Did you know that government used UFO sightings for various purposes?
Here's how they did it:

In the history of UFOs, the following information has until recently been unknown. But now that we know what government was up to, some of the mysteries are now explained:

  1. The first use by government of a "flying object crash" was on 04/17/1897 in Aurora TX. They concocted a crashed alien story because the town was dying. The railroad had bypassed the town. So, in the era of H G Wells and Jules Verne, they thought they could attract people with a spaceship crash.
  2. The first recorded event where the government used "Unidentified" to hide what they knew was there was the World War II Battle of Los Angeles. This event on 02/25/1942 involved the military shooting anti-aircraft flak at an unidentified "blimp." Nothing was shot down, but the "blimp" disappeared. Actually, one of the explosions seen was the "blimp." It was a Japanese "Fu-Go" balloon bomb launched from a submarine. The government kept these secret, until someone found an unexploded one in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the 1980s.
  3. The Foo-Fighters were a French underground trick to make the Germans waste ammunition. They were fire balloons. The French knew, but US airmen didn't.
  4. The Project Mogul and Project Skyhook crews used UFO reports to find their balloons when they lost RADAR contact with them. Often, they called up towns and asked if there had been any flying saucer sightings, without explaining why they wanted to know.
  5. The Roswell NM crash was purposely "identified" as a crashed flying disc to hide the Mogul spy balloon that crashed there. They contained sensitive microphones intended to listen for Soviet nuclear bomb tests. Then the flying disc identification got to hot (in the press) for the military to handle, so they re-identified it as the RA-WIN radar target on a weather balloon.
  6. As a result of the Robertson Panel meetings, CIA Director Walter B Smith decided to use flying saucers as a psychological weapon against the Soviet Union. By fostering a cult belief in alien spaceships here, they got Soviet intelligence to start looking for UFOs instead of our spy flights.
  7. Project Blue Book was instructed to categorize all U2 and SR-71 spy plane flights as "unidentified." This had two purposes: It furthered the UFO beliefs here, and it hid the secret spy planes which must cross the US frequently. It also started an unexpected belief in extraterrestrial UFOs among the Soviet Union's population.
  8. Too often, UFO "experts" would descend on an airplane crash site, looking for clues that a UFO shot down the plane. Since they were disturbing the crash evidence, the CAB and FAA investigators wanted to get rid of them. So they gave them wild stories about UFOs shooting down planes, in exchange for the UFO "experts" leaving the crash scene alone. An example of this is the 1953 Mattysdale NY case, where a wingtip tank fell in a populated area.
  9. In a similar case in August 1953, a wayward military shell crashed through a billboard in New Haven CT. The investigators again gave the UFO "experts" a wild story, just to get rid of them.
  10. The government used the Levelland TX and Orogrande NM unidentified UFO cases to overshadow the launch of Sputnik II. They also used the unidentified label to hide the wayward missile that really caused the Orogrande case.
  11. The Gemini 4 astronauts saw a UFO in space in June 1965. NORAD identified it at the time as the Soviet Proton III satellite. But that satellite was too far away at the time. Now we believe they were hiding a Soviet spy satellite (so THEY don't know that we know what they know...).
  12. In the 1970s and 1980s, government security agencies monitoring secret programs for leaks often circulated internal memos describing wild (but false) UFO stories with aliens AND EFFECTS. If the stories leaked out of the facility, they knew to look for someone who was a security risk.
  13. Government also used "unidentified" labels to "explain" sightings of secret flights of foreign dignitaries, nuclear materials, and secret aircraft. This included the stealth fighter, stealth bomber, F-22 Raptor, U-2 and SR-71 aircraft.
  14. In October and November 1975, the Air Force did stealth anti-RADAR tests over Loring AFB (Maine), Wurtsmith AFB (Michigan), and Malmstrom AFB (Montana). The identities of these objects were kept secret (unidentified) from even the base commanders until after the B-2 stealth bomber was revealed to the public many years later.
  15. When a UFO group held a convention near Luke AFB (Tampa FL), the base commander decided to give them "something to do." He ordered night maneuvers over the area. Then he showed up at the convention, to watch them go mad "collecting data."
  16. The government withheld the identity of a large number of UFOs seen along the Texas-Mexico border in the mid 1970s, until they could catch the gang that was using model rockets to smuggle drugs across the border.
  17. One possibility for the December 1980 Rendalsham Forest - Bentwaters (England) case is a cover-up for a spy-satellite film drop. We must remember that this event occurred just as the Iran hostage crisis was about to end. Intelligence might have needed the information too quickly to arrange the normal sea drop of a film capsule. The rest of the story might have been concocted to hide this film drop. This scenario explains many things, including the falling object at the beginning, and the reported shape of the object.
  18. In 1989, Bob Lazar claimed that he had worked at Area 51, and had seen captured flying saucers there. He then claimed that he was fired, and that the government somehow removed all of his college records, and had even somehow removed him from the school yearbooks. This last claim is quite improbable, because: But the government let Lazar buffoon himself with his stories anyway. It turned any interest in Area 51 away from looking for classified aircraft, and toward looking for UFO-type craft.

So a large part of the UFO story was generated by government, for government purposes.

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