Many religions claim that they are a way to Heaven, or the only way to Heaven. But Jesus the Christ has a claim to a perfect plan that is completely different from the others. Here are the reasons why:

  1. The plan is the work of God. This plan does not require any actions on the part of human beings to succeed (other than accepting the plan). God did all of the work to make it happen.
  2. The plan can not fail. Since the infallible God did the work, the plan is infallible. Nobody can ruin the plan, because nobody can overpower God's will. Satan's attempts to ruin the plan only made it succeed perfectly.
  3. It is a gift to mankind. Nobody has to work to get it. In fact, it is impossible to obtain it by working. God, in his infinite mercy, gave us a way for imperfect sinful man to obtain salvation before the perfect God. All you have to do is ask Him for it, and believe that He will give it.
  4. The gift is perfection itself. We are given the Spirit of God himself. The Spirit of God is a living part of God that resides inside those of us who have accepted God's gift. He changes us to be more like Himself, and He gives us everlasting life.
  5. Jesus did NOT fail when He went to the cross. It was the completion of this wonderful plan. God requires a sacrifice for each sin a man commits. The sacrifices in the Old Testament were temporary. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ is once, but it is good for all times and all sins a man commits. When Jesus said "It is finished!" he was shouting that he had completed this greatest of all works. He had done everything according to plan. He obeyed God by going to the cross.
  6. Jesus was the only man who never sinned. Since the sacrifice had to be of a perfect unblemished being, only Jesus could have been that person. He never broke any of God's commands, only the interpretations men added to God's commands.
  7. God showed His approval by raising Jesus from death to life. Jesus was raised to life on the third day. People who are revived by medical science today are always revived within 12 hours of their demise, and are not left to decay. At least three times that time passed using the shortest period possible from reading Scripture. He died at 3 pm (the ninth hour of the day) on Friday, and was buried by 6. Saturday began at 6 pm (the Israeli date ends at sundown). No work was allowed on Saturday, the Sabbath. When Sunday came, the women went to embalm Jesus' body, by at least 6 am (dawn). That's 3 hours on Friday, 24 on Saturday, and 12 on Sunday, or 39 hours.
  8. Once you believe, the Spirit gives you the truth with scripture proofs. The plan is designed to be unprovable without the Spirit. It appears to be foolishness, unless a person already has the Spirit, or is willing to open his mind to believe God's Word. The plan must be taken on faith in God's truthful nature.
  9. There are many proofs in Scripture, most of which can possibly apply only to Jesus. One that is often overlooked is the Temple genealogy. After Matthew and Luke got their genealogies, the temple and its records were destroyed. Nobody else could lay claim to being the Messiah, because there was no longer a way to prove the lineage. The Temple was removed for another reason: With the availability of the Spirit of God, the Temple is no longer needed. When the church age ends and no one is left on earth with the Spirit of God, the Temple will be rebuilt.
  10. Satan is trying to destroy churches that teach the truth. They are being replaced by churches that teach the lies of Satan: That you get into Heaven by "being good," that all religions offer a way into Heaven, that you have to work your way to salvation, and that God changes his mind about some sins being sin. The fact that governments and factions are trying to get rid of the Word of God, but cannot refute it, indicates that it is the truth.