New discoveries show stress is a cause of obesity. Government is a major cause of stress. So what
could be more logical than the fact that government causes most of the obesity that plagues this country?



The following are the main elements of the theory:

  • Stress-detecting cells: Certain nerve cells are activated when they detect that the person is under stress or is not getting enough sleep.
  • Mechanism for survival: These nerve cells are designed for the conditions that primitive man had to deal with. They interpret the stress or lack of sleep as a food shortage.
  • Special secretions: When they detect stress or lack of sleep, the cells produce chemical substances (called hypocretins).
  • Induced energy storage: The hypocretins switch on the body's food storage mechanism. This causes the person to crave food, and also causes the body to store more reserve energy as fat.

    Because this information is new, no permanent web sites yet exist on it. I suggest a Google search on "yale obesity hypocretin" to find out more.

  • Missing regulatory substances: Another necessary part of this theory is that some foods that government has decided are "bad for you" are necessary to the body's intake regulation system. Removing these foods from the diet is a cause of the unnatural food craving we see:
    • Salt does NOT injure healthy people. Only people with a certain disease are harmed by salt. So government is wrong to lower salt levels in food. This is bad science on the part of the regulators.
    • Natural fats, sugars, and salt control regulation systems in the body. Removing them (or replacing them with substitutes) causes these natural regulation systems to malfunction. They continue to demand more salt and natural fats. The result is overeating.


The following are now the five main suspects:

  1. Daylight-saving time, and placing time-zone lines too far west: These counteract the normal human instinct of waking up when it is light out, and going to sleep when it is dark out. This causes stress and lack of sleep.
    • The decision by the Federal Communications Commission to set the hours of prime-time TV from 8 pm to 11 pm contributes to this cause of obesity. The hours should have been set for 7 pm to 10 pm, to remove the extra stress and lack of sleep.
  2. Steroids fed to livestock: These steroids are probably not fully destroyed by meat preparation processes. Thus, they survive to enter the human body when the person eats the steroid-containing meat Steroids cause excessive storage of food in fat cells.
  3. Overtaxation: The combination of governments in the US takes a total of almost 75 percent of the worker's income in taxation. About half of this is hidden in product prices. So the total load of taxation causes a huge stress load on the worker. The worry about not being able to provide causes the instinctive response: hypocretins and obesity to store up for lean times.
  4. Overwork: This overtaxation load also causes stress in the workplace, because the business has to work its employees harder to make up for the tax losses. This extra work stresses the workers. They also fear the loss of their jobs, as companies move overseas to avoid the crushing tax burden.
  5. Missing nutrients: Federal standards demand the removal of natural animal fats, sugars, and salt from the diets of most Americans. The removal of these nutrients from the diet causes extra eating, as the body seeks to regulate its salt, sugar, and natural fat levels to the actual natural levels it needs, not the government-mandated levels. When the body is low on something it needs, it orders more.


Because the theory above is a different causal system than the one that was postulated earlier, many of the observed effects in humans now make sense:

Why dieting does not work

These effects work together to undo the beneficial effect of a diet:

  1. The stress or lack of sleep has not been removed, thus the hypocretins are still demanding more energy storage.
  2. Obesity itself causes stress.
  3. The hypocretins increase the percentage of the food energy that is stored.
  4. The hypocretins cause a craving for food.
  5. Dieting itself is stressful, increasing the production of hypocretins.
  6. The missing nutrients are still not provided (because government made them unavailable). So the craving for food continues.

Why exercise does not work

These effects work together to undo the beneficial effect of exercise:

  1. The stress or lack of sleep has not been removed, thus the hypocretins are still demanding more energy storage.
  2. Exercise causes hunger.
  3. Obesity itself causes stress.
  4. The loss of stored energy increases the production of hypocretins.
  5. The hypocretins then cause a craving for food.
  6. Exercise increases the demands on time, producing stress, and increasing the production of hypocretins.
  7. The missing nutrients are still not provided. So the craving for food continues.

Why liposuction and other surgeries do not work

These effects work together to undo the beneficial effect of surgery:

  1. The stress or lack of sleep has not been removed, thus the hypocretins are still demanding more energy storage.
  2. The loss of stored energy increases the production of hypocretins.
  3. The hypocretins then cause a craving for food.
  4. The missing nutrients are still not provided. So the craving for food continues.


The only solution is to remove the causes listed above. Until the causes are removed, the obesity will not go away.

The following are the best ways to reduce the trend of obesity:

  1. Abolish Daylight Saving Time, to remove the stresses it causes.
  2. Move TV prime time to the period from 7 pm to 10 pm, so people can go to bed earlier and yet see the news.
  3. Abolish the Internal Revenue Service and all other bureaucracies. This reduces the importance of government. Make government last, not first.
  4. Prohibit taking in taxation more than 10 percent of the income of any person, family, or business (instead of today's 72 percent). Tax sales of nonessentials, instead of income. There should be no tax forms for individuals.
  5. Prohibit job supervisors from using pressure to gain results. Also prohibit the use of time clocks to monitor employees. Don't pay by the hour.
  6. Prohibit government regulations on sugar, salt, and fat content in food. Prohibit government from making regulations based on bad science or partial knowledge.
  7. Prohibit scientists from assuming that the regulatory mechanisms they are studying are the only ones operating in the body.

The following are also needed to keep the stress down:

  1. Prohibit government regulations on individuals and businesses, unless they protect life, limb, liberty, or property from known hazards. If it's not hazardous, it's none of government's business. Stop regulating salt and fat content in food. Regulate government instead. Prohibit conflicting regulations and requirements.
  2. Prohibit government from interfering with religious beliefs and practices. Government must not force anyone to obey a religion or disobey a religion. Government must also not prevent people from obeying their religions, nor prohibit to them the materials they need for their religious practices. Politicians must not denounce the beliefs of others as being "wrong."
  3. Abolish all government-issued identity numbers. Allow only biometric information (fingerprints, DNA, photographs, etc.) to be used for identification purposes. Prohibit government from keeping records on people, except for people who have already been convicted of felonies.
  4. Make the law protect marriage, instead of biasing the law to break up families.
  5. Make elections fair, using the Independent Voting System. Prohibit the Plurality Voting System. Require each politician to work at a real job (not a government, political, or lobbying job) for at least two years between leaving one office and running for another.


The following are the main causes of the stress that stimulates hypocretin production:


  • The highest single stress producer is probably the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Other government agencies also cause stress because of the power they have over ordinary people.
  • High taxes taking too much of income. (Current total taxation level is near 72%)
  • The sudden schedule shift from the time change from daylight-saving time.
  • Government meddling in daily lives.
  • Loss of privacy and the threat of identity theft.
  • War and terrorism threats.
  • Crime in the area.
  • Screwball zoning laws.
  • Speed limits set wrong for existing conditions.
  • Overregulation.
  • Government meddling where it does not belong.


  • People trying to force other people to violate their beliefs.
  • Lawbreakers endangering people through their actions.
  • Sudden changes in daily time schedules, such as shift work.
  • Requirements you must obey that conflict with each other.
  • Jobs outsourced to foreign countries (caused by overtaxation).
  • Reckless bicycle riders scaring everyone else.
  • A failing economy (caused by overtaxation).
  • Debts.
  • Jobs have become too complicated.
  • Can't get what you need - they don't make it anymore.
  • Reckless drivers.


  • Impossible deadlines set by superiors.
  • Illness.
  • Health care costs.
  • Office politics, especially if job loss is a potential consequence.
  • Troubles with neighbors or practical jokers.
  • A love relationship going bad.
  • New baby.
  • Threat of the loss of a job.
  • Obesity itself.
  • Severe allergies.
  • Marital and family problems, and trouble with relatives.
  • People who want to abolish things they consider "unsightly."


The following are the main causes of the lack of sleep that stimulates hypocretin production:


  • Stress, from any and all of the causes listed above.
  • The time changes for daylight-saving time.
  • Prime-time TV runs too late.


  • Stress, from any and all of the causes listed above.
  • Noisy neighbors.
  • Construction.
  • Headlights or other disturbing lights outside the window.


  • Stress, from any and all of the causes listed above.
  • Boomcars and other sources of loud music.
  • A defective or poorly matched bed.
  • Children.
  • Snoring spouse.


The following are the main direct causes of obesity:


  • Government removal of salt from the daily diet.
  • Government removal of natural fats from the daily diet.
  • Other government attempts to meddle with health without complete knowledge of the feedback systems involved.


  • Steroids in meat.


  • (none)

Other helpful suggestions:

The following are other ways to improve this situation:


  • Require candidates who want to make speeches to have pies thrown at them first. This shows them just how unimportant government and politicians should really be.
  • Require politicians to work at real jobs for at least two years before each time they run for office.
  • Prohibit politicians from running for office after they have collected a government pension.
  • Government should not mess up the economy with grandiose programs.
  • Prohibit using known severe allergens (such as perfume, paint, and chewing gum) where passers by can breathe them.
  • Make it a felony to spread false product scares.
  • Make it a felony to use bad science for political gain.
  • If the tax rate is below 10 percent, the economy will not fail.
  • If someone declares bankruptcy or dies, require government to wait until all private claims on the estate have been satisfied. Government must not be paid unless all other claims are paid.
  • Make the defense system so strong that nobody dares to attack.
  • Make the death penalty mandatory for all terrorist acts.
  • Require convicted thieves to work in prison to pay triple restitution (double restitution if the stolen items return to rightful owners). Prisoners shall not be protected from the stresses of work.
  • Stop scaring people with threat levels and false terror alarms.
  • Politicians must not set speed limits. Trained engineers must do that, and then only for safety purposes. Prohibit political speed limits


  • Require a long jail term for unlicensed driving and driving with a suspended license.
  • Confiscate bicycles from those who endanger themselves and others by ignoring traffic regulations.
  • Prohibit zoning laws.
  • Prohibit schoolteachers from teaching their own political or religious beliefs in public school classrooms.
  • Prohibit schoolteachers from forcing children to do anything that violates the family beliefs.
  • Stop scaring people with the dire consequences you believe will happen if your idiot is not elected to office.
  • Abolish health insurance for routine use. Health insurance is the cause of increased medical costs, and must be allowed only for catastrophic losses.
  • Make patents and copyrights expire the moment the protected product is taken off the market.
  • Get rid of the notion that there is a "right" to a nice view.
  • Classify homosexuality as a religious belief.
  • REQUIRE spankings for unruly children. If liberals protest this, spank them too, because they are being spoiled brats.
  • Prohibit making computers so they become obsolete quickly. Require support for computers and software products for at least 20 years after the last copy of the product is sold.


  • Don't force others to obey your beliefs.
  • Don't force others to disobey their own beliefs.
  • If it isn't yours, and it is not a real hazard, it's also none of your business.
  • Don't assign obese persons stressful tasks.
  • Don't try to get something for nothing.
  • Don't do things in public that you know will bother other people.
  • Don't expect to get special rights at the expense of other people.
  • Don't go squalling to government because some little thing offends you.
  • Obey the traffic laws.
  • Don't give yourself a reason to be in a hurry.
  • Don't make others be in a hurry.
  • Learn to ignore things that bother you.
  • Don't expect government to do things government has no power to do.