Car manufacturers are out of touch with what the average consumer wants. Here is my list of wants and don't wants for any car I buy:

Tactile sense of control positionsMenus, buttons, and displays Driver should not have to take eyes off road to set controls. He should be able to feel control positions.
Automatic TransmissionManual Transmission Driver should not have to fool with a gearshift while driving under normal conditions.
Easy access to partsPull engine to change plugs Stupid designs increase repair costs. All parts should be accessible without taking everything apart.
Second gear start - or
Second gear position
Must start in first gear For winter driving. A higher gear locked in puts the slipping in the torque converter instead of the road wheels.
4-speed transmission6 or 8 speed transmission A bad excuse for underpowering a car. Also, multiple shifts can cause problems in icy weather.
Manual controls that stay setComputer changes control settings The driver should not be distracted by unwanted setting changes made by the computer.
Manual door locksPower door locks Power locks fail more often than manual locks, and cost more to fix. Thieves can also activate them.
Manually adjusted seatsPower seats Power seats fail more often than manual seats, and cost more to fix. Sometimes a failure can be dangerous.
Manual windowsPower Windows Power windows fail more often, and cost more to fix. They can also stick on and run down the battery.
No sunroofSunroof A sunroof always leaks when it gets older. The rubber seals fail, and the glass closes out of position.
Medium interior colorWhite or dark interior White shows dirt, reflects sun into eyes. Dark makes the interior get hot on sunny days.
Parking brake actually worksParking brake will not hold car Safety first. The driver must be able to stop the car in an emergency. This could be the only way.
CD playerCassette Cassettes are unreliable. CDs are the easy way to take your own music with you.
Horn not alarm answerHorn answers alarm command Scares other drivers into thinking they did something wrong. Use lights to indicate alarm status.
No cell phone capabilitiesCell phone antenna and/or devices Use of a cell phone should be banned while driving. It is a distraction that causes accidents.
Maximum vision all directionsSmall rear windows Safety first. Structural members should not hide cars or pedestrians from the driver view.
Lights shut off after delayLights stay on Keeps battery from running down if the lights were left on accidentally.
Four doorsTwo doors Two door cars cause passengers to have trouble getting into and out of the back seat.
Space for safety equipmentTiny storage area Want to carry equipment for road emergencies, in addition to my luggage.
Vinyl seatsLeather seats Some people are allergic to leather. An itchy seat is not a good idea when precision control is needed.

And I do not want a car with big mice in it. That Kia Soul ad backfired. It makes me look for big mice every time I see one.