Here is a FAQ on why the Minimum Wage is a scam on the workers:

  1. Q: Do people get more money when the minimum wage goes up?

    A: Yes, but that does not mean they can buy more with the more money they get.

  2. Q: If I get more money, why can't I buy more with it?

    A: Usually raising the minimum wage also causes prices to go up.

  3. Q: What a gyp! Why does this happen to me?

    A: Ask yourself this: Did you do any more work to get the extra money? If not, then where did this money come from?

  4. Q: So why did the prices go up?

    A: Your employer had to raise product prices to get more money to pay you a higher wage. All other employers had to do the same thing.

  5. Q: I thought the purpose of raising the minimum wage was to give people more income.

    A: That's what the Democrats intend. But government has no power to create any wealth, so minimum wage can't create real income.

  6. Q: Wealth? Isn't wealth the same thing as money?

    A: No. Money is a way to transfer or store wealth. Wealth is the amount of buying power in the world.

  7. Q: Could government create more wealth to go with the raise in the minimum wage?

    A: No. Government can't create any wealth. Only work creates wealth. And you didn't do more work when your wage went up.

  8. Q: Why doesn't government create more wealth by printing more money?

    A: Printing more money does not create any wealth to go with it. Only work creates wealth. Money gets its wealth when it pays for work.

  9. Q: Only work creates wealth? What kind of lie is this?

    A: It's the truth. When you work, you create wealth for both you and your employer. You are paid and the employer gets what you made or did.

  10. Q: So if we keep creating this wealth, why doesn't it keep increasing forever?

    A: Wealth is destroyed by eating, drinking, breaking, destroying, discarding, theft, taxation, crime, accidents, regulation, wear, and other events.

  11. Q: Is the amount of wealth in the world limited?

    A: Yes. It is limited by the amount of work done in the world at any one time, modified by saved wealth and how quickly wealth is destroyed.

  12. Q: So what does a minimum wage increase really do?

    A: It inflates the money. You still get the amount in products your work was really worth. The law made money worth a lower amount of wealth.

  13. Q: Why don't they pay us what the work we do is really worth?

    A: They are paying you what they can sell the product of your work for.

  14. Q: I should be paid the amount of money I need to live on! Why can't I get that?

    A: The idea of a "living wage" is a liberal dream, not reality. Look at the facts:
     - How much you owe is not related to how much you are paid.
     - You are paid out of the money your employer got from selling the products made by the work you did.
     - You can never be paid more than what the employer can sell your work for. There is no other source of money to pay you from.

  15. Q: Why do people fall for this minimum wage scam?

    A: They are trying to get something for nothing. They want it enough to vote for it.