There are several reasons why I am not going to convert my web pages to be "mobile-friendly":

  1. I have over 400 pages. It would take years to do a good job.

    Nobody can keep up with the fast pace of change today.

  2. "Mobile device" standards are not even done yet.

    Standards for HTML 5 also aren't done yet.

  3. I already modified my pages twice to satisfy rules at different hosting sites. All of my previous hosts were bought out by competitors and then shut down.
  4. Pages that work on mobile devices often do not work on desktops and laptops.
  5. I do not have enough hosting space left for a double inventory of pages.
  6. I refuse to give up the character entity reference codes.
  7. I teach computer science. Minifying is very poor programming practice.
  8. If you are too lazy to zoom and scroll to use a page, shame on you!
  9. I want as much information as possible on one desktop screen.
  10. I hate cell phones: Cell phone users shall do more work to see my pages, not desktop users.
  11. I hate touch screens. They always mess up what you select.
  12. I absolutely detest Windows 8/10 and Microsoft's new policies. Give me XP.
  13. Screens full of touchpads are not accessible to various disabilities:

Viewing my pages on a "mobile device"

Use one or more of the following methods: