You've heard of Murphy's Laws. Here are Robinson's Laws. Of course, there are 13:

  1. Without God, life as we know it is a dirty trick.
  2. Using the product voids the warranty.
  3. Every time someone perfects a foolproof device, someone else perfects a better fool.
  4. As soon as you tell someone the truth, somebody else changes what the truth is.

    A to B: "Your box is on the kitchen table."
    C enters room: "Hey! Who owns the box I just moved from the kitchen table to the closet?"

  5. Nothing will make a hidden defect in a digital product show up faster than releasing the product for sale will.
  6. A CD player is just as useless without CDs as the CDs are useless without a CD player.
  7. Once you standardize your music into one recording format, that format will be discontinued.
  8. Actions speak louder, but politicians won't shut up.
  9. If you set n mousetraps, the (n+1)th mouse gets all of the cheese.
  10. Nothing can make a job take longer than imposing a deadline does.
  11. A late bus is no excuse to give to an early boss.
  12. Never underestimate the power of stupidity.
  13. You can tell when Democrats and Liberals have no valid argument in any debate. That's when they start using pejoratives, calling names, twisting the words of others, and all of the other Politically Incorrect things they continually scold others for doing.

Robinson's Collegiate Correlation:

Robinson's Principal Principle:

Robinson's Economic truths:

  1. Without profit, the company has absolutely no reason to hire.
  2. The only source of wealth is work. Neither government nor industry nor banks can create any wealth without workers. They just move it around. Gold dug out of a mine does not create any wealth, but the man who works to mine the gold, and the man who works to buy the gold do create wealth. The factory owner who works to keep the factory running also creates wealth.
  3. Only one of the following can exist at any one time: large government social benefits, universal health care coverage, and a "living wage". This is because the SAME MONEY has to be divided between them, and the economy generates enough wealth to supply only one of them at a time.
  4. Whenever government passes a regulation with the object of "helping the poor", the side effects of the regulation always hurt the poor more than the regulation helps them.
  5. Wage and price controls never have the intended effect.

    Raising the minimum wage raises both wages and prices, effectively inflating the currency rather than raising the worker's standard of living.

  6. The purchase price of a product MUST pay for the raw materials that go into making the product, the labor used to make it, the power used to make it, the factory and its tools, and the wages of the people who transport it and sell it. And don't forget the TAXES on all of those things are also paid out of that purchase price.
  7. The only way to raise the standard of living of the poor is to not tax them as much.
  8. The ideal total tax rate is 10 percent. It does not place an undue burden on either business or the worker, and government actually has more spending power than it has with higher tax rates. This is because, at higher tax rates, a large percentage of the money the government spends pays taxes on making the products, instead of actually making the products the government buys.

    High taxation also makes the product shoddier. This is because, after taxes, there is less money available to actually put into making the product.

  9. Businesses pay no taxes at all on the income their businesses make or the property their businesses are on. Those taxes are all paid by the buyer when he buys the product the business sells. Landlords pay no taxes on the property they rent out. The taxes are paid by the tenant, included in the rent.
  10. There is a reason that all wealth is based on work, and that only the consumers really pay taxes. It is because the consumer/worker must eat and drink to live. Since this stupid planet can not produce enough food to feed all of the people without work being done, all people who can must work in order to live.
  11. Because government itself can do no work, it can't create any wealth. Its employees might create wealth as long as they are not making bureaucracy or regulation.
  12. There can be no utopia in this world. People forget that the idyllic lifestyles of the Greek and Roman civilizations were powered by slave labor. So the dreams of most Democrat voters are total fantasies, because it requires work to live.
  13. Art, dance, theater, music, and sports don't command the wealthy salaries they used to for all who are talented in these areas. This is because sound recording, photography, cinema, radio, television, and professional leagues have changed the markets. Now the very few very best artists, actors, musicians, dancers, and players can entertain the entire world, while the rest of those aspiring for positions in those fields are unemployed.

Robinson's Lost File Rules:

  1. If you don't have at least two copies on different removable disks, you effectively don't have any copies at all.
  2. You can't count any disk that is now in the equipment as a backup.
  3. If you can't get a reader for the medium, the file is lost.