Here's why most politicians make people mad:

Reasons people hate politicians:

  1. Most politicians run for office because they have an axe to grind.
  2. Most politicians have an agenda they want to accomplish.
  3. Most politicians think others want what they want.
  4. Most politicians want to do things to the economy. Most of those things cause more troubles than they cure.
  5. Most politicians actually think they know more than college graduates trained in traffic control.
  6. Most politicians think they understand how the economy works. Most of them are wrong.
  7. Most politicians want to make you believe what they believe.
  8. Most politicians have ideas for several new government spending programs.
  9. Most politicians think government can solve any problem.
  10. Most politicians believe that government can do anything it wants to do.
  11. Most politicians think government can have any size budget it wants. (But the size of the budget is limited by the size of the economy.)
  12. Most politicians want government to be more important than ordinary people.
  13. Most politicians want a bigger government.
  14. Most politicians want to abolish everything that is even a little bit dangerous.
  15. Most politicians think they can create jobs.
  16. Most politicians want to control the lives of others.
  17. Most politicians want to be important.
  18. Most politicians want to spend money on frivolous projects.
  19. Most politicians don't care who they hurt.
  20. Most politicians have oversized egos.

The kind of politician I would vote for:

  1. Has no axe to grind.
  2. Has no set agenda to accomplish.
  3. Tries to find out what others want and need.
  4. Wants to leave the economy alone.
  5. Knows he doesn't know everything, and delegates responsibility to trained experts.
  6. Knows that there is no proven economic theory, and especially knows that Keynesian economics had been refuted.
  7. Lets you believe what you want to believe.
  8. Doesn't want to create new programs.
  9. Knows that government can't solve many problems.
  10. Knows the limits to government power.
  11. Knows that no combination of governments should take more than 10 percent of the economy.
  12. Wants government to be less important than ordinary people.
  13. Wants a smaller government.
  14. Wants to abolish abolishing things.
  15. Knows government can't create jobs, except by getting out of the way of employment.
  16. Doesn't want to control the lives of others.
  17. Doesn't want to be important.
  18. Wants to eliminate frivolous projects.
  19. Tries to not hurt people with what he does.
  20. Has an undersized ego.