Some people pretend to be Christians when they are not. Others will not tell you one way or another. And some workplaces prohibit telling what your beliefs are. But there are several easily noticed traits that separate true believing Christians from other people. Any single trait can not show this with certainty, but a multiplicity of them is quite indicative. Here is a table of those traits:

Ideology Base The Bible, education in proven facts Whatever the liberal teacher unions push
About God God is the sovereign supreme being God was invented as a means to control people
About Jesus Jesus is God Jesus was only a man, or never existed
More about Jesus Jesus was crucified and rose from the dead Rising from the dead is a myth
The Bible The revealed Word of God, with candid history A collection of mythological tales used to control people
Religious freedom All other religions are man-made or satanic All religions equal, freedom from religion, silence religions
Favorite holidays Easter, Christmas Halloween, April Fool's Day, Labor Day
Favorite activities Church activities, Bible study, giveaways Going to bars, watching sports, politics
Favorite stores Bible bookstores, Wal Mart Locally-owned stores, health food and nature stores
Favorite music Christian, big band, light rock, easy listening Heavy metal, acid rock, rap, punk, folk
Sexual life Sex is for procreation, not entertainment Sex is for entertainment, wants sexual freedom
Disciplining children Bible study, removing privileges, spanking Time outs, psychologists, government programs
Providence God provides what you need Expects government to provide what anyone wants
Health care Pays for health care, keep government out of health care Expects government to pay for health care
Cashless society Prohibited by the Bible Needed to stop crime, more convenient
Getting what you want Works for wanted things, claims religious freedom Demands things from government, sues for wanted things
The best things in life Worshiping Jesus and God Government, sex, money
Excellent behavior includes Refusing to sin, tithing Demonstrating against polluters, war, and Republicans
Good behavior includes Obeying God, the golden rule, not harming others Political Correctness, green living, voting liberal
Bad behavior includes Disobeying God, sexual immorality, harming others Disobeying liberals, polluting, proselytizing, voting Republican
Evil includes Sexual immorality, socialism, government power Pollution, corporations, Christianity, opposing big government
The most evil things Denouncing Jesus, teaching others to sin, government ID Republicans, Christians, guns
Favorite charities Churches, birth clinics, giveaways, Bible societies United Way, Planned Parenthood, liberal causes, Democrats
Funding help for the poor The giving must be voluntary, or it won't help the economy Raise taxes - everyone deserves money, even if he won't work
Trust placed in God, churches, Christian businesses Government, celebrities, newsmen, psychics
Government behavior Selfish, giving special rights to politicians Generous, giving to everyone who wants something
Taxes should provide Only programs that are absolutely necessary Whatever will to enrich the lives of everyone
Government and wealth Government can not create wealth - only work can do that Government creates wealth by spending money (how?)
Government power Government does not have the power to do many things Government can do anything by just passing a law
Government required ID Prohibited by the Bible Needed to stop crime
Drug abuse Drug abuse harms others and alters minds There is nothing wrong with using drugs for fun
Political parties Republican Democrat or Socialist
Political beliefs Conservative Liberal
Type of government favored Small, with low taxes and low spending Large, with high taxes and lots of spending
Expectations of government Stay out of people's lives Provide for and control people's lives
Government spending High taxes rob the economy, spending does not replace it High taxes and government spending expand the economy
Tax rates The total tax rate should be the 10% prescribed by the Bible Taxes should be high, especially on the rich, to fund many programs
Funding nonessentials Use donations, user fees, volunteers, and admission fees Use tax money for nonessentials, and user fees for the essentials
Revenue from fines Must not fund police, justice, or government spending Must be used to expand law enforcement or government
Man Man is inherently evil, unless God intervenes Man is inherently good
Sin in general All sins are sin because they harm other people Sins are sins because leaders don't want people to have fun
Goodness Only God is good You can be good without God
Marriage Only monogamous heterosexual, marriages are permanent Whatever people crave, marriages are disposable
Divorce A sin, unless the other person committed adultery Exists so you can take away someone else's wife
Homosexuality A sin, just as bank robbery is a sin There is nothing wrong with homosexuality
Origin of homosexuality Worshiping created things instead of God Heredity (supported by bad science)
Evolution Natural selection is the only proved part Is a fact, even though it can't be proved
Origin of species God created them Random chance created and changed all life
Abortion Only for cases of rape, incest, or threat to life Women have the right to kill their unborn children
Animal behavior Animals act on instincts programmed by God Animals think the same way men do
Animal rights Animals do not have special rights Animals and men have equal rights
Global Warming Mostly bad science, but the sun is getting hotter Emissions from fossil fuels cause CO2 to trap heat
Living wage High taxes preclude a living wage Government can force businesses to create wealth for a living wage
Offensive programming Turns off set or changes channel Demands that the show be taken off the air
Guns People should be allowed to have guns Wants guns banned, afraid of guns
War Accepts a necessary war Hates war, wants war stopped at any cost
Life after death Those choosing Jesus go to heaven, all others go to hell No life after death, reincarnation, or everyone goes to heaven
Purpose of education Create good workers, spread God's word Instill culture, aesthetics, and liberalism
Vocational education Math, science, technology, industrial arts, computer Fine arts, musical arts, performing arts, language arts
Basic education Math, science, grammar, spelling, writing, religion The arts, sports, culture, social studies, literature, gym
Who should run schools Private companies, churches Government, teacher unions
Discipline in schools Sinful behavior must be punished, corporal punishment Whatever the teacher thinks is wrong is bad, time outs, bad grades
Teachings The teacher must respect all religious beliefs The teacher can require activities that violate religious beliefs
Religious education Teach religion, remove government from schools Remove religion from schools