Look at the facts:

  1. Drug prices cause more medical overspending in the US than anything else.
  2. Drug makers say they need to spend more on research than other companies do.
  3. Most drug makers have profitabilities of over 20% (at end of 2017).
  4. Most drug makers spend more on marketing than research.
  5. Former drug maker executives say that drug prices don't depend in research costs.

Look at the reasons:

  1. Monopolies derived from patents and copyrights are the major reason drug prices are high.
  2. FDA marketing exclusivity rules add to this trouble.
  3. Drug companies often prefer profits over better health.

Government is the reason drug prices are high. Democrats love intellectual property.

The high drug prices cause the following problems:

  1. High drug costs mean many patients aren't getting the medicine they need.
  2. High drug costs mean high insurance premiums.
  3. High drug costs mean drug theft and black markets.

How to cure the problem:

  1. Require compulsory licensing for all medical patents and copyrights.
  2. Limit royalties to a small percentage of the sale price.
  3. Remove all politicians who favor monopoly powers for drug makers.
  4. Prohibit cartels in all medical fields.

Stop the needless pillage of pill buyers.