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The original page: Recordchangers

The original version:

  1. This page was malfunctioning in 2013. This made parts of Robinson's pages quit working.
  2. Some of the photos are damaged by digital compression.
  3. This page seems to have stopped responding on 01/01/2014.
  4. The original author's email quit accepting emails in 2006.
  5. This page contains a link to Robinson's Record Changer web pages. But the link shows an old URL that has not been active since 10/2006.


An edited version of the page: Recordchangers

This version has been edited and updated by Larry Robinson for the following reasons:

  1. The original page is malfunctioning. This makes parts of Robinson's pages quit working.
  2. Content was combined from two versions of the page that existed at different times.
  3. The English translation has been repaired.
  4. Some of the photos were damaged by digital compression. These were repaired or replaced where possible.
  5. New information has been added (in purple text).