Here is a list of the antics of some the most selfish drivers the page author has ever seen:

  1. Drive-thru Dummy:

    I was in a restaurant drive-thru where there are two rows of three waiting spaces after the pay station where they bring out your food.
    - They brought out the food to a guy in a huge pickup truck in the space behind me.
    - As soon as he got his food, he started blowing his horn again and again trying to make me leave so he could get out of the line.
    - The problem was that I didn't have my food yet. I had to wait for the server to bring it.

  2. Drive-thru Disorder:

    I was in a restaurant drive-thru where there are two stations for taking the order. Cars then merge together before the pay station. This usually puts the cars in the order the food orders were taken. The cars then go to the pay and food stations in the order the orders were taken.
    - I was in the left lane and had just made my order. The woman in the right lane made her order and then drove up directly behind the long pickup that was ahead of her, leaving no room for me to merge into line at the proper place. She was in a hurry to get her food.
    - When she got to the pay station, she paid for my order without noticing it was the wrong order.
    - When I got to the pay station, I noticed the amount was too high. They asked me if her order was mine. I said no, and told what I had ordered. They said she already paid for mine. I then told that she sneaked ahead of me at the merge.
    - When she got to the food station, she took the sack and drinks (my order), and started to leave. Then she kept asking where an item was and she waited while the item was brought. This happened at least three times.
    - The time she saved by sneaking ahead of me was totally wasted (and then some) by her asking for parts of her order she didn't have.
    - When I got to the food window, I had to tell them which order it was. They gave me a sack and one of the two drinks I had ordered. I had to ask for the other drink.
    - When I got home, we found that a sandwich was missing.

    The hurry-wart made a big mess and wasted everyone's time.

  3. Ziggy Zaggy Zoomy Oooops:

    I was in the left lane of a 4-lane divided highway. The guy behind in a Mustang came barreling up behind me at way above the speed limit.
    - Instead of pulling up behind me, he changed to the right lane and sped up again. He then changed lanes two more times to go around slower cars.
    - A traffic signal ahead was red, and he was frozen in the right lane by the cars he passed collecting for the stop. I was one of them.
    - When the light turned green the front three cars in the right lane wanted to turn right, slowing the line in the right lane.
    - By the time the right lane got moving, all of the cars the Mustang had passed went through the intersection before he did.

  4. Push-Me-Pull-Over:

    I was driving the speed limit in the left lane of a one-way street.
    - The guy behind me wanted to go faster and followed way to close behind me.
    - Then he changed to the right lane and passed me at 10 mph over the speed limit.
    - The driver behind him was a cop. Lights and siren on! I pulled off as he went after and nabbed the impatient driver.

  5. Gaso Asso:

    I was driving the speed limit on a city street. The traffic light ahead of me turned red.
    - The car behind me turned right into a convenience store and gas station.
    - Then that car dodged around several cars getting gas and trying to park.
    - The car turned right on the cross street, bypassing the traffic signal.
    - By that time, I had a green light, had turned right, and had pulled up behind that car at the next signal (red).

  6. Artie Onerous:

    I was waiting at a red light.
    - The driver behind me wanted to turn right on red and kept blowing his horn to make me turn right on red so he could turn too.
    - Then that car moved into the left turn lane. He was in such a hurry that he was going to try to pass me. But I didn't know that was what he was doing.
    - At that moment, my signal turned green and I started to go straight ahead (my intended path). I had to brake because he turned right in front of me from the left turn lane.