between Christianity and any other religion except Judaism. Jesus is the only true religion. Equating Jesus with all of the other religions is also sin. John 14:6; Matthew 23:1–3

One source of the false belief that all religions are alike is the proliferation of works of fiction that promote it. Hollywodd is quite complicit in making this kind of propaganda, because those who work there worship the things of this world. But salvation is found in no one else but Jesus. Acts 4:12

The above list is nothing but the crybaby teachings of the Politically Correct. It has nothing to do with Jesus. It was plagiarized from the anti-war Baha'i Faith by Democrats who want to control religious belief. PC is designed to please sinful Democrats, not God. But it is not just wrong, it is dead wrong. They offend God to please the sinful.

Do what is right. Read the Bible, accept Jesus as your personal savior, and obey Him. Salvation is not Politically Correct. It is God's way. PC leads to death. Jesus leads to eternal life. Which do you really want?