What they will do to make you believe.

There are people out there who want you to believe that there are aliens coming to our planet. Some are trying to sell you something, others want you to believe in their philosophy, some have secrets to hide, and still others are out to make fools of everyone. Here are some of the activities they have been caught in, along with other tidbits of UFO misinformation widely circulated:

  1. Frank Scully was duped into believing a yarn involving a crashed saucer. It was created by men who were really promoting the upcoming release of the movie "The Flying Saucer." They also were selling an alien "doodlebug" that could supposedly find oil pockets.
  2. The nice drawing of the 06/26/59 Boianai Papua object was not drawn by any of the witnesses. The "pro-alien" Rev. Cruttwell drew it from witness statements.
  3. Several police officers have lost their jobs after being the victims of pranks. These include Dale Spaur (04/17/66 Atwater OH) and Jeff Greenhaw (10/17/73 Falkville AL).
  4. Other victims of pranks or misidentifications include Jimmy Carter, Frank Edwards, Frank Courson, Pete Conrad, John Gilligan, and Elke Summer. In each case, the press has blown the story up into unwarranted mystery.
  5. Indirect victims who got entangled into pranks include Presidents Dwight Eisenhower and Gerald Ford, author John Fuller, the Federal Power Commission, Senator Barry Goldwater, and former Arizona Governor Symington.
  6. In several cases, including Roswell NM and Rendlesham Forest England, witnesses disagree widely on what really was observed on the scene. These cases call for further investigation of why the stories vary widely, and of possible motives to alter the truth.
  7. Many of the "pro-alien" writers become emotionally upset when an "unsolvable" case is solved. They resort to name calling and cries of "cover-up."
  8. George Adamski once admitted that he had to go into the flying saucer business because the government stopped his bootlegging activity.
  9. Enough chicken brooder photos already!!!
  10. The story of the Vidal family being mysteriously teleported from Chascomus Argentina to Mexico City is just that -- a story. The Vidals have been shown to never have existed.
  11. Likewise, the Fort Itaipu, Brazil case is not known by the local inhabitants. The hospital records show no massive treatments then, nor any indication of large amounts of supplies used for such treatments. The story first surfaced in the US. Fort Itaipu was not a fort, but a very small military base.
  12. UFOlogists keeps referring to the fact that Polaroid covers peeled off of photos were thrown away. There is no reason to keep them except for analysis (which the witness might not think of). They were not useful for making copies in the 1950s and 1960s, and were normally discarded.
  13. Whoever thought of going to the trouble of faking an alien autopsy film did not go to the trouble of obtaining a 1947-era vintage telephone. The phone in the movie was first manufactured in 1963. The smooth plastic the phone base cover is made of was not made in 1947. Maybe the telephone came from 1947, but the cover had been replaced.
  14. The Roswell investigatory camp may be confusing these incidents:
  15. One cartoon showed the Roswell aliens asking the military to cover it up so their crash insurance rates would not go up.
  16. They WERE doing ejection capsule tests in 1947. They didn't know how to safely bail out of a jet plane at the time, so solving the problem was urgent. Before they came up with the explosively propelled ejection seat, they were trying to drop capsules out of the bottom of the plane. But the capsules jammed, and could not be used at lower altitudes.
  17. The number of fire balloon sightings indicates that either there is a concerted effort to get people to believe in UFOs, or there are a lot of teenagers with not enough homework in public safety. I have records of many cases where teenagers admitted to launching hundreds of them in the late 1960s.
  18. A scientific projects magazine had an article in 1964 telling how to use fire balloons to track wind direction at various altitudes. This explains some of the fire balloons, and also how so many people knew how to make them.
  19. Fire Balloons are now available over the counter in fireworks stores. They are called "Sky Lanterns". They cause UFO sightings every Independence Day and New Year's Day.
  20. Many "contactees" have loads of UFO merchandise to sell.
  21. Most "contactees" say the aliens have advocated a socialist liberal political philosophy. These people have proven to have been liberal before the "contact" took place. The messages allegedly given to contactees include: In other words, "Be good little socialists, or we will come and exterminate you." Hippie aliens! What next?
  22. Too many alien contact and evidence cases require that the aliens know information specific to Earth and human society, including: They are amazed that a landing circle is exactly 10 feet across! One researcher even said that the Great Pyramid was scaled perfectly to a mathematical concept. This works only if the inch, the mile, and the meter had existed at the time of the Great Pyramid's construction (None of them had been defined then).
  23. Other alien contact cases mention things that are impossible, such as:
  24. There was a report of receiving a TV picture three years after it was sent. It was a scam to sell stock in a fake product. This product was a "TV receiver that could pick up broadcasts worldwide."
  25. Author John Fuller quoted a source saying to assume that horizon-to-horizon visibility was 100 miles. The source then said that an aircraft going 600 mi/hr flying horizon to horizon would be visible for 14 seconds. Funny, but I DID THE MATH, and got 10 minutes.
  26. Fuller also denounced the Pentagon budget, favored another WPA government hiring program, researched contactees, and wrote about dangers of nuclear power plants. The liberal connection??
  27. The foo-fighters in World War II might have been accurately named. The Resistance launched fire balloons to confound the Germans. Think about the havoc these could have caused in the German High Command: Aircraft that are hard to shoot down, hover, disappear when shot down, don't appear on RADAR, and never land with mechanical trouble. It also made German soldiers waste ammunition.
  28. Kenneth Arnold's distance, speed, and time calculations don't fit each other.
  29. One noticeable fact is that UFO sightings generally "acquire" new effects after a UFO movie comes out of Hollywood with those effects, or a new UFO or Science Fiction book is published:
  30. It is interesting that the number of UFO photos decreased when black and white film was removed from the home photography drugstore market. It's much harder to make a convincing fake color shot, and much easier to identify an unknown object with color photography.
  31. Too many "scientists" come up with wild theories on how UFOs fly or stop cars, without having the foggiest idea what they're talking about. They don't know the real laws of physics. Most of these ideas seem to come from TV fiction and Hollywood effects. Most of them also get power from nothing, violating conservation of energy.
  32. In 1910, the approach of Halley's Comet brought out the quacks selling comet pills. These were to protect from the rays given off by the comet, or from gases coming out of the tail. Earth passed through the tail of Halley's Comet that year.
  33. Military and intelligence agencies have used fake UFO sightings (with details never before found in UFO cases) to test for security leaks.
  34. The military also used "It's a UFO" to cover up spy satellite re-entries, U-2 and SR-71 flights, and sightings of experimental aircraft.
  35. Most magazines covering UFO sightings today also have a large section of UFO and occult merchandise peddled by the publishers.
  36. Newscasters and talk show hosts seem to think UFO every time an unexplained power outage occurs. Exploding squirrels are a far more likely cause (They get across the high voltage, short the line, trip the breaker, and then blow up from steam generated internally by high current before the breaker tripped).
  37. In most cases where UFOs are associated with power failures, the power failure caused the UFO. Examples:
  38. It's amazing how UFO photos can be accepted for years without obvious flaws being noticed by investigators. One photo was of a big stuffed rabbit photographed through a store show window that was reflecting the sky. The camera caught mostly sky and very little rabbit (just enough to make a UFO photo).
  39. Several versions of the Trent photos have appeared (almost as though the originals became too hard to copy, so new ones were made). I have seen 6 different pictures.
  40. The Trents drove area police crazy with repeated sighting reports.
  41. Almiro Baruna had sold several other fake UFO photos before the Trinidade shots were taken.
  42. An interesting "wrinkle" has appeared in the 8/21/55 Kelly Kentucky "invasion." The Shrine Circus had just finished a 3-day run in neighboring Hopkinsville when the sighting occurred. One would wonder if some monkeys or chimps got loose while wearing silver costumes. There were also great horned owls in the area. They have yellow eyes and they fly, explaining the aliens with yellow eyes floating down gently. And the adults were drunk during the encounter, blurring perception.
  43. I wonder if Helio Aguiar owned a Collaro or Magnavox record changer. The UFO is identical to a rubber drive wheel found inside.
  44. Paul Villa was an auto mechanic, and many of his UFO photos look like parts of automobiles or trucks.
  45. If the abduction is left out, the descriptions of the object in the Travis Walton case match a fire balloon quite closely.
  46. The object on the cover of Travis Walton's book "Fire in the Sky" is a depiction of a UFO-shaped hot air balloon kit Edmund Scientific used to sell.
  47. The title of that book also suggests a fire balloon.
  48. A possible motive for some of the Gulf Breeze FL sightings is the increased tourist trade that resulted.
  49. The photos taken by Ed Walters in Gulf Breeze FL are now quite suspect. He sold his house, and the new owners of the house found a model of the UFO in the attic.
  50. The page author owns a UFO magazine containing a photo of a UFO, taken directly from the movie "Godzilla vs Monster Zero."
  51. One UFOlogist said, "The beings must be more intelligent than us, because they get out of better vehicles." What does this say about the dog let out of a car to "do his business" on the shoulder of a road?
  52. Bloomington Indiana was the recipient of a prank: The day the Skylab fell, some students welded together three trash cans filled with radio parts, junk, and electric cable. They painted "SKYLAB" on the side, smashed it with sledgehammers, and dumped the whole mess into a huge pothole on Kirkwood Ave. Their plan worked: Two weeks later, the city finally filled in the pothole.