Here is a list of the tricks Democrats and Liberals use to fool the people into voting for them and supporting their wasteful programs:

  1. Promise the people something for nothing. (Of course, that's impossible.)
  2. Use bad statistics to lie.
  3. Use emotion instead of logic.
  4. Use scare tactics to frighten voters away from opponents.
  5. Promise programs which government could not possibly fund (such as universal health insurance).
  6. Get people hooked on their spending programs, so those people will have to vote for them to keep the benefits.
  7. Create standards of behavior to enforce on others (Political Correctness).
  8. Allow themselves to break the standards of behavior they enforce on everyone else.
  9. Blame scapegoats when their policies predictably fail miserably
  10. Give Presidents the credit or blame for what Congress actually has the power to do.
  11. Use sneaky tricks to steal elections (such as counting as votes the dimpled chad caused by a dirty card reader).
  12. Use sneaky tricks to keep military men from voting (such as ordering them on surprise maneuvers on Election Day).
  13. Try to change the rules whenever they are losing.
  14. Change the rules in the middle of the game (such as the tax changes that caused savings & loan failures in the 1980s).
  15. Claim that there is "something wrong" with all people who disagree with them.
  16. Appoint liberal judges, and use them to overturn the will of the people.
  17. Get union schoolteachers to teach that their politics are good and that all other political and religious beliefs are wrong.
  18. Threaten force if they don't win (such as riots, terrorism, disruptions, or property destruction). (Argumentum ad baculum*)
  19. Call names, use pejoratives, cast aspersions, and do other things intended to discredit the opponent instead of the argument. (Argumentum ad hominem*)
  20. Absurdly apply general beliefs to specific circumstances. (Also argumentum ad hominem*)
  21. Require the other side to prove its case, but deny that they are required to prove their own case. (Argumentum ad ignorantium*)
  22. Use pity to win arguments. (Argumentum ad misericordiam*)
  23. Argue for the good of the whole. (Argumentum ad populum*)
  24. Use the fact that a person is an "expert" or an authority as proof that his statements are true. (Argumentum ad verecundiam*)
  25. Use a special case or a known exception to disprove the entire rule. (Accident*)
  26. Change the data to fit the desired rule. (Converse accident*)
  27. Proffer a false or unproven cause as fact. (Post hoc ergo propter hoc*)
  28. Search for premises that will prove what you want to be proven (Petitio principii - begging the question*)
  29. Form conclusions irrelevant to the facts (Ignoratio elenchi*)
  30. Introduce biases or prejudices into the question (Complex question*)
  31. Use jargon to confuse the opposition. (Relative obfuscation*)
  32. Assume that all possibilities are known. (Assumption of finiteness*)
  33. Repeat an argument until people believe it. (Argumentum ad nauseam*)
  34. Create slogans and cite them as though they must be true. (Argumentum ad nauseam*)
  35. Change the subject whenever they are losing.
  36. Use different meanings of words or phrases to confuse. (Amphiboly*)
  37. Change the meaning of a sentence by changing its pronunciation. (Accent*)
  38. Assign the attributes of one individual to a group. (Composition*)
  39. Assign the attributes of a group to an individual. (Division*)
  40. Use words nobody knows. (Absolute obfuscation*)
  41. Use faulty logic.
  42. Make up new definitions to words or phrases in the Constitution to get what they want ("welfare").
  43. Claim that there is no such thing as absolute truth. (Argumentum ad ignorantium*)
  44. Use accelerated testing methods to find causes of diseases.
  45. Claim that things cause damage to the environment until proven otherwise. (Argumentum ad ignorantium*)
  46. Throw out data that don't fit the theory.
  47. Present the religion of Environmentalism as scientific fact.
  48. Use bad science to prove arguments.
  49. Use incorrect mathematics to prove arguments.
  50. Claim that entertainment, the arts, sports, and recreations are necessities to life. (Argumentum ad ignorantium*)
  51. Demand that their own beliefs be the standard by which everything else must be tested. (Argumentum ad ignorantium*)
  52. Claim that the worst case scenario must be the true one. (Argumentum ad ignorantium*)
  53. Claim that all motives of businessmen are bad or greedy. (Argumentum ad ignorantium*)
  54. Claim that greed is the motive of all property rights advocates. (Argumentum ad ignorantium*)
  55. Claim that personal transportation is bad.
  56. Use "Campaign Finance Control" to stack the deck in their favor.
  57. Make economic arguments that contradict all known economic facts. (Argumentum ad ignorantium*)
  58. Put their own re-election above doing what is right.
  59. Give "party unity" a higher priority than justice.
  60. Threaten legislators with loss of their power if they don't go along with what the party leaders want. (Argumentum ad baculum*)
  61. Assume that most of the people in the world are idiots, and use such assumptions as the basis of the laws they pass. (Argumentum ad ignorantium*)
  62. Pretend to be a majority when they are not.
  63. Make as much noise as is possible, so they appear to be a majority.
  64. Try to extend voting time, so that more people can vote their way after the results are known.
  65. Make bomb threats, pull fire alarms, chant, create mob scenes, and do other things to force adjournment of the meeting, when they know they will lose the vote.
  66. Whine loudly whenever they lose.
  67. Blame "the stupidity of the voters" when they lose elections by landslides.
  68. Claim that the only way they could have lost a close election was if the opposition cheated. (They can't believe that the majority of the voters did not agree with them.)
  69. Use correlation "links" as proof of causality (they aren't).
  70. Ban smoking, while simultaneously trying to legalize dangerous drugs.
  71. Cheat and lie because their cause is "noble."
  72. Dismiss traditional religious beliefs as "obsolete".
  73. Do everything they can to discourage the exercise of religious beliefs.
  74. Require opponents to expose confidential sources to prove their cases, but never give in to demands they reveal their own sources.
  75. Repeat the lie that President Clinton was prosecuted for sexual immorality (instead of the Perjury, Obstruction of Justice, and Abuse of Power he was actually charged with).
  76. Condemn others for destroying evidence while allowing their own to do it without penalty.
  77. Refuse to accept that they got their due process and lost.
  78. Try to dig up "dirt" on, or imply ulterior motives of anyone who disagrees with their policies.
  79. Believe that invading aliens from outer space are more likely than pranks pulled by high-school students intended to make people think aliens were invading.
  80. Believe that government should act like an all-inclusive "parent" to control the population as its children.
  81. Create new bureaucracies and expand old ones.
  82. Concentrate power in unelected offices so elections can't take it away.
  83. Make people believe they actually have an individual account at Social Security which is accruing interest for their retirement.
  84. Convince people that government actually knows what is best for them.
  85. Tell people they are wasting their time looking for the truth in how government works, since truth is relative anyway.
  86. Call a reduction in a planned increase in spending a "cut".
  87. Worship the Kennedy clan, Franklin Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton as the icons of purity.
  88. Hide what they plan to do until the last moment.
  89. Hold secret meetings to decide what will be done at the public meetings.
  90. Hold public input sessions to pretend they are listening to what the public wants. Then do what their policy dictates, no matter what the public said.
  91. If budget cuts threaten to eliminate a bureaucracy, make multiple press releases with dire predictions of the disasters which will happen if that bureaucracy is removed.
  92. When faced with a budget shortfall, they gloss over the extravagances of government, and then do one of the following:
    1. Cut essential services (such as police protection)
    2. Charge user fees for essential services.
  93. Make sure that all but the poorest people have to pay taxes. Otherwise, there would not be enough money for all of the liberal programs.
  94. Call tax cuts "welfare for the rich."
  95. Don't worry about where people will get the money to pay the tax increase they pass.
  96. Gut the military budget to pay for social spending. Then blame the military for "inefficiency" if the county is attacked.
  97. Tell opposite sides of a dispute different stories so you get the votes of both.
  98. Favor immorality to get the votes of the immoral.
  99. Find ways to seize the property of the opposition through tax legislation.
  100. Require products to become obsolete every few years, so the economy will "improve" through sales of the required replacements.

* = Fallacies of Relevance

Remember the Ferrengi "Rules of Acquisition" (from Star Trek)?

These must be the Democrat "Rules of Acquisition of Power" they use to take power away from the people.