I came across this question in a forum I used to belong to that seems to no longer exist: The link I have no longer works. The site users could not find many of the answers.

Why is mud wrestling sexy to guys?

"I am a girl, but I have been wondering this for a long time... so please forgive me.
Why is women wrestling in mud so appealing to you guys? Why is mud sexy?
I can't get a good answer from any guys I be asked in person, so maybe you all can help?"

I searched and came up with all of these answers:

  1. Because it's nice and messy.
  2. Why? I don't see anything sexy. I see it hurting women's rights.
  3. It's funny, like slapstick humor, like pies in the face.
  4. It makes clothing cling to the body and reveal it without nudity,
  5. I hope they get stuck in the mud. I want to watch them struggle to get out.
  6. Check out the "wet and messy" websites. Many men and women love to cover their bodies with goo.
  7. I'm a girl, and I want to see boys mud wrestling.
  8. Two women getting all over each other's bodies is hot.
  9. I love to watch pretty clothes get ruined. It's even more fun if something rips.
  10. I always wanted a muddy hug - The thicker the layers of mud, the better. Squish!
  11. When they dig up a sidewalk to fix a pipe, it's fun to watch people walk in mud to go around the hole.
  12. Mud wrestling doesn't interest me at all.
  13. I want to see their hair filled with mud.
  14. I love to watch a woman walking through mud and getting her shoes gooey.
  15. I love to watch a woman walking through deep mud and getting mud inside her boots.
  16. Silhouettes are sexy.
  17. The subconscious fantasy is that the women are fighting over me.
  18. I want to see a race of several women running across a muddy field wearing slip-on clogs. Lose a clog and you go back to get it.
  19. Mud hides facial blemishes.
  20. My private parts get excited if I see a muddy woman.
  21. Women are sometimes naked, semi-naked or clad revealingly.
  22. Give me that show where they pay people to put gooey stuff inside their pants.
  23. Think of a one-piece swimsuit full of mud. Also, think of a two-piece swimsuit full of mud.
  24. I'd rather see her smash two pies on her breasts.
  25. I once saw a girl run across mud to catch a bus. Her shoes came off and her seat slid in the mud. WOW!
  26. Mud is wet. What gets wet is sexy
  27. That fun movie was great where people got messy trying to find a marble in a pool of oatmeal.
  28. I'd bet that anything messy would have the same effect on men as mud does.
  29. Slicked chicks are hot.
  30. Humiliating women with mud and mess elates me.
  31. I love those women putting handfuls of mud in each other's clothes.
  32. I cherish the thought of a woman pouring a bucket of mud down her front.
  33. It would be so much fun to roll in the mud with one of those women.
  34. Increasing chance of wardrobe malfunction.
  35. A circus clown pitched a shovel of (fake) wet concrete on the seat of a ballet dancer in a tutu. Then he sat her in the wheelbarrow of concrete.
  36. The sickness of the mud leads to erotic poses (sic).
  37. I want to see them rub thick sticky mud on each other's breasts.
  38. When do we get to see tar wrestling?
  39. I love seeing attractive women trying to pin each other in a slippery mess.
  40. I like the mud, but I also want to see two women throwing pies at each other. It's just as gooey.
  41. The demeaning aspect of the mud adds contrast.
  42. Muddy handprints on body parts.
  43. One time the winner held down the loser and rubbed lots of mud in her crotch.
  44. I love mud too. It feels good all over my body and inside my clothes. I hope the mud wrestlers feel that good too.
  45. I enjoyed that movie where a man and a woman (clothed) made love while up to their necks in a vat of honey.
  46. Hot girls stuck in mud are sexy.
  47. To find out, go to the mud pits at rock concerts and see what they do.
  48. Let them fill each other's underwear with lots of mud.
  49. Men who want this are thinking with a part of the body other than the brain.
  50. I want a mud sandwich. Lay me on my back in the mud with a mud covered girl wrestler wallowing on top of me.