The world did not end on 12/21/2012. The doomsayers were wrong again. Like that cartoon says, the guy who drew up the calendar just ran out of room.

The Bible says that nobody can know the date or the time of the end. But these events are still very possible causes of the end in the future. The end will come due to the rise in sin, not because of environmental damage. Read the following pre-12/21/2012 article with this in mind.




mayan calendar Some people say that the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world on December 21, 2012. They might be right, and they might not be. But if they are right, here is the most likely scenario:

  1. Overspending and overtaxation by Democrats in various governments causes a recession.
  2. A group called Center-Forward campaigns to take us back to the immorality of cave-man days
  3. A group called VoteVets Action Fund campaigns to make Washington lean to the left.
  4. Obama the Socialist wins re-election through the collusion of the liberal-biased press.
  5. Obamacare becomes a certainty. It requires everyone to buy insurance.
  6. Obamacare requires insurance to cover unnecessary medicine, including such items as fertility treatments,
  7. All health insurance companies raise premiums to over $2000 a month.
  8. Government creates a universal ID card for Obamacare and Secure ID. It is the number of the beast.
  9. A-bomb Employers can't afford to pay for the required health insurance for each employee.
  10. Every employer goes out of business or leaves the United States.
  11. Unemployment in the United States goes to 100 percent. Other countries also lose jobs.
  12. Democrats see the destruction of their utopian plans and become very angry.
  13. Angry Democrats blame Christians for the destruction of their plans, and start a pogrom.
  14. Jesus Christ raptures the saved. Billions of people disappear.
  15. All of the countries blame each other for the disappearances, and a nuclear war begins.
  16. Very few people are left after the war.
  17. Anarchy follows. People kill each other over food.


The Obamacare symbol looks like the Nazi High Command symbol. Is it Nazicare?
Note that the symbol is erroneously the one for messenger, not medicine.
The symbol for medicine has only one snake and no wings.
Nazicare sproingbrain lean left


Washington leans to the left.