This satire parallels what liberals did to Trump in 2016.

After the 2016 elections, the liberals and celebrities who were bawling because their candidate didn't win started a RESIST TRUMP movement. After the Democrats used massive cheating to win the 2020 election, it is only fair that we start a movement. Do to them as they did to us.





Here's one way to resist:

Worst Offenders

  1. Unity from Biden??? He wants to take away our religion and gun rights. More discord!
  2. Ridicule anything Biden or Harris says or does.
  3. Carefully point out what Biden and Harris want to do  for   to  us.
  5. Immediately start an "Impeach Biden" campaign because they cheated to make him win.
  6. The liberal plan for the economy shall be represented by a liberal plan for economy. toilet.
  7. Notice how the liberals crybaby until they get their selfish way. They love a good bawl game.
  8. Demonstrate against liberalism in front of the places liberals worship.
  9. Remind them that when valid claims of election fraud were shown, they said "Move on! Nothing to see here!"
  10. Don't hate Biden. Don't stoop as low as Democrats did when they hated Trump.
  11. Make faces whenever they try to implement socialist policies. Throw pies at statues of FDR.
  12. Shoot anyone who wants gun control (use rubberbands).
  13. Send a Big Mouth Billy Bass to each liberal politician.
  14. Keep bringing up the massive cheating by which Democrats won.
  15. Better economy???? Where is it? There is nothing left after Democrats happened!
  16. Keep bringing up that the wealth of a nation is in the work done in it, not in its government spending.
  17. Ridicule as bigots those liberals who demand that people must be politically correct.
  18. Ask Biden if he favors abortion or obeys his Catholic religion.
  19. Make up lies about liberals to discredit them.
  20. Make cartoons of liberals using mud to get their selfish way.
  21. Build a monument to the bigotry of liberalism.
  22. Call names (see right) as they did to Trump.
  23. lean left

    Leaning left again

    Give all of the liberals Grinch awards.
  24. Publicize every lie the liberals spew.
  25. Give an annual Hunter Biden sleaze award.
  26. Biden will make America GRATE again.
  27. Occupy Democrat campaign headquarters with screw and nut puzzles.
  28. Call out the many Democrat officials who violate their own COVID-19 rules.
  29. Use a drum roll and a cymbal crash to announce every economic failure.
  30. Laugh down attempts to create socialized medicine.
  31. Blow trumpet fanfares to announce every Biden speech flub.
  32. Repeat after me: "Socialism makes all people equally destitute. It always has."
  33. Give Hilary the BIGOT demerit awards for those who discriminate against political or religious groups.
  34. Give Pelosi the HATER demerit awards for those who hate Donald Trump.
  35. Give Waters the RABID HATER demerit awards for those who hate political or religious groups.
  36. Point out the Antifa and BLM stormtroopers they use to get their way.
  37. obey me obey me obey me

    COVID-Biden Dictor


    How Biden will UNITE us.

    HIDIN' BIDEN THE DICTOR yard signs and pickets
  38. Socialized medicine means that the paperwork is all done but nobody is treated.
  39. Display the Democrat shredder for Trump ballots.
  40. They keep having to flush the liberal plan for economy. liberal plan for the economy because of the stench.
  41. Your ballots ended up in a trash can.
  42. Play bagpipes to drown out liberal blather.
  43. "You voted for THIS mess just to get rid of Trump???"
  44. Biden won by hiding in a basement???
  45. Heckle everyone who voted for Biden.
  46. Liberals want activist judges who will decide based on liberal tenets, not the Constitution.
  47. Show that Democrats disobeyed state laws by mailing ballots to people.
  48. Pass out DEMOC-RATS hats.
  49. Show the hypocrisy of the social media favoring Biden.
  50. Watch Biden throw out the first baseman for voting for Trump.
  51. Will Biden UNITE us or UNTIE us?
  52. Watch the Democrats scream when the election tricks they used are used against them.
  53. Heckle and Jekyll the news media who wanted Biden to win so they could have free hellcare.
  54. Harris thinks religions are evil. She duped Biden into believing that.
  55. Waters thinks all conservatives are evil. She wrongly tells people to abuse them.
  56. They put too much into their liberal plan for economy. plan for the economy and it overflowed.
  57. Biden snestles in bed while we suffer.
  58. Show how most people do not think the same as liberals think.
  59. They used their stimulus plunger on their economic plan economic plan and it came loose, tipped over, and shattered.
  60. Instead of us wearing masks for 100 days, just muzzle Biden for 100 days.
economy after Biden

The economy after BLM and ANTIFA

economy after Covid

The economy after COVID rules

economy after Biden

The economy after Biden

tool 1 tool 1 tool 1

Tools needed to cause this

tool 2 tool 2 tool 2

Tools needed to cause this

tool 3 tool 3 tool 3

Tools needed to cause this