Unlike the quatrains of Nostradamus, the quadratrains of Nostrildomius show how government and individuals combine their stupidity to cause a twain wreck.

  1. In thus light of all total these events so herein showest, and so havest yet to certly be come,
  2. As the wealth they doest covet, take, tax, grab, and wheedle, glomb, remove, confiscate, and destroy,
  3. As they take and they take and they take and they take, and they take and they take take take take,
  4. So the men, they labor four times so much overmore, for the wages paid for just one time, only one;
  5. The wealth more it diminisheth everest, broking the masses, the pay remaining so flies far away,
  6. They doest promise free houses, and promise free medicines, and plentiful work, and free pensions,
  7. But believeth in their wealth-folly so extraneously, and with a huge vengeance they so do,
  8. Learn they won't from what happenest time after time, so they try and they try and they try,
  9. When their legerdemain schemes, leviathan wields, and false promisest so doest do fail,
  10. They be greedy for tax money and exploit even more power, to decree, to deny, and to regulate;
  11. Scream they will so and perjore so they shall do, when the leadership they don't obtain,
  12. In profundity caloric, noticeth those miserable them, who sayest so the globe be much too warm;
  13. In putting their regulus onto the unwarely electorate, they takest the privilege of comfort away,
  14. In predoubulous banter and infesting probulous doubtfulry, enpoofingly declaring that they're making wealth,
  15. So wheedleth and dealeth they obtaineth the mostest of lucre, as they worshipeth all great artisans of yore.
  16. In thus light of all total these events so herein showest, and so havest yet certly to be come,