aoc or jaa

Which is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?
Which is Jodi Ann Arias*?


AOC stands for Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a Socialist Democrat member of Congress from New York City.

What are AOC's political beliefs?

She favors all of the following political beliefs:

She opposes all of the following political beliefs:

How would AOC pay for her massive spending programs?

She believes in the Modern Monetary Theory. Its beliefs include:

What is wrong with this plan to finance spending?

It does not take into account that money gains its value when it is used to pay for work done to make useful products for sale on the open market.

Government has no power to create any wealth. Only work can create wealth.

What would happen if the government tried to execute this massive spending program?

Government would never be able to raise enough wealth to pay for even a small portion of her plan:

What else does AOC want to do that is wrong?

Many of her goals are unconstitutional or unsustainable:

She wants to force her selfish beliefs on everyone else.

*Jodi Ann Arias is on the left. She was convicted of murdering her significant other in 2008 in Arizona. She blames public officials for her conviction.