Those favoring an extraterrestrial explanation of UFO sightings claim that governments have SECRET proof that UFOs are extraterrestrial spaceships. (For some unknown reason, the word SECRET is always capitalized in military writing) Here are the reasons why there probably is NOT a cover-up of UFO information:

  1. Nobody could keep it quiet that long. If the government DID have crashed saucers and alien bodies, many more people who know would have slipped and let something out in the last fifty years. This is the strongest evidence against UFO secrecy.
  2. It is impossible to prove that SECRET government information does not exist. This is the same case as proving that alien spaceships do not exist. It is impossible to prove that something does not exist.
  3. If the government knew there was even a slight danger, they would be driving us crazy with public service announcements and debates on the hazards of UFOs. We would be bombarded with ads similar to the ones telling us not to eat fat, to be polutically correct, and to be "good to the earth." There were ads in World War II telling us what to do if a bomb fell, to help out by paying your income tax on time, to contribute to scrap drives (and you thought recycling was new), to grow victory gardens, and how to report fifth columnists. If the government knew anything, we would be hearing these:
  4. The SECRET being kept may be that the government, particularly the military, has absolutely no idea about what is going on. No official wants to admit that he doesn't know what's really happening.
  5. Where the government IS keeping SECRETs, an alien spaceship is probably not the reason for the secrecy. Here are some of the probable reasons for the secrecy:
  6. Other government actions HAVE contributed to the notion of secrecy:
  7. Reporters and UFO investigators have also contributed to the notion of secrecy:
  8. Authors of books do not always check their facts before publishing.
  9. Tabloids will say anything to sell magazines. Don't trust the 'bloids:
  10. Authors, publishers, and bookstores know the truth won't sell:


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