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A "C" followed by a number refers to the Colorado University study case numbers

Updated 02/24/14

Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
NN/NN/1290 TTTTAmpleforth Abbey England(many) Fiction written as school project

11/24/1896 ntTTSan Francisco CA(many)$P$ Fire balloons=PK=PK
03/31/1897 TTTTGalesburg MI(many)Airship effect meteor=PK=PK
04/10/1897 ntTTOttumwa IA(many)$P$ Fire balloons=PK=PK
04/15/1897 TTTTDenton TX(many)Airship effect meteor=PK=PK
Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
02/25/42 ntTTLos Angeles CA(many) $P$ Fugo balloon bomb launched from Japanese sub
04/03+/45 ntTTKawasaki Japan(many air) Venus (Foo Fighter cases)=ER=PK
12/05/45 TTTTBahamas(air) No evidence UFO involved in lost planes (Flight 19)
10/**/46 ntTTAguilar CO(many) Mountain electricity on power line

08/01/46 TTTTMacDill AFB Tampa FL(mil air) Airship effect meteor=PK=PK
Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
01/07/48 1315Godman AFB KY(many, air: Thomas Mantell) Skyhook balloon=A==ER
07/20/48 TTTTArnheim Netherlands? Airship effect meteor

07/24/48 0340Montgomery ALair: Chiles/Whitted Airship effect meteor=ER=LR
08/01/48 TTTTTampa FLair: Jack Puckett Airship effect meteor=PK=PK
10/01/48 ntTTFargo NDair: George Gorman $V$ Lighted balloon; Intercept perspective effects=ER=ER
Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
03/17/50 dyTTFarmington NM(many) Burst Skyhook balloon fragments (50+ UFOs)=ER=ER
07/04/50 TTTTWhite Sands NMDan Fry ?H? !! $D$ Today's knowledge of planets
08/03/51 TTTTPinckney MIWalter Webb +$Y$?P? Fire Balloon=FE=LR
08/25+/51 2120Lubbock TX(many) Plover and moths reflecting glow from new streetlights {lights seen in sky} =ER=ER
11/24/51 TTTTSelfridge AFB, Battle Creek MI(many) Fireball meteor

Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
02/10/52 TTTTIceland to NF flight(air)Moon ~|~=DM=DM
06/21/52 ntTT(classified atomic plant)(air) $V$ Lighted balloon; Intercept perspective effects =ER=ER
09/12/52 ntTTFlatwoods WV(many)Meteor, Sandhill crane=ER=ER
09/24/52 ntTTCuba(air) $V$ Lighted balloon; Intercept perspective effects=ER=ER
11/20/52 TTTTMojave Desert CAGeorge Adamski ?H? Fiction didn't sell, fact did {fakes} $R$=PB=PB
12/10/52 ntTT(classified atomic plant)(air) $V$ Lighted balloon; Intercept perspective effects =ER=ER
NN/NN/53 TTTTWashington DC? MJ-12 document fake; $D$ Typed on machine first made in 1963=PB=PB
01/26/53 TTTT(classified \/ site)NM?Balloon=ER=ER
Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
07/01/54 TTTTRome NY(many, air) Partially deflated balloon

07/02/54 TTTTWalesville NY(many, air) C-47, Plane; Unrelated fire and crash

09/22/54 TTTTN France??P? Fire balloon

10/NN/54 ntTTSinceny France(A) Neighbor fixing car at night
12/27/54 TTTTDrakensberg Mt. South AfricaElizabeth Klarer ?H? Venus air not poisonous $R$
Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
04/07/56 TTTTDrakensberg Mt. South AfricaElizabeth Klarer ?H? Venus air not poisonous $R$
09/02/56 TTTTDayton OH(A)?P? Fire balloon

NN/NN/57 TTTTNHoward Menger ?H? $D$ Changed story many times, once to a CIA experiment $R$=PB=PB
10/L30/57 ****Shelly MT(? - 5 sightings in 30 months) ?P? Fire Balloons
05/30/58 2120Uralsk USSR(A)?P? 2 Fire Balloons=S@=LR
06/30/59 2023Patuxent River NAS MD(mil) Sun reflected on plane fuselage
09/13/59 TTTTGills Rock WI(2?)?P? Fire Balloon
10/UU/59 TTTTTelephone Ridge OR(4?)?P? Fire Balloon
Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
03/23/60 TTTTIndianapolis INLarsen?P? Fire Balloon=S67=LR
07/19-20/60 TTTTSt Louis MO??P? Fire Balloons
11/27/60 1930Chula Vista CAKoff, Hart New anticollision strobe on plane=S67=LR
NN/NN/61 ntTTN WYButton Headlight reflection from power line

03/13/61 ntTTNorth Island, San Diego CAmil: Friel, Jacanin Ad-plane (night, towed grid)=S67=LR
04/29/61 dyTTNewport RIGallagher Red balloon lifting radio aerial wire from submarine=CL=LR
09/21/61 TTTTPacific Ocean(air) Airship effect meteor=PK=PK
09/24/61 ntTTPine Creek Ranch NV? Jupiter, ?P? fire balloon
10/12/61 1930Indianapolis INFrank Edwards Ad-plane=FE+LR
11/21/61 1930Oldtown FL(2?) ?P? Fire Balloon
12/13/61 1705Washington DCmil: Meyer+1, Weber ?P? Fire balloon=S67=LR
Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
05/26/62 2345Blandford MA(mil+$Y$)?P? Fire Balloon
09/05/62 0446nm USA, CAN(1000s) Sputnik IV re-entry; $D$ pieces of same=N==S=
07/L1/63 ntTTBoston MAmanyAd plane=N==N=
07/01/63 ntTTGlen Ellyn IL?=~ New anticollision strobe=N==LR
08/13-14/63 ntTTSt Gallen SwitzerlandSchelling $P$ 2 Fire Balloons=S67=LR
05/L19/64 TTTTRio Vista CAdeputy John Cruz, many ?P? Fire Balloons=FE=LR
06/08/64 ntTTLawrenceville ILHelen ReedAd-plane=S@=LR
07/04/64 ntTTClearwater FL(many) $P$ Parachute flares dropped for July 4 festivities
Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
03/08/65 TTTTMount Airy MD(A) ?P? 6 fire balloons went between barn and house

03/31/65 TTTTBrooksville FLJohn Reeves $R$ ?H? Hoax jet interception of UFO
Post-hypnotic suggestion from party hypnosis
See also physical effects 03/02/65, 10/NN/65, 12/04/66
07/19/65 TTTTWatertown MA(A)Weather balloon

07/L9/65 ntTTExeter NH(many+police)?P? Fire balloons=JF=LR
08/NN/65 ntTTIndianapolis IN(many) Ad plane (10/12/61 case same description)=FE=LR
08/03/65 ntTTTinker AFB OK(many, police, air) =A= bungle: Orion not visible in August
09/NN/65 ntTTExeter NHRon Smith+?P? Fire balloon=JF=LR
09/03/65 ntTTExeter NH??P? Fire balloon=JF=LR
09/03/65 0200Exeter NHMuscarello+police:Bertrand+Hunt ?P? 3 Fire balloons an hour apart=JF=LR
10/19/65 ntTTFremont NHJerline Jalbert ?P? Fire balloon with hanging foil strips=JF=LR
Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
01/03/66 TTTTLos Altos CARobert Staver?P? Fire balloons
01/11+/66 ntTTWanaque NJ(many, police)?P? Fire balloons=FE =S@=LR
01/16/66 TTTTBolazec FranceEugene Coquil?P? Fire balloon
03/**/66 TTTTSan Gabriel CA(many)$P$ Fire balloons
03/09/66 ntTTWestport CT(100s) $P$ Weather balloons with flares
03/14/66 ntTTAnn Arbor MI(many)?P? Fire balloons
03/16/66 ntTTWestport CT(100s) $P$ Weather balloons with flares
03/17/66 ntTTMilan MI(many+police)?P? Fire balloon
03/20/66 ntTTMilan MI(many+police)?P? Fire balloon
03/20+/66 ntTTDexter, Milan, Chelsea MI(many police) |~| or ~|~ stars, Fire balloons??
03/24/66 ntTTSalisbury NC(2) |~| or ~|~ stars, possible jet trail distortion=S67=LR
04/07/66 ntTTLos Angeles, Pasadena CA
Caltech CA
(100s) $P$ Plastic balloons with vanes and flares =S@=**
04/18/66 TTTTSharon MAMay?P? Fire balloons
04/22/66 ntTT C55Farmington NM(air) White Sands Flare experiment {Ceiling light}=C==C=
04/22/66 TTTTBeverly MAFowler?P? Fire balloon=RF=LR
04/22/66 TTTTWenham MARussell+?P? Fire balloon
Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
07/31/66 TTTTPresque Isle State Park PA(A) ?P? Fire balloon
08/NN/66 ntTTGalesburg IL(A)?P? Fire balloons
08/01/66 ntTTRushville IN($Y$)?P? Fire balloon=CL=LR
08/16/66 ntTTWI, MN, MI(many)2 Ba clouds over Hudson Bay=N==S=
09/UU/66 TTTTEl Campo TX??P? Fire balloon=CL=LR
09/18/66 TTTTNanton ABHill?P? Fire balloon (blue bag)=CL=LR
10/03/66 ntTTLexington KY(A) |~| Capella

10/07/66 TTTTNanton ABHill?P? Fire balloon (blue bag)=CL=LR
10/10/66 ntTTWanaque NJ(many, police)?P? Fire balloons=FE =S@=LR
10/16/66 ntTTWanaque NJ(many, police)?P? Fire balloons=FE =S@=LR
12/L7/66 nt** C28Coarse Gold CA(many) |~| Aerial refueling training at Castle AFB CA=C==C=
12/UU/66 TTTTEl Campo TX??P? Fire balloon=CL=LR
12/03/66 TTTTBelmont CA(police)$Y$ $P$ Fire balloon
12/30/66 0238 C11Peru to Mexico flightair: Bob Millbank+ Gemini 2 Agena fragment re-entry=C==C=
Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
NN/**/67 TTTTWalla Walla WA(many)$Y$ $P$ Fire balloons
01/13+/67 **** C14Joplin MO(many, police) |~| stars, /|\, balloon, Ba cloud; $Y$ $H$ =C==C=
01/20/67 ntTTMethuen MA3 ?P? Fire balloon
(3rd case same loc & day)
(Other cases in Physical Effects)

02/02/67 ntTTGalesburg IL(A)?P? Fire balloons
02/21/67 TTTTReeder ND(A)|~| Venus

02/24/67 ntTT C15Bellevue CO?|~| Venus setting=C==C=
03/**/67 TTTTSacramento CA(many)$P$ Fire balloons
03/06/67 ntTTGalesburg, Henderson ILpolice: Frank Courson ?P? Fire balloon with fireworksAL68=LR
03/08/67 TTTTCambridge IL(A) Airplane, Combined with ?P? fire balloonsAL68=LR
03/09/67 ntTTGalesburg IL(A) ?P? Fire balloon with fireworksAL68=LR
03/11/67 ntTTAstabula OH(A)?P? Fire balloon
03/22/67 TTTTWapello IA(A)?P? Fire balloon
Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
.V/**/67 **** C20
Seedro Wooley WA(many) Beeping sounds from Saw Whet Owls (no visual)=C==C=
.V/**/67 TTTTShelley ID(many)?P? Fire balloons
05/27/67 2330 C23Scenic SD(many) $P$ Navy plane made UFO sightings with spotlight=C==C=
04/UU/67 1020Bloomington IN(A)Windblown plastic bag+LR+LR
04/**/67 ****Milan MI(many)Air tests with floodlights=PK=PK
04/01/67 TTTTLoco TXCarroll Watts$H$ abduction and exam claim=T@=LR
04/01/67 2115 C18Boulder CO(many)$P$ Fire balloons=C==**
04/15/67 1100 C19Bonneville UT(none) Predicted UFO did not appear=C==C=
04/22/67 TTTTRichmond VA(many)?P? Fire balloons
04/22/67 TTTTSouth Hill VA(many)?P? Fire balloons
05/05/67 TTTTTo Chou South VietnamJames Ringland+ Fire Balloons=T@=LR
05/07/67 TTTTAlamosa CO??P? Fire balloon+firework=CL=LR
Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
06/L2/67 **** C27Harrisburg PA? Instruments detect no UFOs, sightings continue=C==C=
07/10/67 TTTT C27Harrisburg PA??P? Fire Balloon found=C==C=
.S/NN/67 TTTTBloomington INTeague, Root?P? Fire balloon
07/05/67 TTTT C25Coventry CT? ?P? Fire balloon (see also physical effects)=CL=LR
07/20+/67 ****Jewish Creek FLFawcett?P? Fire balloons=CL=LR
07/28/67 ntTT C28Pacheso Pass CA(many) |~| See 12/L7/66 Coarse Gold, specific sighting=C==C=
08/NN/67 ****Caracas Venezuela(100+) $P$ Balloons with foil and flashlights=CL=CL
08/02/67 2130 C29Cape Ann MA(many) B52 dropped 16 Flares for training=RF=RF
08/05/67 TTTTSawyer NDShervan, Bodine?P? Fire balloon
08/15/67 ntTT C28Coarse Gold CA(many) |~| See 12/L7/66 Coarse Gold, specific sighting=C==C=
09/**/67 TTTTSharon PA(many)$P$ Fire balloons
09/28/67 TTTTTucson AZ(many)Titan 3 C4 re-entry=PK=PK
09/28/67 TTTTAlamosa CO??P?Fire balloon+firecracker=CL=LR
09/30/67 TTTTLakewood CO? ?P?Fire balloon+firecracker+falling candles=CL=LR
Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
10/NN/67 0905 C36Phoenix AZ(many) Daytime fireball meteor=PK=PK
10/L3/67 TTTT C38Newfield NY??P?Fire balloons=CL=LR
10/01/67 TTTTLakewood CO??P?Fire balloon=CL=LR
10/04/67 dyTTBear Point NS(air) ?H? Fire balloon with firecracker=N==LR
10/04/67 ntTTDartmouth NS? ?H? Fire balloon=N==LR
10/04/67 2200 C34Shag Harbor NS? ?H? Fire balloon, landed on water=C==LR
10/04/67 2200 C34Shag Harbor NSWickens ?H? Fire balloon, landed on water
Fake aerial bomb firework sound
10/04/67 ntTTBear Point Woods NS? ?H? Fire balloon=N==LR
10/04/67 ntTTCape Sable Island NS? ?H? Fire balloon=N==LR
10/05/67 TTTTDenver CO??P?Fire balloons=CL=LR
10/07/67 TTTTBoulder CO(many)Venus

10/11/67 2200Lower Woods NS? ?H? Fire balloon=N==LR
10/19/67 TTTTPrairie Du Chien WI? ?P? Fire balloon=CL=LR
10/20+/67 **** C37Milledgeville GA(many, police, air) ~|~ Venus, Jupiter {$H$ ???}
Fire Balloons
10/22/67 TTTT C37Newnan GA?Venus=CL=CL
10/24/67 ****Lumsden SK($Y$+Police+)?P? 2 or 3 fire balloons=CL=LR
10/26/67 TTTTCommerce City CO??P?Fire balloon=CL=LR
10/28/67 TTTTNaturita CO??P?Fire balloon=CL=LR
Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
11/05/67 TTTTOcean City NJ??P?Fire balloon=CL=LR
12/NN/67 1800 C45Castle Rock CO(many)$P$ Fire balloon=C==C=
12/02/67 0800 C41Charleston WV? Radiosonde balloon burst, parachute=C==C=
12/05/67 2230 C43Concordia KS($Y$ many) Scared by plane and ground lights=C==C=
12/08/67 TTTTBronx NY$Y$ Kevin Freeman?P? Fire Balloon=T@=LR
12/24/67 ntTTBelmont MA? ?P? Fire Balloons
$D$ 6-7 30s apart, Falling candles

Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
1968..1970 ****Zerton Egypt(many) $P$ Projected images on night sky
03/**/68 TTTTSacramento CA(many)$P$ $Y$ Fire balloons
03/03/68 ntTTKY, IN, OH, PA(many)Zond IV satellite re-entry=S=+LR
03/25/68 TTTTMetuchen NJ(many)$P$ Fire balloons
06/17/68 TTTTScottsdale AZ(many)Fireball meteor=PK=PK
07/28/68 TTTTCuming Co. NEWilliam Rogers Fireball Meteor (in line of flight)=PK=PK
08/15/68 TTTTYellow Springs OH(A)?P? Fire Balloon=T@=LR
09/05/68 TTTTMadrid Spain(many)Triangular weather balloon
01/17/69 TTTTCrittenden VA(A)Ad-plane
04/30/69 TTTTPonce PR(many)Skyhook balloon

05/12/69 TTTTLake Zurich IL($Y$)Night air recon photo plane=PK=PK
06/05/69 TTTTSt Louis MO, Cedar Rapids SD(many air) Fireball meteor=PK=PK
11/14/69 spTTMoon Apollo 12Pete Conrad S-4B LEM doors (on board, earth telescopic)
Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
NN/NN/70 TTTTWarminster England? $P$ Purple car spotlight, test "UFO research methods"
01/05/70 TTTTCowichan BCKendall+?P? Fire balloon
.S/**/71 ****Washington DC(many) New police helicopters with spotlights=N==N=
04/UU/71 ntTTrural VA(A) ?H? Fire balloons (Escaped convict case)
07/17/71 TTTTHewaheta Ceylon(A)?P? Fire balloons
08/02/72 TTTTe USA EDT($Y$)$H$ Idea from book=PK=PK
08/17/72 ntTTHays KS(many) |~| Venus, meteor
$P$ Lighted helium balloons
Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
01/11/73 TTTTLong Crendon EnglandPeter Day ?P? Fire balloon
02/21/73 TTTTPiedmont MO(many) Stars, ?P? Fire balloons, Man in wet suit=PK=PK
.S/NN/73 TTTTButte MT(many)Hang glider
.A/NN/73 TTTTJackson MIJames Thulke+Weather balloon

09/NN/73 TTTTPike National Forest COMcAndrew Mountain electricity on power line

09/NN/73 ntTTManchester GA(many)$P$ Road flare planted
09/NN/73 TTTTLongview TX(many) Geese mistaking airport runway for lake=N==N=
09/NN/73 ntTTGreenwood DE(many) $P$ Volunteer firemen w/ 7 ft hoop of orange lights
09/NN/73 ntTTBaton Rouge LA(many) $P$ Fire balloon chased by police helicopter
Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
10/NN/73 dyTTFort Worth TX(A) $P$ UFO hot air balloon from Edmund Scientific
10/NN/73 TTTTJonesboro AR(many)$P$ $Y$ in foil suits
10/01/73 TTTTCalcutta India(air)Russian booster re-entry
10/11/73 ntTTConnersville INTerry Eversole+many ?P? Fire balloon=N==LR
10/11/73 ntTTLaurel INRandi Stevens+?P? Fire balloon=N==LR
10/11/73 TTTTBoulder COAllen Robbins+?P? Fire balloon=N==LR
10/11/73 TTTTDayton OH($Y$)Meteor=N==LR
10/NN/73 TTTTDayton OH? $P$ Jeff and Steve Lowe dressed in foil suits=N==**
10/14/73 ntTTLinton INpolice: Smith?P? Fire balloon=N==LR
10/14/73 ntTTMartinsville INpolice: Buskirk?P? Fire balloon=N==LR
10/14/73 ntTTAnn Arbor MIJohn Gilligan+Ba cloud=N==S=
10/15/73 TTTTMartinsville IN(police)|~| Mars=N==N=
10/15/73 ntTTGulfport MS?$H$ Alibi for being asleep in cab=N==N=
10/16/73 ntTTGulfport MS?$H$ Same case as 10/15/73=N==N=
10/16/73 TTTTDayton OH? ?H? Report of cows killed by object $D$ No bodies=N==N=
10/16/73 TTTTXenia OH(many)$P$ $Y$ in foil suits=N==N=
Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
10/17/73 ntTTBloomington IN(many) |~| Mars, |~| Venus, $P$ Fire balloons=N==LR
10/17/73 ntTTNew Albany IN(many)|~| ?P? Fire balloons=N==N=
10/17/73 ntTTLafayette IN(many)|~| Plane with landing lights on=N==N=
10/17/73 ntTTGreenwood DE(many) $P$ Volunteer firemen w/ 7 ft hoop of orange lights=N==**
10/17/73 TTTTMobile AL(none) ?H? Predicted UFO did not appear=N==N=
10/18/73 TTTTOH(many)Fireball meteor=N==N=
10/18/73 TTTTNoblesville IN(police)$P$ Fire balloon=N==N=
10/18/73 TTTTSavannah GA(many)$P$ $Y$ in foil suit=N==N=
10/19/73 TTTTBloomington IN(many)Fire in Bennett's Dump=N==N=
10/19/73 TTTTAshburn GA(A)$P$ $Y$ in foil suit=N==N=
10/19/73 TTTTCopeland NC(A)$P$ $Y$ in foil suit=N==N=
10/20/73 ntTTBaton Rouge LA(thousands) ?P? Fire balloon over stadium, helicopter chase intercept perspective effects=N==N=
10/21/73 TTTTJonesboro AR(many)$P$ Men in foil suits=N==N=
10/22+/73 ****Hartford City INGary Flatter+ $P$ $Y$ in foil suit=N==N=
11/**/73 TTTTElmira NY(many) $P$ Luminous helium balloons w/ foil strips=N==**
11/**/73 TTTTMD, VA(many)$P$ Lighted helium balloons=N==**
Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
1974..1979 ****southern AZ(many) Model rockets used by drug smugglers=G==G=
01/NN/74 TTTTNorthport WA(many)$P$ Fire balloon=N==**
03/24/74 TTTTSoderby Sweden(many)?P? Fire balloons=U2=U2
11/11/74 TTTTCarbondale PA(many)Lit flashlight in pond=N==N=
11/22/74 ntTTCanary Islands(many)Poseidon missile test=N==N=
03/19+/75 ****Yakima WA(many)|~| Venus

05/28/75 TTTTOwensburg INBaker|~| Venus, stars

06/12/75 ntTTBloomington IN(A)?P? Fire balloon
11/20/75 TTTTFL to DC flight(air)Fireball meteor
Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
06/22/76 ntTTCanary Islands(many)Poseidon missile test=N==N=
11/19/76 ntTTCanary Islands(many) Poseidon missile test guidance failed=N==N=
03/24/77 ntTTCanary Islands(many)Poseidon missile test=N==N=
08/NN/77 TTTTFawn Grove PA(many)?P? Fire balloon
09/20/77 ntTTPetrozavodsk Russia(many)Ba cloud=N==S=
10/08/78 TTTTCato MO(many) Edmund Scientific solar powered flying toy
10/28/78 TTTTVina CAJack Trites?P? Fire balloon
12/24/78 TTTTBritain(many)Cosmos 1068 re-entry=N==S=
Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
NN/NN/79 TTTTBradford PAGregory Elliot?P? Fire balloons
01/02/79 dyTTWorkington England(many) Sun halation on airplane

02/16/79 TTTTBig Rapids MI(many)?P? Fire balloons
02/26/79 TTTTCompton CA(many)?P? Fire balloon
03/**/79 ****Monroe NC(many)?P? Fire balloons
03/05/79 ntTTCanary Islands(many)Poseidon missile test=N==N=
03/24/79 ntTTPittsburgh PA to Columbus OHair: Sperling, Lewis ~|~ star

04/NN/79 TTTTSouthampton England(air) Orange elephant balloon escaped from circus=JR=JR
04/26/79 TTTTMonroe WI(many)?P? Fire balloons
07/14/79 TTTTPensacola FL(many)?P? Fire balloons
07/NN/79 TTTTWA, OR, NV(many)Fireball Meteor
11/26/79 TTTTCergy FranceFontaine$H$ (abduction story)

Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
08/02/84 ntTTWarminster England? Parachute flare exercise

08/23/87 ntTTCorydon IN??P? Fire balloon
10/L2/87 ntTTWytheville VApolice, others ?P? Fire balloon
Mysterious reporters were tabloid men

11/L6/87 ****Gulf Breeze FL(many) ?P? Fire balloons (some sightings)
10/L9/88 ****Corydon IN(many) ?P? Fire balloons (most sightings)
11/04/89 TTTTCarp ON? Helicopter, ?H? Alien landing story=PB=PB
Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
1989-1990 TTTTBelgiummany ?P? Fire balloons
04/02/91 TTTTFaribault MNDick Feichtinger ?P? 2 Fire balloons
07/UU/91 2030Bloomington IN(many)Ba cloud+LR+LR
08/18/91 TTTTCarp ONDiana LabanekHelicopter=PB=PB
02/05/92 TTTTWilliamsport PA(many) Aerial refueling exercises

02/26/93 ntTTJefferson Co. KY(many, air) $P$ Fire balloon, Intercept perspective effects=N==**
04/25/94 TTTTRotterdam Netherlands(police) Ultralight aircraft

02/18/97 spTTSTS-82 Earth Orbit(astro) Ice crystals reflecting sun
02/L4/97 ntTTAZ(many)?P? Fire balloons
03/10+/97 ****Phoenix AZ(many) Parachute flare exercise
?P? fire balloons
03/13/97 2200Phoenix AZ(many) Parachute flare exercise
?P? fire balloons
11/15/97 TTTTWA, OR(many) Russian booster re-entry=N==U=
08/16/99 TTTTCanton OH(many) Ashes of deceased man sent aloft with toy balloons=N==N=
Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
01/27/01 TTTTBarnaul Airport, Siberia Russia(many) Air crew refused to take off, UFO over runway
12/26/03 TTTTHuntington IN(many) ?P? Fire balloon or model hot air balloon=N==LR
03/31/04 TTTT? QLD(many)Bright Meteor=N==N=
12/04/04 TTTTDarwin Australia(many)Scintillating star=N==N=
05/11/06 TTTTWidespread over Australia(many) Meteoric debris from comet=N==N=
05/11/06 TTTTAustralia(many) Farmer saw ball lightning rolling down mountain=N==N=
05/16/06 TTTTWidespread over Australia(many) Green fireballs are meteoric debris from comet=N==N=
11/07/06 TTTTO'Hare Airport, Chicago IL(many) Hole in cloud ceiling, other clouds behind=N==LR
01/08/07 TTTTLakenheath UK(air) Escaped toy Mylar balloon=N==LR
04/23/07 TTTTAlderney Island UK(air)Sub-sun=N==LR
01/L1/08 TTTTStephenville TX(many)$P$ Fire balloons=N==LR
04/21/08 TTTTPhoenix AZ(many) $P$ Weather balloons with road flares=N==N=
01/05/09 TTTTMorris co NJ
Morristown NJ
(many) $P$ Weather balloons with road flares=N==N=
02/15/09 TTTTTX NM OK KS(many)Meteor=N==N=
02/16/09 TTTTTX(many) Debris from satellite collision=N==N=
Date/timeLocationWitnesses ID Description - (KEY)SourceID-er
05/04/10 ntTTCincinnati OH(many) $P$ Fire Balloon=N==LR
05/05/10 ntTTCleveland OH, Lake Erie(many) $P$ Fire Balloons=N==LR
07/07/10 2040Xiaoshan Airport, Hongzhau China(many) Airport closed due to UFO in pattern
Rocket Launch Jiuquan Kazakhstan -> Gobi Desert
Venus also bright
False videos of earlier sighting released
07/07/10 ntTTCleveland OH, Lake Erie(many) $P$ Fire Balloons=N==LR
10/14/10 TTTTNew York NY(many) Balloons released for engagement party=N==N=
11/09/10 dyTTCalifornia coast, Pacific Ocean(many) Contrail under unusual lighting=N==N=
05/22/12 dyTTPhiladelphia International Airport PA(air) Plane passes very close to fire balloon=N==LR
06/07/12 TTTTSyria, Israel, Iran(many) Russian ICBM test re-entry. Swirl was fuel dump=N==N=
12/31/13 ntTTall of CA(many) Sky Lantern fireworks (fire balloons) for new year=N==LR