There are too many websites (mostly newspaper sites) that require you to see ads to use their materials! They are afraid they will not be paid by the ad owners.

The problem is that many people use ad blockers because the ads interfere with using the Internet in various ways:

Here is a list of the ways ads cause web users to be unable to do what they need to do or cause trouble:

  1. The ad covers the controls the web user wants to use. This prevents clicking those controls.
  2. The ad does animated things or plays movies, using up the computer time and preventing the wanted function from working.
  3. The ad uses up paid connection minutes loading things about the ad instead of the page subject.
  4. It takes 20 minutes to get to the part of the page the user wants because the ads use up the time.
  5. The ad keeps the wanted video from playing at the proper speed. It slows down the video or makes it start and stop.
  6. The ad keeps a large file (e.g. .pdf) from loading.
  7. The ads interrupt the operation of the website.
  8. The ad keeps interrupting the user with questions not germane to the use of the site.
  9. The ad expects the user to have a tablet or phone, and interferes with a user using a mouse.
  10. The ad triggers an antivirus scanner and blocks the site.
  11. An ad keeps the user from navigating away from the website.
  12. Ads might surreptitiously collect information about the user.

We are not trying to avoid your puny sales pitches. We are trying to get our computers to work right on your sites.

And demanding that I buy a subscription so I can read one article Google found is pure greed.