Obama Economy Wrecking


Liberals get their own way at the expense of others.

  1. Liberals try to make people violate their religions. Examples:
    • Removing religion from schools
    • Forcing Evolution on school children
    • Requiring people to disobey their religions
    • They wrongly do this in the name of "freedom" for those who want to sin.
    • Forcing religions people to pay taxes funding other people who violate the religion
    • Forcing people to use IDs that violate their religion.
  2. Many liberals worship government.
    • The way they behave, government is their god, and they must serve it, feed it (with your hard earned money), and protect it.
    • They believe that those who want less government commit blasphemy against it, and against themselves.
    • They really care about government, not people.
  3. Liberals believe that the result justifies any means used to obtain it.
    • They misuse the system to get their way, appointing activist judges and filing lawsuits to block the opposition.
    • They cheat by promising that people will get something for nothing. That's buying votes.
    • They use bad science to prove their assertions.
    • Some of them destroy property, make unsubstantiated accusations, vote more than once (with multiple IDs), and commit other crimes to get their way.
    • A recent example is the group of legislators who fled to other states, to keep people from gaining the right to work without having to join a union.
    • They use trickery to get their opponents fired from jobs, especially jobs in education.
  4. Liberals tax us to death.
    • Our total tax burden is near 75%, counting hidden taxes passed on to consumers in product prices.
    • Liberals don't care if you don't have enough left to live on after they take their "cut."
    • They really care about government, not people.
  5. Liberals tax the poor and retired.
    • They don't care about people.
    • Liberals care only about getting as much tax revenue as they can, and spending it on their worthless programs.
    • If they cared about the poor and the elderly, they would abolish property taxes, and raise the standard deductions above twice the poverty level.
  6. Liberals take away our rights, because they are afraid.
    • They take away our guns, our free speech, and our rights to have the products we need.
    • They want a perfectly safe world.
    • A perfectly safe world can not exist.
    • The world will always remain a dangerous place, because nothing is perfectly safe.
    • They can't change the laws of nature.
    • The problem is not the gun, but the nut holding the gun.
    • They want to control how we get and pay for health care, costing us much more.
    • The last thing liberals would trust is the free market.
    • Many liberals are too nice, letting those nuts out of prison, so they can shoot people again.
    • These liberals think of punishment as revenge, rather than paying back society for their wrongs.
    • Only criminals think that punishment for crimes is revenge. What does this say about liberals?
  7. Liberals lie to get their way, and slander their opponents to win.
    • They lie about their opponents to win elections.
    • The liberally biased press tries to slant public opinion, so liberals will win.
    • In the 2008 and 2012 elections, they blatantly said it was wrongdoing to vote for a conservative, or even to be one.
    • Earlier, they spread the lie that, if they could impeach Bush, John Kerry would become President.
    • This lie was exposed because impeachment does not undo an election.
    • There is a legal order of succession when the President is removed, and Kerry was not on the list. Cheney would have become President.
    • They lie about how much their programs will cost people.
  8. Liberals whine when they lose, and can't believe people would vote against them.
    • When they lose, they can't believe that the majority of the people don't want their "wonderful ideas."
    • So they cry about election fraud, and file lawsuits when they lose, because their candidate "should have won the election."
    • One liberal group stated the reason they believed election fraud was committed was: "Our candidate lost the election. This would be impossible in a fair election." They won't accept the idea that most people don't want their ultra-liberal ideas.
  9. "Freedom" to a liberal is freedom from the things liberals don't like, including:
    • Unsightly views
    • Unwanted odors
    • Distasteful colors
    • Business signs and advertising
    • Religious materials
    • The free market
    • Vinyl siding
    • Cars parked in front yards
    • Other things that irritate them.
    They use the power of government to wrongly prohibit them.
  10. Liberals also like the freedom to control the lives of others, telling them:
    • How to live
    • What to do
    • How and what to eat
    • How much they should weigh
    • Where they can smoke
    • Use public transit
    • Buy local
    • What cars not to buy
    • Where to go to school
    • What they should believe
    • What health care to use
  11. Liberals also have some strange ideas of what freedom is. They think "freedom" is:
    • Requiring people to join unions to be allowed to work
    • Zoning laws controlling land use, freeing us from unsightly uses
    • Freedom from religion
    • Keeping people from obeying their religions
    • Freedom from big business
    Meanwhile, the rest of us think of freedom as freedom to do what we want to do, and have what we want to have, as long as others are not harmed in the process.

    Government should not have the power to remove what bothers some people.

  12. Liberals use bad science, bad math, and bad logic to "prove" their beliefs.
    • They use their political beliefs to decide which science is true. Very scientific!
    • They accept the bad science by global warming fanatics as fact.
    • They accept the bad science by homosexuals showing a hereditary homosexuality as fact.
    • They ignore the fact that hereditary homosexuality disproves natural selection.
    • They use affirming the consequent as though it were valid argument logic.
    • They believe in Keynesian Economics, even though it has been disproved.
    • They believe that government spending has the same economy expanding powers that private spending has.
    • They never do the math. They believe their ideas without ever testing them for validity.
    • They believe that Evolution somehow disproves the existence of God. It doesn't, because it can't
    • They often believe that scientific theories are automatically scientific fact.
  13. Liberals want schools to teach culture, not the work skills the economy needs.
    • Public schools fail, because they do not teach the skills needed to get a job.
    • They teach cultural ideals and skills that have no value in either today's economy or the workplace.
    • They waste money setting up "arts districts" to try to provide jobs in those worthless professions.
    • The products those professions produce don't sell, because they aren't useful for anything.
    • They also expect the schools to teach liberal beliefs, and use the teacher unions to enforce this.
    • They teach all of the bad science liberals believe in as fact.
  14. Liberals favor celebrities and special interests over normal people.
    • Liberals love to pander to celebrities.
    • They give them special monopoly rights (copyright) that lets them work once and collect money from that work for at least 95 years.
    • They protect celebrities from ordinary people, and give them special treatment if they are accused of crimes.
    • Liberals also cater to everyone with a special interest.
    • They especially favor those who want to disobey religions without being discriminated against because they do so.
    • They cater to them by using bad science to "prove" that these people are predisposed to behave that way.
  15. Liberals hate the military because they hate war.
    • Nobody wants war. But liberals hate it so much that they would negotiate away our freedoms and civil rights to prevent war.
    • They believe that a war can be stopped if one party quits fighting.
    • But if the other party does not quit, the war happens anyway.
    • They also believe that negotiation can prevent any war.
    • This is not true when madmen or self-important leaders are the aggressors.
    • Liberals have no concept at all of the fact that a strong military prevents a war by deterring the aggressor.
  16. Liberals admonish others not to hate, but organize their own hate campaigns.
    • Look at the ferocious hate campaigns they committed against President Bush, Mitt Romney, and all Republicans.
    • Most of what they said was either an outright lie, or a distortion of the truth.
    • They recorded soundbites of their opponents, and then cast what they said in a different context.
    • Liberals use any means to get their selfish way.
    • They don't care who they hurt in the process, or how much they harm the country or the economy.
    • They are now attacking religion in the same way.


Liberals believe in the ideal, not the real world:

  1. Liberals hate the idea of profit.
    • Without profit, there is no reason to have and run a business.
    • Without profit, there is no reason to hire any workers.
  2. Liberals want to tax away profits from companies.
    • Taxes are not paid out of profit. They are paid out of operating expenses.
    • Raising taxes does not reduce profit, because taxes are paid from operating expenses.
    • Because all competing companies are affected likewise, increasing taxes increases the price of the product.
    • The consumer pays for the liberal attempt to tax profit.
    • If the public won't pay the higher prices, the business leaves the country or goes out of business.
  3. Liberals think taxing businesses won't hurt consumers.
    • Because all companies in competition are taxed alike, increasing taxes increases the price of the product.
    • Liberals don't seem to understand that all business taxes are paid by the workers who buy the products.
    • They think they are taxing the rich, but the poor who have to buy the products really pay those business taxes.
    • The money the customer pays for the product is the only source available to pay business taxes.
    • The consumer pays all business taxes in the prices of the products those businesses sell.
  4. Liberals raise taxes to try to get more money for government.
    • The economy runs on the after-taxes portion of personal income.
    • Raising taxes reduces the after-taxes portion of personal income.
    • Raising taxes reduces the total size of the economy.
    • Reducing the size of the economy reduces the personal income that is taxed.
    • Thus, raising taxes reduces revenue.
  5. Liberals create huge social programs.
    • Huge social programs require more tax revenue.
    • Raising tax rates enough to fund the social program reduces the total size of the economy.
    • Reducing the size of the economy reduces the personal income that is taxed.
    • The higher taxes hurt the poor more than the social program helps them.
    • The economy cannot support huge social programs.
  6. Liberals try to give the poor more with the minimum wage.
    • Raising the minimum wage requires employers to find ways to pay the higher wage.
    • Contrary to liberal beliefs, most companies do not have any "extra" money available to pay it.
    • The company must choose to reduce the work force, reduce the quality of the product, or increase the price of the product.
    • If every company raises product prices, the poor are unable to afford any more than they could before.
    • The only real effect of the increase in the minimum wage is inflation. It does not really help the poor.
  7. Liberals try to give the poor more with socialized medical insurance.
    • They want to make everyone buy medical insurance, and then subsidize those who can't afford it.
    • Contrary to liberal beliefs, health insurance is the main reason health care costs are so high.
    • Health insurance encourages waste, because "insurance will cover it."
    • Health insurance is the disease, not the cure. So what do liberals choose to fix health care???.
    • There is nothing in the Obama plan that prevents excessive charges.
    • Because Congress added coverages for unnecessary medicine for egalitarian reasons, the premiums will be in the neighborhood of $2000 per month.
    • The burdens on the economy of the Obama plan will destroy most jobs.
    • If allowed to become a reality, the Obama plan will cause a permanent depression.
  8. Liberals fund sports, the arts, entertainment, and recreation to try to expand the economy.
    • The activities that expand the economy produce useful goods for sale on the open market.
    • Liberals believe that works of art and entertainment have the same economic powers that useful items (such as tools) have.
    • Most works of art are not useful for any economic purpose.
    • The acts of throwing, catching, running with, or kicking a football are not useful for any economic purpose.
    • Entertainment is not useful for any economic purpose.
    • Recreation is not useful for any economic purpose.
    • Although the creators of these works got money for creating them, the works themselves do not create any productive wealth.
    • None of these activities creates a useful product for sale on the open market. They do nothing that can expand the economy.
    • The creation or purchase of art or entertainment destroys economic wealth, because it is not useful for anything productive.
    • The wealth goes into the art or entertainment, and is never seen again.
    • All government funding for these items contracts the economy, instead of expanding it.
  9. Liberals believe in Keynesian Economics.
    • Keynesian Economics is a model a system where government can supposedly conjure wealth out of nothing.
    • Work is not important to Keynesian Economics.
    • Keynesian Economics says government must spend as much money as possible.
    • The problem is that it has never worked yet.
    • Work is the major source of wealth, but many liberals want to eliminate it. They want time to pursue knowledge and the arts.
    • Keynesian Economics is a false model of the economy, because it does not include work as the major source of wealth.
    • Liberals like Keynesian Economics, because it gives them an excuse to tax and spend.
  10. Liberals don't understand the economy.
    • They believe in Keynesian Economics.
    • Liberals believe government can conjure wealth out of nothing.
    • Liberals believe that work is not important, except as a source of income.
    • Liberals believe that works of art and entertainment have the same economic powers that useful items (such as tools) have.
    • Liberals believe that business taxes don't tax the consumers.
    • Liberals believe that the minimum wage actually helps the poor.
    • None of these are true.
  11. Liberals believe that redistributing all of the wealth evenly would make everyone wealthy.
    • They believe that all people could be wealthy if the wealth were shared evenly.
    • But most of the wealth in the world is transitory, appearing when products are produced, and destroyed when products are consumed.
    • This transitory wealth can not be redistributed.
    • From the wealth that could be redistributed, each person would get about $2500 - once. That's hardly a wealthy sum.
    • Their ideas about redistributing wealth are wrong.
  12. Liberals cite the ancient Greek civilization as the ideal civilization.
    • They cite the ancient Greek civilization as an example of the perfect utopia.
    • The ancient Greeks had time to pursue knowledge and the arts.
    • The Greek civilization they idolize ran on slave labor. The workers didn't get paid.
    • The southern US had such a utopia for the upper class before the Civil War.
    • So the utopia the Liberals want can not exist today.
  13. Liberals have the ultimate goal of a government-created utopia.
    • They want a world where nobody has to work.
    • Liberals want time to pursue knowledge and the arts.
    • Liberals want government to take care of them and give them money to buy things.
    • This stupid planet can't feed any human population without work being done.
    • Without work, there is no food.
    • Without work, there are no products to buy.
    • Government has no power to create wealth. Only work creates wealth.
    • Redistributing wealth does not make all people wealthy. It destroys places of employment.
    • The only way to a utopia is the Christian afterlife. But Liberals hate the Christian religion, so they won't ever see it.


Conservatives are also doing wrongs to us:

  1. Conservatives are also trying to make people violate their religions. Examples:
    • Requiring ID numbers
    • Working toward a cashless society
    • Advocating ID chips
    • Taking more than 10% in taxes.
  2. Conservatives are forcing too much security on us.
    • They are as afraid of what terrorists would do as liberals are afraid of what guns and chemicals might do.
    • Freedom is more important than security. Dump the terror scaremongers (or give them thumbs and blankets).
  3. Conservatives are doing wrong to people with immigration laws.
    • This is my major objection to the Tea Party.
    • It is wrong to saddle a person with an identity based on the random event of where he was born.
    • Except for voting in elections and running for office, there should be no difference between a citizen and an alien.
    • There should be no border guards and no customs.
    • It should be illegal for government to keep track of who people are, unless they have committed crimes.
  4. Too many conservatives also want the arts and culture taught in the schools, rather than the skills needed for jobs.
    • They vote to raise taxes to pay for this useless education.
    • The arts were once lucrative professions, because they were the only way to have likenesses, music, and theater.
    • Despotic monarchs often misspent tax money, lavishing it on the arts.
    • Employment in the arts has been replaced by the technologies of photography, cinema, recording, broadcasting, and mass production.
    • The very few now entertain the world.
    • The arts should be hobbies. They are obsolete as professions.
  5. Conservatives want jail time for nonviolent crimes.
    • Nonviolent crimes should be paid for through working off the debt to society. But repeat offenders should be jailed.
    • Tax evasion should be a very minor crime. It should never have jail time, even for repeat offenders, and should never be a felony.
    • Such penalties are government wrongly putting itself first.

Would you vote for someone who lies to win the election, steals your money, wastes government resources, takes your rights away, tries to make your religion illegal, wants to control your life, favors other people over you, ruins the economy, hates you for your beliefs, and cheats to win the election?