Here is a FAQ on why it is illogical to hate President Trump:

  1. Q: Do most people have a rational reason to hate President Trump?

    A: No. They are obeying their political idols and the liberal celebrities who are telling them to hate.

  2. Q: Isn't it wrong to hate people for who they are or what they believe?

    A: Yes. It is wrong to hate someone for hwo he is or what he believes.
     - It is a crime in many places to hate people because of who they are or what they believe.
     - This includes gender, ethnicity, creed, party, disability, language, nationality, appearance, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation.
     - This includes hating Donald Trump.

  3. Q: Why are these politicians and celebrities telling them to hate?

    A: They didn't get their selfish way. Hillary Clinton was 'supposed to be President'. They believe the election was stolen from them.

  4. Q: Isn't this just sour grapes for losing the election?

    A: Mostly. Some of them believe that 'Russians' cheated to give Trump more votes. Others believe the election was stolen in another way.

    A: Many celebrities started a 'resist Trump' movement. They hate the people who voted for Trump.

    A: Hillary Clinton told people to continue abusing people who work for or voted for Trump until the 'problem' is rectified by removal of Trump.
     - That is unconstitutional creed discrimination.

  5. Q: Why are people so vehemently mad at Trump?

    A: They were no longer getting some of the things they were counting on Hillary Clinton to give them.
     - Trump does not obey their 'Political Correctness' religion. Instead, he tells people to be politically incorrect.
     - Many liberals go on a hate campaign every time a Republican wins the presidency.
     - Too many liberals think they are entitled to the baubles the liberals promise to give them.
     - Too many liberals believe that the bigger baubles the liberals promise to give them are actually possible.
     - Too many people expect the president to be a suave debonair person. Trump does not fit their idea of what a president should look like.

  6. Q: Is there any valid reason why Trump should not be the president?

    A: No. The people who want Trump removed want someone who fits their idea of a president.
     - Many liberals feel cheated every time a conservative wins.
     - Many think he is somehow unfit to be president. But the reasons they give are stupid.
     - Many somehow think he doesn't 'look like a president'.
     - Many hate the idea of a businessman being president (as though business is somehow evil).
     - Too many believe the popular vote should elect the president. But the Constitution protects against large states controlling the election.

  7. Q: What were they counting on Hillary Clinton to give them?

    A: They expected to get the following liberal baubles (among others):
     - Expanded Obamacare coverage (Trump is removing Obamacare as unsustainable)
     - Activist judges to force religions to allow abortions, contraceptives, and GLBT activities
     - Stopping climate change (impossible to fund)
     - Living wages (impossible to fund)
     - Peacenik 'be nice' anti-war plans
     - The first woman president

  8. Q: Was there any cheating found in the election?

    A: None that changed any votes were found in 2016:
     - Nobody actually hacked any system that actually collects votes.
     - 'Russians' did not change votes, but their press releases might have changed the minds of voters.
     - Liberal activist groups tried to hack and destroy voter registrations to keep Trump voters from voting.
     - Built-in defects in voting systems used nationwide had much larger effects than anything else.
     - The political polls were biased toward liberal candidates, so the polls showed results that differeed from the actual outcome.
     - The candidates' own actions had more effect on the outcome than any cheating.

    A: Liberals were caught cheating in 2018. They were adding, removing, or changing ballots.

  9. Q: What actions of candidates caused voters to change their votes?

    A: Hillary Clinton made religious people mad by hating their religions on camera at a Planned Parenthood meeting.
     - She promised to appoint activist liberal judges to force religions to allow abortion and GLBT.
     - Religions would not have kept religious freedoms if they discriminated against her liberal beliefs on abortion and GLBT.
     - Most religions do not even allow changes in the tenets of the religions.
     - Hillary Clinton wanted to make liberalism the state religion.
     - That's how she lost.

    A: Several other candidates expressed their desires to remove guns from private hands and lost the election as a result.

  10. Q: What are these built-in defects in the election systems?

    A: Governments have been using unfair voting systems since before this country existed.
     - The Plurality Voting System (vote for only one) malfunctions whenever more than two candidates run.

      - The Plurality Voting System favors the candidate most different from the others.
      - Donald Trump was the candidate most different from the others in the primaries.
      - Donald Trump was the candidate most different from the others in the general election.
      - Polls based on the Plurality Voting System make the same errors.

     - The Instant Runoff Voting System is unfair because it not linear.

      - More votes for a candidate in certain places can cause that candidate to lose.
      - Most Ranking Voting Systems have the same defects.
      - Trump thought the election was 'rigged' when he lost the Iowa Primary that uses the Instant Runoff Voting System.
      - Most Ranking Voting Systems can't tell whether a voter likes or dislikes a candidate.
  11. Q: Why are these unfair voting systems allowed to be used in elections?

    A: Most politicians don't think they are unfair because they do not understand the math of election fairness.
     - The 'one man - one vote' slogan seems to require the defective Plurality Voting System.
     - The politicians want the cheating features of the Plurality Voting System:

      - Straight party voting
      - At-large districts
      - Third parties split opposition vote
      - Winner-take-all delegates
      - Winner-take-all electors
  12. Q: Is any voting system totally fair?

    A: The only truly fair voting system is the Independent Voting System. So why is nobody using it? They can't cheat it.

  13. Q: Is the press misrepresenting Trump?

    A: Yes. The press is creating fake news because they want to be rid of President Trump.