Here is a list of the damage caused by the current liberal policies of high taxation, uncontrolled government spending, runaway regulation, and immorality:

  1. Business failures (with corresponding unemployment)
  2. Lack of diversity in commercially available products (specific rules)
  3. Products that don't work properly (due to hampering safety and environmental devices)
  4. Lack of product quality (to make up for huge taxes on profits)
  5. Flight of manufacturing to other countries (union, safety, and environmental rules)
  6. Super high crime rates (high tax extraction, removal of morality from schools)
  7. Graduates who cant read or add (teacher unionization, government controlled schools)
  8. Promiscuity, rape, and adultery (no morality in schools)
  9. Prostitution (legal jobs removed by EPA rules)
  10. Teen age pregnancy (no morality in schools)
  11. Terrorism (no other way to stop government since checks abolished)
  12. No incentive to work (welfare and unemployment compensation)
  13. No incentive to run own business (a legal and tax nightmare)
  14. No respect for the law (because the law is so stupid and incomprehensible)
  15. Scandals (lack of morality spread by the media)
  16. Homosexuality, abortion, bestiality, and other sex crimes (general lack of morality)
  17. Ghettos (lack of incentive to work due to government programs and tax laws)
  18. Hate crimes (people blame other groups for causing the rest of these troubles)
  19. Violence increased (right off the TV set)
  20. People expect the government to solve every problem (and they think they can)
  21. Violence increasing more (more acts are defined as violent)
  22. Militia groups (second amendment misread as allowing only militias to have guns)
  23. Gun smuggling (second amendment disregarded - anyone can have weapons if read right)
  24. Crumbling highways (trust funds held to make budget look less in deficit)
  25. Shorter life for cars (won't pass EPA tests when rings go bad, costs too much to fix)
  26. Cars more dangerous (lighter cars to pass fuel mileage rules)
  27. Railroads disappearing (government owns the "road" in all other transport modes)
  28. Private land disappearing (government taking for nature preserves)
  29. Housing prohibitively expensive (zoning and extra strict building codes)
  30. Food too expensive (farm price subsidies, crop buying monopolies allowed)
  31. Farms failing (farm price subsidies cause wrong crops to be grown)
  32. Bank, Savings and Loan failures (changing regulations)
  33. Citizens forced to use identification numbers
  34. Teens bringing guns to school (lack of discipline, spanking prohibited)
  35. Lack of discipline in homes (schoolteachers undermining family rules)
  36. Lawlessness (it's illegal to fix an air conditioner yourself, so the law seems absurd)
  37. Atheism (religion prohibited in violation of first amendment)
  38. Murder (the sentence is often less than that for tax evasion -- wrong priorities)
  39. Human life devalued (save the cetus - kill the fetus)
  40. More levels of government keep appearing (13 at last count)
  41. Blurring of what's right and what's wrong (the Bible, the absolute standard, ignored)
  42. Skyrocketing medical costs (make anything free to some people, and get a shortage)
  43. Shortages (price or wage controls, minimum wage)
  44. Unemployed teenagers (minimum wage)
  45. Unemployment (high taxation, income tax, business license, minimum wage)
  46. Products disappear (high taxation, minimum wage, regulations)
  47. Underground economy (income tax, sales tax)
  48. Low voter turnout (the "vote for only one" election system fails to work right)
  49. Segregation (welfare rules, property appraisal methods, zoning)
  50. High crime areas (low police budget, welfare rules, income tax, property tax)
  51. Elderly lose homes (Medicaid rules, Medicare rules, property tax)
  52. National wealth diminished (right down the tax hole)
  53. Low production (no wonder -- a sixth of the people work for the government)
  54. Less value produced (two thirds of the people are feeding the other third)

There is a way out. According to the Bible, all of this dreadful activity is hastening the return of Jesus Christ and the end of the world. Everything is happening, just as He prophesied. The judgments of this world are not far off.