Hollywood shows its liberal bias in the films it creates. Here are some of the biases it tries to palm off onto the public as "normal decent life"

  1. A disproportionately large number of movie and TV heroes are portrayed as actors, directors, producers, other film industry employees, artists, sculptors, musicians, athletes, dancers, politicians, and other people with nonproductive careers.
  2. Many films depict work by having the person who is working absent, or by doing a wipe to a time after the work is done.
  3. The following people and things are almost always depicted as evil:
    • Conservatives
    • Republicans
    • Clergymen
    • Rich people
    • Business
    • Factories
    • The military
    • Private property rights
    • Private gun ownership
    • Insurance companies
    • The tiniest little bit of pollution
    • Semi-trailer trucks
    • Energy use
    • Stocks, bonds, dividends, and securities
  4. Sexual "freedom" is always depicted as widespread and good, but the domestic disputes and violent acts that it causes are rarely shown.
  5. Deviate sexual offenses are depicted as widespread and good, even though at least three religions prohibit them as evil.
  6. Religion is portrayed as either a myth or an evil intrusion to freedom.
  7. The harm done to the innocent spouse by an act of adultery is rarely shown.
  8. Most TV situation comedies show a family with divorced parents, one estranged.
  9. The law doesn't matter:
    • Movie heroes get into fights to protect what is "right" to them, but they are never arrested and charged with battery for fighting, as they would be in real life.
    • Movie heroes are never arrested on weapons charges, as they would be in real life.
    • Somehow, the movie hero doesn't get a ticket for speeding or reckless driving after a car chase, no matter how many cars of bystanders get wrecked.
    • Movie heroes indiscriminately take, use, or destroy property without any mention of charges for destruction of property or reimbursing the owner.
    • Over half of the movies produced lately depict some form of drug use. Most of it is not stopped by the law.
    • Stealing is no longer condemned in some movies, but every owner of a polluting industry is usually killed by the hero or the pollution.
    • Policemen are often depicted as the enemy.
    • Street gangs are glorified, not treated as the terrorists they are.
    • Government officials are allowed to break the law without penalty.
  10. Children never have to ask permission before doing anything (especially on Saturday morning kid TV shows).
  11. Witchcraft, the occult, and demons are portrayed as being good, if the motives behind their uses are good. Disney is the major offender here.
  12. Government controls over the economy are shown as good.

Now let's look at the motives behind these portrayals. Most of them are selfish:

  1. Nonproductive careers: Describes the film industry perfectly.
  2. Nondepiction of work: Laborers don't want to see work.
  3. Evil portrayals:
    • Conservatives and Republicans want a free economy and controls on sexual content.
    • Clergymen condemn sexual content of films.
    • Rich people and businesses are the sources of funding for film production. They control the purse strings and limit creativity.
    • Factories represent the jobs out-of-work actors have to take.
    • The military keeps the socialists these film people like from taking over the country.
    • Private property is the hallmark of capitalism, which won't spend much money on the kinds of creativity directors and actors want the "freedom" to do. (But watch them scream bloody murder if their "intellectual property" monopoly rights are violated.)
    • Private gun ownership also is a deterrent to a government-controlled economy.
    • Insurance companies veto some stunts, and cost the studios money they say the government should pay.
    • Pollution is used to denounce capitalism and favor government control.
    • Semi-trailer trucks are privately owned transportation. They also smell bad.
    • Energy use defies the concept of government controlled economy (and leaves less for the studios to use).
    • Stocks, bonds, dividends, and securities represent the corporate influences that control and limit the creativity of film artists by requiring that the films be profitable.
  4. Sexual "freedom" is "creativity," and is what film artists want for themselves.
  5. Deviate sexual acts are what film artists think of as "fun."
  6. Religion condemns their "freedom" to turn filth into fun.
  7. Most film artists commit adultery.
  8. Most film artists are divorced as a result of adultery.
  9. Why the law doesn't matter to filmmakers:
    • Fights, shootouts, and car chases are the epitome of acting and special effects.
    • Property destruction and stealing are psychological digs against capitalism.
    • Drugs are a "perk" to most in show business.
    • Environmentalism is the back door route to achieving socialism, by bypassing elections and achieving socialist controls through the courts.
    • Policemen are vilified and street gangs are glorified because film artists don't want to be limited by others.
    • Socialist government officials are allowed to break laws.
  10. Children never have to ask permission because film artists don't want to be limited, and are indoctrinating children to give them this "right" when they become adults in government.
  11. Witchcraft, the occult, and demons are anti-Christian, and are film creativity at its highest. And they are propaganda against Christianity.
  12. Government controls over the economy are the basis of socialism. Filmmakers want socialism, because socialist governments will pay for their filmmaking without the need of a market for their work.

This breaks down to one main theme: Film artists want to be paid to create what they want to create. They want this without having to worry about begging for funding for their projects. They also don't want to limit the content of their films, to satisfy regulators, investors, stockholders, pornography laws, the clergy, and critics. They want government to give them the money and equipment to produce films, no matter what the content is. Nobody else has any rights under their vision of how things should be.

The trouble with their thinking is that no socialist government can continue to exist very long. Socialism is based on equal distribution of wealth. Unfortunately, this usually causes everyone to work a lot less, preventing the creation of wealth. Without that wealth, the socialist economy fails, followed by the socialist government,

The real problem is that they have enough of the population hoodwinked with their biased films that everyone else's rights are threatened.


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