UFO Authors often have ulterior motives to keep UFOs mysterious.

Authors have the goal of making money.

UFOs sell books. Explanations don't.

The goal of making money affects what authors do.

What UFO authors due to increase book sales:

Authors often deliberately combine unrelated material into the UFO story.


Authors often ignore sources of information.


The author sometimes embellishes what the witness reports.

Examples of "facts" the author adds to the case:

Authors often imply "UFO" when the unusual happens.

Whenever some unusual event happens, some authors say UFOs might have caused it:

Authors sometimes come up with wild theories to explain how UFOs fly or why they do what they do.

Authors have suggested the following "theories" of UFO operation:

Authors have proposed the following reasons why space aliens have come to earth:

Many authors have proposed conspiracies where government is hiding the truth about UFOs.

Authors making money from UFOs want the mystery to remain so they sell more books.