Governments use false clichés repetitively until people believe them. Here are the most glaring ones:

  1. Separation of church and state!

    Separation of church and state prevents people from exercising their religion freely, in violation of the first amendment. Government now bans teaching religion in schools, which is REQUIRED by many religions. The phrase does not appear in the US constitution, but it is in the Communist Manifesto.

    The "establishment of religion" in the Constitution does not refer to government establishing a religion. An "establishment of religion," in 18th century English, is a church.

  2. Religions are intolerant!

    Religions are intolerant, but to sinful activities, not individuals. There is no religious prohibition to being black, Irish, a woman, a policeman, or a Republican. There ARE religious prohibitions to homosexuality, promiscuity, murder, adultery, theft, false testimony, and greed. These are prohibited because they are wrongdoing. Right and wrong are fixed permanently by God. No democratic vote can change God's mind. Anyone who does right is accepted by God and the churches.

  3. The "good of the whole" outweighs the good of the one!

    This is another phrase of communist thinking. It gives government authority over all personal activity. It assumes that everyone has the same wants and needs, that government is always beneficial, and that government always knows best. These are rarely true. This cliché is the main reason taxes are so high. Every day, I hear government officials saying how much "good" they could do if they had the money someone else spent on something private.

  4. Don't make the punishment worse than the crime!

    In other words, make crime pay! This is the reason there is so much crime. They used to hang horse thieves. They did it so horses would not be stolen. The punishment should cost the criminal at least three times what he gained by committing the crime, including at least double restitution to the victims.

  5. Zoning preserves the beauty and good taste of the community!

    Zoning preserves the taste of the elite and the officials, and the revenue coffers of government. What the rest of the community thinks does not matter to them. A vote should be taken among adjacent property owners if any decision is to be made, and the decision should be restricted to hazardous land uses, not decor, aesthetics, or type of land use.

  6. Violence is the primary school and television problem!

    Immorality is the true problem, not violence. Administrators, teachers, and legislators are so afraid somebody will be injured that they worry about the effects, not the causes. Teach morality, and stop worrying about hurting someone's feelings, and the violence will stop by itself.

  7. Schools are suffering from a lack of money!

    Schools suffer from a lack of professional behavior, due to teacher unionization and government control. Both are dedicated to motives other than giving children the best education. Teachers are dedicated to getting more money and promoting their political beliefs, instead of educating children.

    A large part of the problem is that the schools insist on concentrating on subjects that are not productive in the modern workplace. Teachers seem to think that their job is to instill culture, rather than training good workers to get jobs in today's market.

  8. There is a shortage of energy!

    Bureaucrats caused the "energy crisis." They wanted poor people to be able to buy fuel, so they put price controls on it. When it cost more to obtain the fuel than the allowable selling price, the suppliers stopped supplying it. The proof is that fuel became plentiful again as soon as the price controls were repealed.

    Peak oil is not a problem either. When oil becomes scarce, the price will go up, and people will use other energy sources by themselves, without government having to do anything.

  9. Health care prices are out of control!

    Health care prices are very much in control - of the American Medical Association. This UNION has absolute control of the supply of medicine. They restrict the supply to keep prices high. They have a perfect monopoly. There should be many medical licensing agencies in competition

    In addition, malpractice actuaries and governments put restrictions on medical practice, causing them to waste countless supplies to prevent the spread of AIDS and other rare diseases.

  10. A woman has the right to control her own body!

    The fetus is NOT her body! It is a separate individual, temporarily dependent on her body for support. The only purposes for an elective abortion are convenience, and to hide immoral behavior. There are plenty of people wanting to adopt an unwanted child, so abortion is not a necessity, and should not be a right.

  11. Children are kidnapped to supply organs for transplants!

    This is impossible! The battery of tests necessary to determine WHICH child to kidnap would be obvious to the parent of any child healthy enough to be a donor. Any missing children are probably being used for slavery or sexually immoral purposes instead.

  12. Changing clocks twice a year saves energy!

    If this were true, leaving them advanced would save more. Since the average family watches TV in the evening, and people coming home earlier use more car and home air conditioning, daylight-saving time uses MORE energy. It is done so legislators and doctors can golf after work. Also, some Democrats want it as a tribute to Franklin D Roosevelt (but his was year round). They don't care that it causes auto accidents and extra work.

  13. Guns cause crime!

    Guns cause crime like mice cause cheese. If guns cause crime so, then so do fertilizer, money, baseball bats, steak knives, hammers, bowling balls, swimming pools, ice picks, safes, and pieces of water pipe also used as weapons. Guns don't cause crime, criminals and lax sentencing do.

  14. The second amendment was written to provide a military!

    The second amendment was put there to regulate the military, which the founding fathers feared could take over the government if left unregulated. It allows armed citizens to stop a runaway militia by fighting back. There would not be a problem if people were properly educated in gun safety in school. If the government and military are doing right, there should be no cause to fear armed citizens. The government wants to remove the right to bear arms so it can control everyone's lives.

  15. The meanings of the ninth and tenth amendments are lost!

    These are the most important amendments. They say that the government may not do anything except what the Constitution says it can do. The slow changes of word meanings have obscured this, and liberal judges cannot believe that anyone would possibly want government hobbled by such a rule.

  16. The purpose of government is to help people!

    This could be true only if it was impossible for any government official to make political, personal, or philosophical gains from government service. The purpose of government is to prevent crime.

  17. People can't make wise choices without government help!

    Government officials don't know enough to be able to make choices either, because they are people. Each person knows what choices are best for himself. Anyone who says he knows what is best for each individual is a megalomaniac.

  18. The electorate always makes the worst choices!

    The "Vote for only one" Plurality Voting System always makes the worst choices when more than two candidates run. It is biased toward the candidate most different than the others. The voter needs the Independent Voting System, with the ability to select from [ YES . ABSTAIN . NO ] for each candidate separately. The candidate's score would be YES votes minus NO votes.

  19. The two-party system is the backbone of American politics!

    The two-party system is the backbone of the faulty Plurality Voting System. Adding more parties means more oddball candidates elected.

  20. The voters have spoken!

    Most voters vote to keep the worst candidate out, because of the faulty Plurality Voting System. The best candidate is usually eliminated in the primary election in an attempt to prevent the worst candidate from winning. But it rarely works.

  21. The government must control the economy to prevent recessions!

    The government also taxes the economy, which causes recessions. NOBODY can know enough to control an economy successfully. The government should provide a stable, unchanging monetary and legal base for businesses to operate in, and quit meddling.

  22. The government deficit helps the economy!

    The deficit extends a good portion of an overtaxed economy long enough for the legislator to be re-elected. The cost is fewer government services, higher prices, and higher taxes later.

  23. Cutting taxes reduces revenue!

    This is true only if the effective tax rate on an individual is less than 10%. If individuals are taxed more than 10%, cutting taxes will increase revenue. This is because individuals must forgo optional expenditures to pay taxes. This removes the tax revenue generated by profits made from those expenditures. The producer of the product foregone also has to lay off workers, further reducing tax revenue. The 10% is the total portion of an individual's income taken in taxes by all levels of government.

  24. Profit is evil and wrong!

    Take away profit, and you take away the reason to hire. NO PROFIT MEANS NO JOBS! Profit is wrong only if it is dishonestly gained. An example of dishonest gain is misrepresenting the product to the buyer. Another is monopoly control of a market (including labor union monopolies).

  25. NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) takes away jobs!

    NAFTA would be no problem if there weren't TAXES and UNIONS. The restrictions they place on profits warp the exchange rates. NO PROFIT MEANS NO JOBS! People have to earn 5 times as much in the US just to pay their taxes and still buy what they need.

  26. Each person who wants a job must be given one!

    Who is going to pay them? If there is no profit made for each job, there is no money to pay wages, and no money to collect tax from. People have to work at finding a job, or they can work to fill a need, hiring others in the process. Taxing income and property, and excessive taxation, cause fewer people to start businesses and hire workers.

  27. Non-Union labor is wrong!

    Unions destroy business profit, destroying jobs. Collective bargaining is just another word for monopoly! Monopolies always cause economic trouble. If the government weren't messing up the economy with high taxes and social programs, there would be enough jobs. Then, if the worker doesn't like the working conditions, there are plenty of other jobs to be had.

  28. Buy American! Buy Union!

    Pay higher prices for inferior products. This is true because high taxes and union monopolies cause prices to inflate and quality to fall.

  29. There are too many lawyers!

    There are too many suers. (Should that be "sewers"???) The high fees indicate that there are not enough lawyers to fill the demand. The standards of proof of culpability are not stringent enough, and people sue to gain money from those other than those actually doing wrong. Proof of causality should be required to collect damages, and punitive damages should be restricted to cases of malice.

  30. The number of terms an official serves should be limited!

    What should be limited is continuous government service. Each official should be required to sit out 4 years after the finish of any full term of office fully or partially served.

  31. It is necessary to penalize the innocent to catch the guilty!

    It is never necessary to take rights away from people to make the police job easier. Anyone who wants to do this should have all of their rights taken away for a week. Instead, the number of police should be increased, as should the penalties for serious crimes.

  32. We have to seize property for proof in court!

    It is never necessary to destroy property to collect evidence. Nondestructive tests and records can be made at the scene in the presence of witnesses. If destructive tests are wanted, an offer to buy the property can be made. If the property is irreplaceable, then other methods must be found to gather the evidence. The owner can be asked to produce the property in court if necessary, or the jury can be taken to view evidence that is attached to real property.