World Time: Old Indiana:New Indiana: Time Zone:
UTCDST JanJulJanJul Zone NameCities & Countries
+5+5+5+4 Greenwich (UTC)Abidjan, Iceland
0n+1 +5+6+5+5 BritishLondon
+6+6+6+5 AngolaTripoli, Luanda
+1n+2 +6+7+6+6 EUBerlin, Geneva, Stockholm
+7+7+7+6 UkraineCairo, Cape Town, Kiev
+8+8+8+7 Kenya, RussiaNairobi, Moscow
+3n+4 +8+9+8+8 Israel, SyriaJerusalem
+3vv +8v+8v+8v +7vSaudiRiyadh
+3:30+4:30 +8:30+9:30+8:30+8:30 IranTehran
+9+9+9+8 GeorgiaMuscat, Mauritius
+4n+5 +9+10+9+9 AzerbaijanBaki
+9:30+9:30+9:30+8:30 AfghanKabul
+10+10+10+9 PakistanKarachi
+10:30+9:30 New DelhiIndia, Bombay, Sri Lanka
+10:45+10:45+10:45+9:45 NepalKathmandau
World Time: Old Indiana:New Indiana: Time Zone:
UTCDST JanJulJanJul Zone NameCities & Countries
+11+11+11+10 BangladeshDhaka, Maldives
+11:30+11:30+11:30+10:30 MyanmarRangoon, Bhutan
+12+12+12+11 BangkokThailand, Jakarta, Hanoi
+13+13+13+12 TaiwanBeijing, Perth, Singapore
+14+14+14+13 TokyoSeoul
+14:30+14:30+14:30+13:30 DarwinDarwin
+9:30s+10:30 +15:30+14:30+15:30+13:30 South AustraliaAdelaide
+15+15+15+14 PapuaPort Moresby, Guam, Brisbane
+10s+11 +16+15+16+14 SydneyMelbourne, Canberra, Hobart
+15:30+15:30+15:30+14:30 Lord Howe Is.
+16+16+16+15 SolomonNoumea, Magadan, Vanuatu
+16:30+16:30+16:30+15:30 NorfolkNorfolk Is.
World Time: Old Indiana:New Indiana: Time Zone:
UTCDST JanJulJanJul Zone NameCities & Countries
+17+17+17+16 Kiribati GilbertTarawa, Gilbert Is., Fiji, Wake Is.
+12s+13 +18+17+18+16 New ZealandChristchurch, Auckland
-7-7-7-8 Baker Is.Howland Is.
+17:45+17:45+17:45+16:45 ChathamChatham Is.
+18+18+18+17 Kiribati PhoenixEnderbury, Phoenix Is., Tonga
+13s+14 +19+18+19+17 SamoaApia
-6-6-6-7 American SamoaPago Pago, Midway Is.
+19+19+19+18 Kiribati LineKiritimati, Line Is.
-5-15-5-6 Hawaii TimeHonolulu, Aleutians
-4:30-4:30-4:30-5:30 Marquises
-4-4-4-5 Gambier Islands
-9n-8 -4-3-4-5 Yukon TimeAlaska, Juneau, Fairbanks, Nome
-3:30-3:30-3:30-4:30 Pitcairn
-3-3-3-4 Clipperton Is.
-8n-7 -3-2-3-3 PacificSeattle, Los Angeles, Tijuana
-2-2-2-3 ArizonaPhoenix, Hermosillo, Nogales
-7n-6 -2-1-2-2 Mountain TimeDenver, Albuquerque, Calgary
World Time: Old Indiana:New Indiana: Time Zone:
UTCDST JanJulJanJul Zone NameCities & Countries
-1-1-1-2 Central AmericaRegina, Tegucigalpa
-6n-5 -10-1-1 Central TimeChicago, Houston, Winnipeg
000-1 Old IndianaLima, Bogota, Southampton Is.
-5n-4 0+100 Eastern TimeNew York, Montreal, Miami
+1+1+10 BoliviaCaracas, San Juan, Bermuda
-4n-3 +1+2+1+1 Atlantic TimeHalifax, Goose Bay
-4s-3 +2+1+2+0 Chile TimeSantiago
-3:30n-2:30 +1:30+2:30+1:30+1:30 NewfoundlandSt. Johns, Corner Brook
+2+2+2+1 GreenlandNatal, Buenos Aires, Godthab
-3s-2 +3+2+3+1 Rio TimeRio de Janeiro, Asuncion, Montevideo
+3+3+3+2 South GeorgiaStanley
+4+4+4+3 Azores
+5+5+5+4 Greenwich (UTC)Abidjan, Iceland


Adi dah
Ndah dit
Bdah di di dit
Odah dah dah
Cdah di dah dit
Pdi dah dah dit
Ddah di dit
Qdah dah di dah
Rdi dah dit
Fdi di dah dit
Sdi di dit
Gdah dah dit
Hdi di di dit
Udi di dah
W DE / T
Idi dit
Vdi di di dah
F QI / M
Jdi dah dah dah
Wdi dah dah
L YS / O / H
Kdah di dah
Xdah di di dah
J BR / K
Ldi dah di dit
Ydah di dah dah
P XP / X
Mdah dah
Zdah dah di dit

1di dah dah dah dah
6dah di di di dit
1 64 6
2di di dah dah dah
7dah dah di di dit
2 73 7
3di di di dah dah
8dah dah dah di dit
3 82 8
4di di di di dah
9dah dah dah dah dit
4 91 9
5di di di di dit
0dah dah dah dah dah
5 05 / 0

.di dah di dah di dah
,dah dah di di dah dah
? ,? / ,
?di di dah dah di dit


endARdi dah di dah dit

waitASdi dah di di dit

errorHHdi di di di di di di di

q signals

Q Signal Meaning (Exchange I and You for ?)

QRAMy station (Call)QSAYour signal strength:
QRBDistance between usQSBYour signals are fading
QRDMy trip Destination, OriginQSDYour signals or keying bad

QRFReturning to Location

QRGYour exact freq (KHz)QSGSend (num) messages
QRHYour freq varies

QRIYour Tone

QRJCan't receive you (Do you read?)

QRKYour legibility isQSKCan hear you between signals
QRLBusyQSLI will ack reception
QRMHave interferenceQSMRepeat last message
QRNHave staticQSNI heard you on (KHz)
QROIncrease powerQSOI can comm with (Call)
QRPDecrease powerQSPI will relay to (Call) free
QRQFasterQSQYES or NO (prefix) doctor aboard
QRRRLand Distress! Quiet if can't aid!

QRRDistress ended


QRTStop sending

QRUNothing for you (anything?)QSUReply on (KHz) (default here)
QRVReadyQSVSend a series of "V"s
QRWTell (Call) I am on (KHz)QSWI will send, this freq
QRXI will call at (UTC)QSXI will listen to (Call) on (KHz)
QRYYour turn is:QSYChange to transmit on (KHz)
QRZYou are called by (Who?)QSZSend each word/group (num) times

QTACancel Message (num) if not sent.QUAI have news of _
QTBWord count (num) (dflt = OK)QUBMy visblty,clds,windsp,wdir,lat,long
QTCI have (number) messages for youQUCYour last message was (num)

QUDUrgent message from (Call)
QTEYou are (deg) from me (true)

QTFYou are (deg) from me (rdf)QUFDistress message from (Call)
QTGSending 2 10s dash; (Call)(num)(KHz)QUGI must land now
QTHMy location (Long/Lat)QUHMy sea level barometer is
QTIMy true track (deg):

QTJMy true speed:QUJFollow course (deg) true
QTLMy true heading (deg):

QTMFix bearing and distance on my signalQUMDistress traffic is ended
QTNDeparted from (loc) at (UTC)

QTOLeft port at (UTC) or Entering port


QTQUse International Code of SignalsARAck Receipt
QTRThe correct time is (UTC)CQCalling anyone
QTSRepeating Call for (min) (UTC) (KHz)KGo ahead anyone
QTUMy station open from (UTC) to (UTC)KNGo ahead calling station
QTVListen (KHz) from (UTC) to (UTC)MaydayPhone distress signal
QTXKeeping station open until (UTC)QRRRCW Distress signal (Land)
QTYProceeding to incident, ETA (UTC)RReceived OK
QYZContinuing to search for _SOSCW Distress signal (Sea or any)

10 - codes

CodePolice 10CB 10APCO 10Police 11

1Unable to copyPoor signalSignal weak
2Signal goodGood signalSignal good
3Stop transmittingStop sendingStop sending
5Relay (to)Relay toRelay to
6Busy unless urgentBusy, stand byBusyIllegal shots
7Out of service atOff airOut of serviceProwler
8In serviceListeningIn servicePerson down
9RepeatRepeatSay again
CodePolice 10CB 10APCO 10Police 11
10Fight in progressStanding byNoTake report
11Dog caseTalking too fastOn duty
12Stand byVisitors presentStand byDead animal
13Weather/road rptWeather/road rptConditionsInjured animal
14Prowler report
Message infoAnimal bite
15Civil disturbance
Message sentGame in street
16Domestic troublePick up atReply
17Meet complainantUrgentEnrouteWires down
18Complete quicklyAnything for us?Urgent
19Nothing, return toNothing, returnContact
CodePolice 10CB 10APCO 10Police 11
21Phone this personPhone personPhone person
22DisregardGo see personDisregard
23Arrived at sceneStand byOn scene
24Assignment doneDoneDone
25Go see personCan you contact?Meet personVehicle hazard

Assist female
26Quickly, detainingDisregardETA
27License infoGoing to channelLicense infoRecord, no want
28Vehicle reg. infoID your stationOwner infoQuick, detaining
29Check for wantsTime is upCheck for wantsNo record or want
CodePolice 10CB 10APCO 10Police 11
30Illegal radio useNot FCC rulesDangerCall cut off
31Crime in progress
Pick up
32Man with gunRadio check# Units needed
33EmergencyEmergencyHelp quick
34RiotTrouble hereCorrect time
35Major crime alertConfidential

36Correct timeCorrect time

37Investgt. vehicleWrecker needed

38Stopping vehicleNeed ambulance

39Urgent, use sirenMessage sent

CodePolice 10CB 10APCO 10Police 11
40Silent, no siren

Need ambulance?
41Beginning dutyGo to channel
Need ambulance!
42Ending dutyAccident at
No ambulance
43InformationTraffic jam at
Need doctor
44Leave Patrol OK?Message for you
Need coroner
45Animal carcass atAll units report
Attempted suicide
46Assist motoristAssist motorist
Death report
47Urgent road repair

Injured person
48Standard repair at

Provide ride
49Traffic light out

CodePolice 10CB 10APCO 10Police 11
50AccidentBreak channel

51Wrecker neededWrecker needed

52Ambulance neededNeed ambulance

53Road blocked

54Livestock on road

55Drunk driver

56Drunk pedestrian

57Hit and run

58Direct traffic

59Convoy or escort

CodePolice 10CB 10APCO 10Police 11
60Squad in vicinityNext message?

61Personnel in area

62Reply in messageUse phone

63Prepare to writeNet directed to

64Local messageNet clear

65Net message assignMessage?
Traffic light out
66Cancel message

Traffic light broken
67Ready for messageAll comply

68Dispatch Info


CodePolice 10CB 10APCO 10Police 11
70Fire alarmFire at

71Nature of fireGo in order
Fire alarm
72Progress of fire

Fire report
73Smoke reportSpeed trap at


75In contact withYou are QRM


77ETANo contact

78Need assistance

79Notify coroner

TA ambulance sent
CodePolice 10CB 10APCO 10Police 11
80Chase in progress

TA serious injury
81Breathalyzer rptReserve hotel
TA minor injury
82Reserve lodgingReserve lodge
TA no injury
83School crossing

TA no details
84Meeting ETAPhone number
Direct traffic
85Delayed due toAddress
Send tow truck
86On duty

Special detail
87Pick up checks

Assist other unit
88Advise phone number

89Bomb threatRadio repair

CodePolice 10CB 10APCO 10Police 11
90Bank alarm atHave TVI

91Pick up prisonerTalk closer

92Illegal parkingOff station

93BlockadeFreq check

94Drag racingGive count

95Subject in custodyDead carrier

96Mental subject

97Test signal

98Jail break

Meet officer
99Wanted or stolenCompleted
Officer needs help
CodePolice 10CB 10APCO 10Police 11
Rest room

Need police