When all possibilities are considered, the Christian God really is the best God of all possible gods. This includes Jesus Christ.

Too many people do not like God (JHVH, the God the Christians worship).
  Most of them want something that God has prohibited, so they want a "different god" who will let them have their misbehavior without penalty.
  The others do not want any god to exist at all. They want no higher power over them to control their behavior. They don't even want eternal life.

Here is a table of all of the properties of God and why they are good:

God never changes.His religion is totally stable and reliable.
God cannot lie.He never tells us anything wrong.
God cannot change His mind.He always thinks the same.
Cod cannot sin.God can do no wrong.
God cannot tempt with evil or be tempted.Nobody can sway God from his beliefs and purposes.
God cannot break a promise.When God makes a promise, He keeps it.
God cannot fail.God always succeeds in everything He does.
God cannot misunderstand.God knows what you mean, not just what you say.
Cod cannot make a mistake.He never goofs.
God cannot be wrong.Things He thinks and things He does are never wrong.
God cannot get tiredHe has infinite energy.
There are no surprises.All you need to know is in the Bible.
He gives eternal life.How to get life is in several Bible books.
The simplest religion ever.Believe, repent sins, and ask Jesus to come in. There is only one way to life.
God defined right and wrong.Wrongdoing is sin.
God defined sexual immorality.Sexual immorality is any sexual activity outside a heterosexual marriage.
God defined everything GLBT as being evil.They are evil because they can harm other people.
GLBT cravings are the consequences of sin.Romans 1 says that worshiping created things causes it.
Committing wrongdoing on purpose is evil.Those who do evil are obeying satan and will not see life.
God was right when He defined right and wrong.He defined things that harm others to be wrong.
God gave us free willYou get to choose: sin or life.
God forgives sins.Your past before you chose to obey God is forgiven.
God prohibits what harms others.God is fair in what he prohibits.
Believers get the Holy Spirit.The Spirit teaches all and warns us of threats.
The Spirit does works (fruits).Fruits of the Spirit are not prunes.
God loves everyone.Until you die, God still wants you for His own.
God wants the best for you.God knows what is best for you.
Why did God take away what I wanted most?God has something better for you.
God wants belief on faith, not sight.God gives proof after you have faith.
Only two final outcomes:Obedient get heaven - Others get hades
You choose where you end up.God's salvation offer is open until you die.
Believers know their final outcome now.The Spirit tells you that you are saved.
God cannot be destroyed.satan wants you to think that God can be destroyed.
God cannot leave you.If you think He has, you have left Him.
God will not trick you.satan will trick you every time.
God cannot allow sin in His presence.People with unforgiven sins cannot be in God's presence.
We are told in the Bible about the end of the world.A new heaven and a new earth replace them.
Jesus is the real son of God.His sacrifice on the cross made salvation possible.


There are people who don't like the Christian God as the ideal god. But most of them have ulterior motives:

  1. Those who don't like that God prohibited something they like.

    - They don't like restrictions. But God forbade all of those activities because they harm others.

    - Some prefer the sins to obeying God. They will not share in God's afterlife.

  2. Some want a god who, like Santa Claus, gives them whatever they want.

    - These people are just greedy. Since there is no such god, they steal to get what they want.

  3. Some desire a god who smashes all of the wrongdoers into obedience.

    - The problem with that is that everyone does wrong, so everyone will be smashed.

  4. Some want there to be no god at all.

    - But science alone cannot tell us where the universe came from. None of the theories provide a source of energy to explain it.

  5. Some want a god who does absolutely nothing.

    - Nobody would know that a god who does nothing exists.